A Valiant Life

Chapter 1238 - The end of the show

Chapter 1238: The end of the show

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“It’s a different style than the previous two songs.” Abigail gasped.

The song started with a short piano piece. The melody was beautifully composed.

Besides Abigail, the other judges were also mesmerised.

The crowd remained silent as they enjoyed the song. It was as if they were reminded of their innocent past and how they had transformed through various trials and challenges.

The song was not difficult to understand, and it was accompanied by a beautiful voice.

The crowd was mesmerised too.

Ralph whispered, “Sometimes when I look in the mirror, I don’t even know where my innocence went.”

The two other judges also felt the same about the song. They rated it very highly even though it was still going.

It was simply perfect.

Everything about it was perfect.

In the changing room.

The four other singers listened intently. They felt something different from listening to the song.

If they had to pick someone to win, they would pick the Chinese singer.

It was a unanimous decision. Nobody bothered to fake it.

When the music slowly faded, someone began clapping and broke everyone out of their stupor. The rest of the audience slowly joined in.

Wu Huan Yue heaved a sigh of relief. She felt that she had done her best.

She slowly walked off the stage.

In the changing room.

Lin Fan nodded. “Huan Yue, that was simply incredible.”

“Really?” Wu Huan Yue asked ecstatically. She had just wanted to do her best for herself and for Lin Fan too.

Everyone knew that Master Lin’s compositions were the best. He was simply unmatchable.

“Yeah, of course. You can ask Yang Qian what she thinks,” Lin Fan said.

Yang Qian was emotional. She held onto Wu Huan Yue’s hand and said, “Huan Yue, that was really amazing.”

Then, the host started to speak.

“Go, you might really be the winner.” Lin Fan chuckled.


Wu Huan Yue nodded and went outside.

The five singers stood on stage with the hosts.

It was time to reveal the winner. Everyone was nervous.

In the broadcasting room.

“D*mn, it’s making me very nervous. If Wu Huan Yue can win…”

“I really hope Wu Huan Yue will win too. However, it depends on the voters.”

“Wu Huan Yue did so well just now. I didn’t expect Master Lin to be the one that wrote this English song.”

“Aren’t you talking rubbish? Everyone is saying that Master Lin is the best song writer. That’s pretty obvious. It seems like only Wu Huan Yue gets to perform his songs.”

“Master Lin is Wu Huan Yue’s only song writer. An ordinary person would not have such special treatment.”

Zhao Zhong Yang said, “Why are you talking about this? We are going to find out who is the winner soon. It’s going to be crazy.”

The screen started to switch images.

In the changing room.

Fraud Tian said, “Read her fortune and see if she will win it. Wouldn’t that work?”

Lin Fan looked at him and said, “What’s the point of this then?”

At that moment, the crowd went wild.

“D*mn, Huan Yue is the winner!” Fraud Tian exclaimed.

Yang Qian also cheered for her.

On stage.

Wu Huan Yue was in disbelief when she heard that she had won. She bowed repeatedly after hearing it.

“Thank you!”

She looked towards the changing room, but she did not see Lin Fan. She wanted to tell him that she had won.

The netizens were also in disbelief. They had not expected her to be the winner.

Director Zhang was also watching the broadcast and immediately threw his phone on the floor when he heard the announcement.

On stage, the four other singers smiled and congratulated her. They knew that she deserved to win.

They also really liked the songs that she had sung.

Abigail said, “Congratulations.”

“Thank you,” Wu Huan Yue replied. She did not know what else to say.

Abigail asked, “I would like to know if you wrote the three songs.”

Wu Huan Yue shook her head. “Nope, it’s written by someone very important to me. Every song that I have ever sung far was written by him.”


Abigail had not expected that there would be someone so talented.

The netizens were really emotional.

“D*mn, is Wu Huan Yue confessing to Master Lin?”

“It’s so emotional. I never expected to hear this.”

“F*ck, I don’t understand English. Can someone explain?”

“^ Are you stupid? Didn’t someone say that Wu Huan Yue confessed to Master Lin?”

Abigail was curious. “Is he here today?”

Wu Huan Yue nodded. “Yes, he is backstage.

Lin Fan looked at the screen and smiled.

Then, the workers went over to invite him on stage.

The crowd also wanted to see who wrote these amazing songs.

Then, when the light was shone on Lin Fan, people were stunned. They did not expect the person to be a youngster.

“Hi everyone.” Lin Fan chuckled.

“It’s him, it’s him!” Ralph gasped and stood up.

Abigail smiled. “Ralph, don’t be so excited to see him.”

Ralph shook his head. “No, he is Master Lin. He overcame leukemia and AIDS. He also made the Perfect Artificial Limbs. My son has been using them,” Ralph said through the microphone.

Everyone in the crowd stood up. If they had to choose someone that they really respected, it would definitely be Master Lin.

Abigail gasped. She had not expected him to be such a prominent figure.

“Master Lin…”

The crowd cheered loudly and ecstatically.

Lin Fan smiled and waved to the crowd.

In the broadcasting room.

“I didn’t expect Master Lin to be so famous.”

“Are you kidding? He’s obviously well-known for his amazing deeds.”

“Yeah, it’s amazing. I really like their reaction. Master Lin did not only cure diseases. He is also a composer of beautiful songs.”


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