A Thought Through Eternity

Chapter 155 - Breaking the First Shackle of Life

Chapter 155 - Breaking the First Shackle of Life - xin


Under the fourth gust of tornado was a plateau. At this moment, on this plateau was a formation array that was glowing resplendently, protecting its surroundings. At the same time, a Qi Condensation disciple sat within the formation array.


This person wore a Mystic Creek Sect’s robe; it was a teenager - with cold and aloof features, everytime he took a breath, a huge number of runes will swim up and down his entire body. Every single one of those runes contained a destructive force; and at this moment, each rune connected together to form a chain that rapidly spiralled around the youth.


The space around the teenager immediately distorted as a destructive force pulsated from him, that was…...the distinguishing mark of the Existence Devoid Techinique!


This teenager was the number one Heaven’s Chosen of the Mystic Creek Sect. For three thousand years, he was, Jiu Dao, Mystic Creek Sect’s first person to have mastered the Existence Devoid Technique; this power of devoid could cease all forms of life, causing everything to vanish. He could even form the Tattoo of Devoid, and the information in his profile even recorded that he once fought with a Foundation Establishment Cultivator to a draw.


“Gui Ya, a victor has not yet been determined from our previous match. After I have reached Foundation Establishment, I shall fight you once more. The number one Heaven’s Chosen of Spirit Creek Sect, I will definitely annihilate you!” Killing intent flashed across the eyes of Jiu Dao as he took in a deep breath. With the gesturing of his hands, the whirlpool in his body instantly condensed into a tornado and connected with the sky above, causing an even bigger whirlpool to form in the sky.


As it spun in the sky, large amounts of Earth Pulse Qi rushed rapidly towards the whirlpool.


At this moment, the four whirlpools in the sky were at four different directions, each seemingly having taken their positions and divided the Meteoric Sword World equally between them.


The other disciples of the four sects in the Meteoric Sword World all became more anxious. Seeing that four people have already sarted their Foundation Establishment process and that this world’s Earth Pulse Qi were continuously getting lesser; they knew that the amount of Earth Pulse Qi was limited, and if they did not start to hurry up, there would no longer be any chance to become a Foundation Establishment cultivator - they could only become like green leaves on a tree and depend on other people.


The killing got more intense, and in no time, in the entire Meteoric Sword World, the number of deaths increased.


All of a sudden, just when everyone had their eyes red from the madness, the lake where Bai Xiaochun was at, sent out a loud earth-shattering boom as if it had just exploded. At that instant, Bai Xiaochun’s third tide had ended.


In the sky, that giant dragon roared loudly. Within the lake, inside Bai Xiaochun’s body, above the second layer of his spirit sea, a third and even bigger spirit sea suddenly appeared.


“This is the end of Dragon strength, now it’s time for the Elephant strength!” Bai Xiaochun’s breath hastened as his eyes turned red. With a deep growl, a giant elephant seemingly materialised outside his body. The elephant image overlapped with Bai Xiaochun’s body and stomped ferociously upon the ground.




Instantly, the fourth whirlpool appeared within Bai Xiaochun’s body; it was more shocking than the previous three layers of whirlpool. At the same time, in the sky, after the calmness of the previous three whirlpools, an even bigger fourth layer of whirlpool appeared above these three layers!


Within the whirlpool, the shadow of a huge elephant could be clearly seen, as if it was roaring loudly, causing the entire whirlpool to spin rapidly.


Two hours later, Fang Lin followed closely and his fourth tide whirlpool also appeared. As for Song Que and Jiu Dao, their third tide were also close to finishing at this instant. After another two hours, both of them also condensed their fourth tide!


Especially for Song Que, his whirlpool was extremely shocking, within the fourth tide, a blood moon shadow appeared on the forehead center of that huge face, causing an obvious increase in suction speed that exceeded that rest.


“This Song Que, he is only at the fourth tide, but he has already reached such a terrifying suction force!”


“Goddamit, don’t tell me he really wants to imitate the Boundless One and go for the peak of Earth Pulse and nine tides!”


