A Valiant Life

Chapter 10: Is it really that demonic?

Chapter 10: Is it really that demonic?

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Lin Fan was now convinced that there was power in masses of people. Even the renowned city enforcement platoon had given in to them.

"Boss, hurry up and make us some scallion pancakes! I can't wait any longer!"

"Ah, what a harmonious society we have."

"Indeed, our country is becoming better and better. These officers are so empathetic towards us people, how could those netizens slander such fair and reasonable people."

"This is the graciousness of our dear Shanghai enforcement officers, they deserve to be praised!"


Liu Xiao Tian smiled awkwardly. A moment ago, some of these people had seemed as if they were ready to kill if he didn't give in to them.

Those who were spectating the scene had seen how the city enforcement officers were overwhelmed.

This scene was way too shocking. Fortunately, the situation had been recorded. It would soon be uploaded online for everyone to view.

This stall was great, and so was the crowd. They had managed to drive the city enforcement officers back just for the sake of eating Lin Fan's scallion pancakes.

Lin Fan didn't know what to do. This encyclopedia was awesome! A simple scallion pancake had people so many people going crazy over it. If he used the encyclopedia to cook all the dishes of Chinese cuisine, he would be famous!

Lin Fan thought that this encyclopedia seemed really powerful, but it would be a waste to only use it to get recipes. If it really was so great, it should be able to tell him how to become an immortal being. Even if that was not possible, it'd at least be able to teach him martial arts and he'd become a great noble warrior, unmatched across the world. Lin Fan shuddered with excitement at that thought.

"Hey Boss, how do you make your scallion pancakes so delicious?" a youngster, who was in the queue, asked curiously.

Lin Fan was elated upon hearing that.

"So firstly…"

"Encyclopedic points +1"

A metallic sound rang as Lin Fan finished his explanation. On the Encyclopedia's character column, the encyclopedic points increased to 2.

This was an improvement!

Lin Fan enjoyed sharing his knowledge, and would never tire of it.

An amazing fragrance spread across the place.

"This smells magnificent! I could smell this all day and not get tired of it!"

The queuing citizens breathed in deeply. This smell was too amazing. Just smelling it was a pleasure in itself.

At this moment, even the city enforcement officers who were still standing next to the stall were entranced by the smell. They stared at the freshly made scallion pancakes, with amazement in their eyes.

Those scallion pancakes were beautiful.

If they had civilian clothing to change into, they would definitely join the queue, but right now, they were in their uniforms and could not join the queue no matter how good those scallion pancakes smelled.

Even Liu Xiao Tian was drawn in by the smell. He swallowed his saliva uncontrollably, gazing at the scallion pancakes, but then he thought of his reputation and resisted the temptation.

His heart was thrown into a state of disarray.

This smell was too entrancing and the urge to eat was too great.

But he was the city enforcement platoon leader. He had to resist the temptation…

"Wa, delicious, delicious! These are the scallion pancakes I've been dreaming of my whole life. For the rest of today, I'm not going to eat anything else. I need to savor this taste!"

The youngster at the front of the queue let out an expression of gratitude as if this was the best day of his life.

I feel so blessed!


The city enforcement officers looked at the youngster ecstatically devouring that golden brown, crispy scallion pancake and couldn't help swallowing back their saliva.

They were seduced by the scallion pancakes and their appetites had all been stimulated, but every one of them still resisted the temptation with all their might.

Then came the next customer.

"Little Boss, sorry for the trouble, but could you please hurry up and make those pancakes?" It was the doctor from before.

"Would you like to know more about these scallion pancakes?"

Lin Fan wanted to earn some more encyclopedic points.

"No thanks, Little Boss. Getting those scallion pancakes is more important. I still have an important operation to perform this afternoon and I'm counting on the scallion pancakes to carry me through it," replied the doctor as he stared yearningly at the scallion pancakes. Since having those scallion pancakes the previous day, he couldn't stop thinking about them. He had even told his wife about them, but she didn't believe that they were that amazing.

For people who hadn't tried the scallion pancakes themselves, it was impossible to believe that a scallion pancake could be so incredibly delicious.

However, to those who had tried them, the scallion pancakes really were out of this world. Eating the scallion pancakes made them feel like they were on cloud nine.

Lin Fan realized that those encyclopedic points might be harder to earn that he had thought.

Even if he wanted to share the information, it wouldn't matter if no one was interested.

"That's great, I never thought my scallion pancakes would be so useful. Hope your operation will be a success!" Lin Fan said, cheerily.

"Of course. After having your scallion pancakes, I'll be able to focus for sure!" the doctor grinned as he replied.

As time passed, scallion pancakes were served, one by one. Each of the customers left with expressions of awe on their faces.

It was as if the scallion pancakes that they held in their hands were bars of gold.

The surrounding spectators were in disbelief. This situation didn't make any sense.

How good could a scallion pancake taste?

"Alright, the public's needs have been met and your stall wasn't confiscated, but you still have to come with us," said Liu Xiao Tian


When Lin Fan heard this, he got mad.

"Chief Liu, that can't be right! All I did was illegal hawking, not some kind of major crime, why must I go with you?"

Every time Lin Fan had been caught, his cart had been confiscated and he had been issued a fine, but never before had he been taken away by the officers.

This was completely nonsensical!

Had he been too cocky? Perhaps they wanted to give him a beating?

"What the issue? We have listened to the public's wishes, can't you abide by our wishes now? All we want is to bring you back for some questioning. After that, you may leave," Liu Xiao Tian said with a peculiar gleam in his eyes, then glanced over at the scallion pancakes in the citizens' hands.

He thought to himself. Are they really so delicious? D*mmit, I have to get myself one no matter what.

"What about us? Don't close the stall yet!"

At this moment, crisp and clear voices filled the place.

Everyone turned their heads and saw a bunch of young, beautiful ladies running towards them with anxious looks on their faces.

Because they were running so quickly, their boobs bounced vigorously.


Every male person in the crowd couldn't help but start to drool. What a beautiful sight!

Liu Xiao Tian's head was a mess. One problem emerged after another. Just what kind of demonic powers did these scallion pancakes possess?

"This hawker is selling illegally. We've already temporarily excused him, but please understand that we do have duties to carry out," said Liu Xiao Tian.

"Officer, I'm begging you, please just give us a little more time," Huo Han pleaded, as she grabbed Liu Xiao Tian's arm, her doe eyes fluttering.

They had just been in their office a moment ago when they realized that the city enforcement officers had come to take away the hawking cart and all of them turned pale.

Earlier, due to the huge crowd, they had planned to wait and come down when the crowd had dispersed, but who would have thought that the city enforcement officers would come?

"Sorry ladies, we have to abide by the regulations. We can't let this hawker continue any longer." Before the ladies even had a chance to argue, he snatched his arm back forcefully and got into his car.

*whimpering sounds* "I don't want to live anymore. I told you that we should have come earlier! But no one listened to me, and now the stall is gone! I'm going to starve to death!"

"Those sh*tty city enforcement officers!"


Lin Fan was dragged into the car.

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