A Thought Through Eternity

Chapter 152 - You“re Shameless! You“re the Shameless One!


After throwing out the ancient jade, Xu Xiaoshan turned around. He instantly ran into the distance. In his heart, he vowed to definitely ask his father for more resources after returning to the sect. In the future, if he left the sect, he would first use talismans before using treasures. He would only be arrogant if he stepped into the limelight like this.


He had a silkpants-like temper, and he didn’t really care about the concept of a sect. If he felt that someone was pleasing to the eye, he would make friends with them. If not, he would beat them up. If it was someone like Bai Xiaochun, he would reluctantly judge them as someone pleasing to the eye.


Naturally, if Bai Xiaochun lost, he wouldn’t hesitate at all to take away Bai Xiaochun’s Earthen Pulse Qi Attractor. Currently, since he couldn’t beat Bai Xiaochun, his way of thinking would be to secretly strike at him.


Before waiting for him to leave, Bai Xiaochun’s voice echoed out from behind.


“Wait. I, Bai Xiaochun, will never take advantage of people. Since you’ve lent me this treasure, I’ll also give you two kinds of treasures.” Bai Xiaochun held the ancient jade, and his body immediately turned comfortable. His previous exhaustion was swept away, and his mind was also much clearer. It was as if he was previously underwater, where he was unable to breath. Currently, everything was as normal.


However, he felt that Xu Xiaoshan’s giving of the ancient jade was too casual. Bai Xiaochun pondered for a while. Perhaps, there was a con to be done. Thus, he patted his storage pouch and immediately took out two flying swords that had been spiritually refined twice. He secretly rubbed the last strange pill on them. After infecting the swords with a strand of the strange pill’s aura, he threw them over.


“This is something of little value, you can play with it.”


After Xu Xiaoshan took the two flying swords that flew towards him, he looked over it. His eyes immediately widened as he became stunned for a moment.


“Spiritually refined twice? You’re casually giving it to me? Letting me play with it...and you gave me two of them!” Xu Xiaoshan swallowed a mouthful of saliva. In his opinion, althought items that were spiritually refined twice weren’t priceless, they were still rarely seen by Qi Condensation cultivators. Most importantly, Bai Xiaochun’s casual attitude, as if he was throwing something common, immediately made Xu Xiaoshan have a new judgement towards Bai Xiaochun’s wealth.


Even more so, he felt that he learned another technique. This kind of technique where he casually threw away spiritually refined treasures was the best method of showing off. Thinking of this, he hesitated for a bit. He carefully looked at Bai Xiaochun. This time, he truly felt that Bai Xiaochun was pleasing to the eye. Thus, he let out a long sigh.


“Fine. Bai Xiaochun, since you’re treating me like this, then I, Xu Xiaoshan, won’t bother you. This jade has some uses by itself, but it’s only effective for a short time. After an incense stick’s worth of time, it’ll lose effect, and will actually cause the opposite effect to happen.” Xu XIaoshan sighed and tugged his sleeve, throwing another jade to Bai Xiaochun.


“Only if you use these two jades together, can you expel the curses of the Fiendish Soul for a long time.


Bai Xiaochun received the second jade. After hearing Xu XIaoshan’s words, he narrowed his eyes. He felt that this Xu XIaoshan truly had too many schemes. Looking at him walk away, he felt that Xu Xiaoshan was a good guy on the whole. Thus, he clenched his teeth and shouted at Xu XIaoshan.


“Wait, Xu Xiaoshan. Fine, since you’ve treated me like this, I won’t bother you. Give me back those two flying swords, and I’ll exchange them for two other swords.”


Xu Xiaoshan’s footsteps paused as he suddenly widened his eyes. He immediately took out those two flying swords. After he carefully looked over them, he couldn’t see anything wrong with them. However, he didn’t dare to continue holding them, and hurriedly threw them to Bai Xiaochun.


Bai Xiaochun let out a dry cough and received the flying swords. He gave another two to Xu Xiaoshan.