“This is bad, once an eighth tide cultivator appears, then the amount of Earth Pulse Qi sucked away will be too great, making it hard for anyone else to succeed. We must quickly condense the Earth Pulse Qi!”


Just when everyone was fraught with anxiety, all of the sudden, from the moment Bai Xiaochun started his Foundation Establishment until now - a total of twenty hours - in the sky…...a fifth tornado appeared!


Hong hong hong!


In the instant where the fifth tornado made contact with the sky, it expanded and formed a whirlpool. Under a whirlpool, a dense black mist formed, and within the mist, was Gui Ya.


Five whirlpools spun in the sky, causing everyone else to look up to it. As time passed, Gui Ya’s identity was recognised not long after the first and second tide ended - when the third tide had appeared in the sky and a huge mountain ghost had appeared within it.


“Gui Ya! Spirit Creek Sect’s Gui Ya!”


“He is cultivating the Mountain Ghost Divine Confusion Technique”


“Bai Xiaochun, Fang Lin, Song Que, Jiu Dao, Gui Ya!”


From here on, the cultivators of the four sects, the five great pillars, everyone had to take a side! Those five could be considered the first batch of Foundation Establishment cultivators.


Bai Xiaochun was the fastest, the fourth tide had already progressed halfway, followed by Fang Lin, whose fourth tide was slower by two hours, followed by Song Que and Jiu Dao, who were slower than Bai Xiaochun by four hours.


At the last was Gui Ya, who was slower by twenty hours!


At this moment, the fourth layer of whirlpool in Bai Xiaochun’s body continuously spun, sucking in large amounts of Earth Pulse Qi. The strength of the huge elephant was unleashed to the fullest extent and constantly pushed his physical body to its limits, constantly impacting against…….the first shackle of the Five greatest Shackles of Life.


After every impact, his entire body would tremble. Originally, when other people had cultivated this Dragon Elephant Ocean Transforming Scripture to the extreme, they would be able to feel the shackle. But for Bai Xiaochun, because of his Undying Longevity Techinique, he was able to touch the shackle long ago. As such, the impact he was experiencing right now, was to…...break through!


Break through the first layer of shackles!


“Borrowing the strength of the elephant, borrowing the Earth Pulse Qi, at this fourth tide, I shall break through the first shackle of Life!” Bai Xiaochun’s eyes were blood red; with a deep growl, he once again impacted against the shackle.


Roars of lightning and thunder crashed and echoed throughout his consciousness, the impact got stronger and stronger each time, causing his entire body to feel as if it was going to break any time. But Bai Xiaochun still persevered, until countless of hours later, when the amount of time required for the fourth tide was only left with eight hours, the power of the tide within Bai Xiaochun’s body impacted even more violently.


Hong hong hong.


Fresh blood seeped out from the corners of his mouth, as cracks appeared throughout his body. The impact against the first shackle of Life was harder than Bai Xiaochun had expected; even though he was already borrowing the abundant Earth Pulse Qi to transform into tides, and tried a hundred and thousand times, he was still unable to make the break through.


This kind of opportunity to borrow the Earth Pulse Qi to break through the first shackle of Life only came once in a lifetime. After all, before this, no one had touched the shackle of life at such an early stage like Bai Xiaochun.


“I can definitely break through!” Bai Xiaochun gritted his teeth, and with a deep breath, he immediately sucked in even more Earth Pulse Qi; he didn’t continue to try for the impact, but continuously accumulated his Qi.


This accumulation lasted for an entire eight hours. Just when the fourth tide was about to end, a glint of light flashed within Bai Xiaochun’s eyes.


“Break for me!!” He roared loudly, the terrifying tide that had accumulated for eight hours exploded within his body, sending shockwaves throughout the surroundings. As the tide spread out throughout his body, it’s force had seemingly transformed into a block of giant wood, and his body, had become a wall; and this giant wood was now currently hitting against the wall.


