A Valiant Life

Chapter 11: The First Legend

Chapter 11: The First Legend

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Shanghai City Administrative Enforcement Bureau, otherwise known as the City Enforcement Centre.

A car was parked along the sidewalk.

Lin Fan looked helplessly as he watched the city enforcement officers lowering his pushcart from the car.

"Chief Liu, this is my first offense! How about I just pay the fine and you let this slide…" Lin Fan pleaded.

Liu Xiao Tian gazed at Lin Fan before he chuckled, "How can this be the first offense for a brat like you? You're already a repeat offender! Where is your partner? I haven't seen him around today."

"He's gone… and it's all because of your iron-fisted approach towards such crimes."

"If you want my opinion on this, I sincerely feel that you should get a permit so that you'll be able to operate legally. You're not robbing or stealing but this behavior of yours has severely affected the cityscape." Liu Xiao Tian walked towards the bureau, intending to help Lin Fan with his registration.

However, something caught the eye of Chief Liu. It was a scallion pancake cart.

"Young chap, you are pretty skilled at making these scallion pancakes, I must say. Look at all these townsfolk who are fighting for it," Liu Xiao Tian exclaimed.

Upon hearing that, there was a feeling of delight and pride deep down in Lin Fan's heart. However, he humbled himself before gracefully replying, "You flatter me, this is just a small business."

"Come on, don't be so humble… After so many years of working as an Inspector, I really haven't seen anything close to what you have," Chief Liu said as he waved to a fellow colleague.

" Xiao Wang! Are you hungry?" Liu Xiao Tian asked

"No Chief! I'm not." Xiao Wang shook his head before getting back to work.

"Hey, Xiao Li! Are you hungry?" Liu Xiao Tian then asked.

"Oh I've already had my breakfast before this, but I must say that I am kind of hungry right now." Xiao Li was just about to say that he was not hungry but at that moment he felt there was something amiss with Chief Liu's question.

Since when did Chief Liu start being so caring? He had never asked questions with such concern throughout his time in the bureau. Xiao Li thought to himself, there is definitely something horribly wrong.

"Isn't this showing another side of yourself?''

At that moment, all the sights and scents flowed through Xiao Li's mind. That was when he realized, it was that distinct scent. The one that came from the scallion pancake shop.

It was then that Xiao Li found himself uncontrollably headed toward the direction of the scallion pancake shop.

"Oh... I finally get it!"

Chief Liu was using this as a tactic to get some of that guy's scallion pancakes.

Xiao Li understood how he should reply to Chief Liu's 'caring question'.

"Chief… I am famished… It's a pity that there's absolutely nothing to eat here. Look around, there's not even a store in sight."

Chief Liu frowned and with a look of helplessness muttered, "Yes Xiao Li, that is the main issue here."

Having made it so obvious that he wanted some scallion pancakes. It did not take long for Lin Fan to catch on.

Without hesitation, he exclaimed, "Chief Liu! Breakfast is such an important meal of the day. Skipping it can cause a lot of health problems. I'll tell you what, why not I make a few scallion pancakes for you? I"m sure that will fill your stomachs."

"Oh, that is so generous of you! Although this violates our directive, health is definitely way more important. Look at Xiao Li, she has already gone pale from hunger, a few scallion pancakes will surely help with that."

Chief Liu had become obsessed with trying the cakes and there was nothing that was going to stop him from doing so.

Chief Liu wanted to try the scallion pancakes so badly ever since he caught a whiff of it.

This time, the city enforcement platoon had also managed to smell the amazing aroma of the scallion pancakes. They also saw the joy on people's faces as they devoured the fragrant and delectable pastry.

"I'm hungry too."

"Of course, I haven't had breakfast yet."

"I didn't get breakfast also… My daughter-in-law went out this morning. I'll have a portion too."

The team could no longer resist it. They abandoned all their jobs at hand and started to gather around the scallion pancake stall.

A few of the city enforcement platoon members who didn't understand what the hype was about barely took a few glances before going back to what they were doing.

As the crowd grew larger, Liu Xiao Tian had no choice but to tell them to do their work first and would call for them once their scallion pancakes were ready.

No one had dared to disobey the instruction of the Chief. They slowly dispersed as they repeatedly reminded him to call for them once their scallion pancakes were ready.

Yes! I did it! Liu Xiao Tian thought to himself.

Deep down, he was already suppressing the ever-growing urge to tasting the scallion pancake.

Lin Fan grinned to himself and walked to his cart, proceeding to make the cakes.

He thought to himself, I am such a genius, I can't believe I am selling scallion pancakes at the city enforcement platoon office.

"A lot of people may think that making scallion pancakes is easy. It actually takes a lot of skill to make it this tasty," Lin Fan explained as he carefully made the scallion pancakes.

Lin Fan would do anything in order to get more Encyclopedic Points.

However, after witnessing the current situation, the city enforcement officers began to lose their interest.

From Lin Fan's point of view, their interest in the scallion pancakes was definitely growing.

After his explanation, he realized that his Encyclopedic Points didn't increase at all. He felt like he had suffered a setback.

It was no question that this world had many different types of delicacies. However, it was unrealistic for people to master the recipes by themselves

How is it that with the same seasoning and flour, I am able to make one of the best scallion pancakes around? Lin Fan thought to himself. It must be the mysterious powers of the Encyclopedia.

It didn't take long before the scallion pancakes were ready and a pleasant aroma filled the air.

The golden brown crust glistened under the rising sun.

"This skill you have is way too incredible!" Chief Liu exclaimed as his eyes locked themselves on the magnificent sight of the freshly made scallion pancakes.

It looked like a thousand layer pancake and each layer as the thin paper was truly something out of this world. Based on looks alone, it had already surpassed any competitors by miles.

*Sniff, sniff*

With the fragrance of the cakes in the air, the city enforcement officers who were watching by the side could not help but salivate, all yearning for a piece of that delectable pastry.

"The first portion is ready."

Lin Fan bagged the scallion pancake with one deft motion and put it on the counter.

It felt like time had frozen. The people were looking around to see who would be the lucky first person to get the scallion pancake.

At this moment, it seemed like anyone present would kill for a first bite of the scallion pancake.

"Chief, why don't you go first?"

"Yes, why not? It has been a busy morning and I am absolutely famished right now."

Liu Xiao Tian could no longer hold back anymore. His dream of having the first bite was finally fulfilled.

Liu Xiao Tian carefully inspected the scallion pancake.

"Perfect score on the shape, perfect score on the fragrance, perfect score on how it feels in my hand. All that's left is to find out how it tastes like."

He opened his mouth wide and took a huge bite. His eyes enlarged as if he had experienced something unbelievable.


The scallion pancake slid down his throat

"Chief, how does it taste?"

"Come on Chief. You can't be for real, that expression of yours.."


Liu Xiao Tian was speechless. He felt as though he was flying… spreading his wings and gliding through the skies. That bite of scallion pancake was so soothing and comforting that it could be described nothing short of a bite of happiness.

"Mmmm… Mmmm... Mmmm..." those were the only sounds that left his mouth.

Upon hearing this, his colleagues watched in agony, all wanting to get a taste.

At this moment, Liu Xiao Tian finally understood why there was a huge crowd that morning.

With such great tasting scallion pancakes, they couldn't bear to close down his stall.

He would probably feel like dying if he didn't get to eat the scallion pancakes again.

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