Xu Xiaoshan had a strange expression as he looked at Bai Xiaochun. Although he didn’t know what problems those swords had, he could imagine what would happen. If Bai Xiaochun didn’t tell him about it, his end would definitely be very miserable...


Bai Xiaochun blinked his eyes and met Xu Xiaoshan’s gaze.


After a long time, Xu Xiaoshan let out a long sigh. When he looked at Bai Xiaohcun, his eyes let out a strong light. At first, he pretended that Bai Xiaochun was pleasing to the eye. After that, he truly thought that he was pleasing to the eye. Currently, he was...extremely pleasing to the eye.


“It isn’t easy for me to meet a guy that has a temper like me. Bai Xiaochun, it’s fine. Those two jades actually require a mnemonic chant before truly using it. If not, although it will still repel Fiendish Souls, it won’t dissipate until a long time later, which will seal your cultivation for at least a month. During this month, you won’t be able to do anything.” Xu Xiaoshan bitterly laughed and took out a jade strip, throwing it to Bai Xiaochun.


“You’re too mean!!” Bai Xiaochun took a deep breath. If he were to use the jade slip before his Foundation Establishment, and got his cultivation sealed, it would waste his time. Perhaps, he might have also lost the opportunity for Foundation Establishment after the seal was broken.


“You’re also the same! However, I’m of the Blood Creek Sect, and you’re of the Spirit Creek Sect. We are opposed to each other in the first place.” Xu Xiaoshan let out a dry cough. This time, he truly didn’t conceal anything more. To him, this was something that was rarely seen. Likewise, meeting a person like Bai Xiaochun was also the first time in his life.


“Forget about it. Since you’ve sincerely treated me, I, Bai Xiaochun, can’t bother you anymore. Don’t use any of the treasures that you had used when you were fighting with me just now. I’ve used some tricks on them and have contaminated them with some medicinal aroma. That aroma can attract Fiendish Souls. It’s best if you could switch your clothes too.” Bai Xiaochun also felt bad and he lowered his head to give a reminder.


“You, You!! Shameless!” Xu Xiaoshan widened his eyes and hurriedly checked his storage pouch and his clothes. After a while, he looked at Bai Xiaochun and spoke with clenched teeth.


“You’re also the same!” Bai Xiaochun raised his head with wide eyes to retort.


The gazes of the two people met. Quickly, they started laughing. Xu XIaoshan laughed as he seriously looked towards Bai Xiaochun.


“I hope that we can meet in the future.” When he finished speaking, he turned around and rapidly left.


In the distance, Xu Xiaoshan was running while changing his clothes. There was still a lingering fear in his heart. He felt that Bai Xiaochun’s schemes were comparable to his own. In the future, he had to be careful when meeting this kind of person.


Bai Xiaochun was also moved. He felt that, although Xu Xiaoshan was a disciple of the Blood Creek Sect, he was still a friend that could be made.


“However, this person is too crafty. 没有我白小纯实在I have to be careful while meeting him in the future. Aih, my behaviour is truly too honest.” Bai Xiaochun shook his head and tugged his sleeve as he turned around to run.


After carefully checking those two jades, he followed the mnemonic chant of the jade slip. Bai Xiaochun activated the power of the jade, and a fuzzy light screen immediately formed in his surroundings.


This light screen flickered and gradually disappeared. You couldn’t see it with the naked eye, and divine sense wasn’t able to notice it either. However, in the eyes of Fiendish Souls, this layer of defense surrounding Bai Xiaochun was sealing him.


After six hours, the small girl with the white shirt had appeared several times. However, every time she approached Bai Xiaochun, she immediately shot away. Her expression gradually got twisted, and she let out a miserable wail. However, she was still useless against Bai Xiaochun.


Only now did she unwillingly dissipate within the nothingness. Bai Xiaochun finally relaxed. After knowing that the jade was effective, he immediately chose a remote area and sank into a lake within that area. Within that lake, he dug out a cave and sat cross legged there.