Once, twice, thrice…...in the span of a few moments, the impact happened one after another, causing cracks to appear on the wall. Upon the very last impact, containing all the power of the fourth tide, the wall finally trembled, and with cracking sounds, it seemed as if it was going to crumble.


It was also at this time, when Bai Xiaochun’s entire body trembled, he had a strong feeling, a feeling that weighed upon his body, as if there were five great mountains sitting on top of him!


These five mountains have its roots within the body, as it appeared on top of Bai Xiaochun’s body, its pressuring presence made him breathless. One would normally not be able to experience such a feeling, it was only at this moment when it was crystal clear.


Bai Xiaochun had a strong urge to blast away the five mountains, to let his body not be pressured no longer!


“These five mountains must be the five great shackles of Life!” With a shout towards the sky, a loud crash resounded from within Bai Xiaochun’s body. The first mountain’s root within the body that formed that shackle, at this moment, under the violent power of the tide, suddenly…... crumbled!


In the instant when it crumbled, Bai Xiaochun spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. All the veins and flesh in this body had seeming exploded into pieces at this moment and formed back once more.


Following the crumble, his entire body trembled as an aura of transcendence seeped out from his flesh and infused into his entire body. That feeling was as if his entire world, at that very moment, had changed completely.


IT was as if there was more colour, more life, and more importantly, he felt instantly…...that his body was lighter.


As if of the five great invisible mountains that he was carrying on his back, one of them had at this instant…...disintegrated.


The first shackle of Life, break through!


At the instant of the break through, Bai Xiaochun’s physical strength had increased explosively, exceeding the limits that a Qi Condensation cultivator could have and immediately reaching to that of an Foundation Establishment cultivator.


All of his muscles, veins and bones, all of them at this moment, were extraordinary.


Bai Xiaochun roared triumphantly into the air, the moment the sound left his lips, a loud boom came from the lake. In the sky, the fourth layer of whirlpool that belonged to him slowly came to a stop, as the fifth whirlpool appeared without hesitation.


Within the fifth layer of the whirlppol, was a scene of a crumbling mountain!


The fifth tide was not brought forth by the Dragon Elephant Ocean Transforming Scripture, this mountain, was also not formed by the Dragon Elephant Ocean Transforming Scripture, this was…...after Bai Xiaochun had broken through the first shackle of Life, and naturally brought forth, the fifth tide!


At the same time, Fang Lin, Song Que, Jiu Dao, their fourth tide were also close to its end. Similarly, Gui Ya had completed his third tide at this moment and just started on his fourth.


Right at this moment, the disciples of the four sect in the Meteoric Sword World, after this twenty over hours of killing and fighting, a new group of cultivators had started condensing their Earth Pulse Qi, forming the second batch.


The first person of the second batch was Shangguan Tianyou, he formed a whirlpool belonging to him; at the same time, Xu Xiaoshan’s whirlpool also appeared in the sky.


Following this two, it was…...Bei Hanlie!


Bei Hanlie, who was labelled as the dark horse this time, had actually formed his own Earth Pulse whirlpool following Shangguan Tianyou and Xu Xiaoshan, and it spun along in the sky alongside those two.


The last to appear was…...Pill Creek Sect’s Zhao Rou!


She said within a valley, and in front of her, was a bloody, disfigured Gongsun Wan-er with no trace of life left in her.


Gongsun Wan-er had died, but her corpse was still able to move. Although it was stiff, but plumes of piosonous mist billowed out from her body. And one could see countless of pionousness bugs and centipedes were crawling in and out of her orfices. But if any expert were here, they would be able to tell with one look that Gongsun Wan’er’s head was already empty, in it was actually a human-faced spider that was controlling her corpse!


In other words, Gongsun Wan-er had become a piosonous puppet!


“Gongsun Wan-er, you are the first Poison Puppet that I had refined. Don’t worry, very soon, you brother will be the second!” Zhao Rou’s eyes flashed with hatred and viciousness as she slowly closed her eyes, and the whirlpool above her head rotated in the sky.

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