After confirming that the power of the jade could disperse Fiendish Souls, Bai Xiaochun’s eyes flashed and he took out the Earthen Pulse Qi Attractor.


“Earthen Pulse Foundation Establishment...although I’m late by a few days, I’m still the first!” Anxiety appeared in Bai Xiaochun’s eyes. He held the grey crystal rock that the Earthen Pulse Qi Attractor condensed, and the spirit force of the full circle of the tenth layer of the Qi Condensation stage loudly exploded out. After wandering about for a day, it resembled like ten thousand horses that rushed towards the grey crystal stone in his hand.


The crystal stone was like a bottomless hole. Bai Xiaochun’s spirit force rushed inside it, and it was immediately absorbed. Following the absorption of spirit force, the crystal rock let out a grey light that got brighter and brighter. At the end, it let out loud rumbles.


While the sound was released, the crystal stone seemed to have been burnt. It turned into strands of grey qi that entered Bai Xiaochun’s seven apertures. After thirty or so breath’s worth of time, the crystal stone shook and thoroughly disappeared. After that, a large amount of grey qi entered Bai Xiaochun’s body.


A scarlet colour appeared in Bai Xiaochun’s eyess. The grey qi entered his body and merged with his Jing and Mai. When it travelled through his body, a kind of tearing feeling spread out. That kind of pain was as if the grey qi had turned into a substance. It was as if it had become iron chains that rubbed against his body.


This pain made him tremble. However, it was clearly much weaker that cultivating the Undying Longevity Technique. Bai Xiaochun groaned while not groaning, and persevered while clenching his teeth. When the last strand of grey qi entered his body, the two ends of grey qi in his body finally connected, forming a circle.


In the instant that the circle formed, rumbles immediately filled Bai Xiaochun’s mind as his soul trembled.


The spiritual river that he had formed with his entire cultivation immediately boiled. It exploded out from every part of his body. The entire river moved about, and it looked chaotic. However, if you carefully looked at it, you could see that his spirit force was currently desiring to form a whirlpool.


This whirlpool was his Tide!


It was also the key to the Earthen Pulse Foundation Establishment!


Spirit force would form a whirlpool, and would condense into Tides. It would turn Qi into a liquid, and the Dao Foundation of the Earthen Pulse would be established, severing mortality!


“Tide!” Bai Xiaochun suddenly raised his head, and veins appeared all over his body. While he trembled, he let out a hoarse yell.


Bang bang bang!


Under his roars, the whirlpool within his body ferociously sped up. While it sped up, it seemed to have formed a black hole. Instantly, it absorbed all of the Earthen Pulse Qi within Bai Xiaochun’s body, and this wasn’t even a thousandth of what was needed.


Although it was like this, as long as the whirlpool formed, it would be the same as obtaining the qualifications to absorb the boundless Earthen Pulse Qi within the Meteoric Sword World that was accummulated over sixty years!


In an instant, this absorbing force passed through Bai Xiaochun’s body, enveloping the entire cave, causing strands of Earthen Pulse Qi to appear on the rock walls of the cave that rushed towards Bai Xiaochun.


This absorbing force was still spreading out, and quickly, the entire lake started to boil. A large amount of Earthen Pulse Qi rolled and gathered. While the absorbing force was increased and continuously spread out, the heavens of the entire Meteoric Sword World immediately rolled. Countless amounts of Earthen Pulse Qi appeared and surged towards the area that Bai Xiaochun was at!


At this moment, all of the disciples of the four sects that were within the Meteoric Sword World raised their heads. Their expressions were filled with shock. Some of them were startled, and some of them were stunned. Some of them had complicated expressions, and some of them had disbelief.


“Tides! Heavens, this is the Tide of the Earthen Pulse Foundation Establishment!”


“Who is it! It’s only been a month and a few days! He’s actually managed to condense the Qi Attractor and started his Earthen Pulse Foundation Establishment!”


“Is it Song Que? Gui Ya? Jiu Dao? Or Fang Lin!!”

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