A Valiant Life

Chapter 1239 - A perfect life (END)

Chapter 1239: A perfect life

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On the plane, the next day.

Wu Huan Yue was still feeling ecstatic after winning the award the night before. She wanted to give it to Lin Fan and did not want it for herself.

Lin Fan did not want to argue about it since she had already said that it was for him.

“You still look so happy. It’s already been a night,” Lin Fan said to Wu Huan Yue as he smiled at her.

Wu Huan Yue covered her mouth and chuckled. “Brother Lin, of course. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have gotten this award.”

Lin Fan patted her head. “Actually, all the credit goes to you.”

Fraud Tian added, “Yeah, it’s all because of Huan Yue’s abilities. You’re amazing!”

Wu Huan Yue was elated to receive their recognition.

trembling noises

At that moment, the plane started to shake badly.

“What happened?” Lin Fan asked.

At that point, an air stewardess started to calm the passengers and mentioned that it was just turbulence.

“Did something bad happen?” Fraud Tian said.

Lin Fan glared at him. “Shut your mouth. Don’t jinx it.”

However, Lin Fan moved his fingers to see what was the likely outcome. It seemed like something was wrong.


A loud noise could be heard, and the passengers sitting beside them pointed outside. “It’s on fire! It’s on fire!”

Lin Fan stood up and rushed over. The wing of the airplane was on fire. He was stunned. What were the chances of this happening?

After a short while, the passengers on the plane started panicking.

“What’s wrong?” Fraud Tian asked anxiously. He wondered if had really guessed correctly.


There was a loud explosion. It sounded as if something ignited. One of the wings broke, and the plane started to twirl.

Lin Fan immediately made use of his wuxia major knowledge to protect the passengers from being hit by any objects.

“We’re going to die young. We’re high up in the skies above the ocean. The plane is going to go down.”

Lin Fan leaned on the window and looked down. Although it was slightly covered by clouds, he could see that there was a boat on the ocean beneath them.

There’s only one chance.


Wu Huan Yue screamed. “Brother Lin, Brother Lin…”

Although the plane was spinning, Lin Fan remained calm and hugged Wu Huan Yue. He patted her head and said, “Don’t worry. I’m here.”

Then, he also patted Wu You Lan’s head. “Don’t worry. I will protect all of you.”

The plane was falling at a high speed.

Lin Fan prepared himself and unleashed the power of the major classification of wuxia knowledge. An invisible force appeared around him. It unbuckled the seatbelts of all the passengers before surrounding their bodies and keeping them under control.

“Brother Lin.” Wu You Lan felt as if she could not control her body. Her body felt like it was being controlled by something else. The other passengers were too anxious and did not know what was happening.

Lin Fan moved towards Wu Huan Yue and Wu You Lan. They started to walk steadily in the plane that was shaking vigorously. It did not seem normal at all.

“Don’t worry, I will send the both of you off later.”

“Brother Lin, you…” Wu Huan Yue and Wu You Lan were stunned. They did not understand what he meant.

Lin Fan chuckled. “Don’t worry, I got this.”

The flight crew realised that they could not control their bodies. They started to float. This shocked them as it did not seem normal at all.

Lin Fan went to the side and kicked a big hole in the plane.

He used his spirit to block the hole to prevent the air from flowing in.

When the timing was right, he controlled all of the people in the plane and moved them out of it.

It was his first time exhibiting the powers of the major classification of wuxia knowledge.

Although it was really powerful, it was not xianxia knowledge. It was already being used at its maximum power when he tried to shift everyone out of the plane.

Under his control, Wu Huan Yue and Wu You Lan flew out of the plane. They looked back at the plane and shouted, “Brother Lin…”

Lin Fan smiled at them before focusing again. He was under a lot of pressure as he had to control so many of them and ensure that they land on the ship safely.

It was a cargo ship. The workers on it heard loud noises coming from the sky.

When they raised their heads, they saw silhouettes floating in the sky.

“F*ck, there are humans flying!”

“Bullsh*t, you must be dreaming.”

“No, take a look for yourself.”

When he raised his head, he was stunned too. There were a lot of people floating in the sky.

“A deity…”

Under Lin Fan’s control, these people headed for the top of the ship rapidly and successfully landed on it.

The passengers were still in shock when they realised that they had successfully landed on the ship. They wondered how it had happened.

It was as if they were all in a dream.

“Brother Lin…” Wu Huan Yue and Wu You Lan regained control over their bodies after they landed on the ship. They immediately ran to the edge of the boat and shouted for Lin Fan.

They kept crying as they shouted.

The others did not know what had happened, but they knew that it was all made possible by Brother Lin.

“Haha, I’m not dead.”

“Phew, thank God that I’m fine.”

“My wife.”

“My husband.”

Everyone was ecstatic when they realised that they were safe even though they did not know how it had happened.

Fraud Tian was quick to realise that Lin Fan was missing. He rushed to Wu Huan Yue. “Where did he go?”

“Brother Lin is still on the plane!” shouted Wu Huan Yue and Wu You Lan.

“What?! How did we end up here? He must be a deity,” said Fraud Tian.

“Brother Lin saved us.”

Wu Huan Yue sat on the floor after she saw the plane drift further away. She felt as if all hope was lost.

The workers on the ship immediately made calls to the relevant authorities about what they had witnessed.

“Hello, please help! Deities are falling from the sky.”

“There are really deities! I’m not lying.”

“F*ck, why did he hang up on me?”

The passengers who had descended from the plane wanted to make calls too, but they realised that there was no reception.

They borrowed the phone on the ship and informed others about what had happened. They knew that it was not a dream.

Then, Wu Huan Yue grabbed onto the captain of the ship, “Go there, go there! There’s still someone on the plane!”

“Ma’am, please calm down. We still don’t know what’s the situation,” the captain replied. He was a Chinese man and was still stunned by what had happened earlier.

“Please, I’m begging you. Brother Lin is still on the plane. We have to go there,” Wu Huan Yue pleaded.

The captain replied, “Ma’am, at this point in time, we can’t…”

“I’m asking you to go there. NOW!” Wu Huan Yue shouted angrily.

The captain was stunned and he stood rooted to the ground. It was as if he had been shocked by Wu Huan Yue.

The next day!

Many of the netizens who had not watched the broadcast the night before were anticipating the results of the competition. They wondered who was the champion.

Some netizens quickly checked their phones early in the morning and were stunned when they read the news.

“Master Lin’s returning flight runs into trouble.”

“Hundreds of passengers miraculously survive, but Master Lin and another passenger are nowhere to be found.”

“Is Master Lin still alive?”

At the same time, a comment appeared.

“Yesterday, something went wrong with Master Lin’s returning flight. Hundreds of passengers were floating in the sky and landed on a cargo ship. However, Master Lin could not be found. The two countries that are involved are currently looking for any remnants of the plane. They still do not have any information about it, but the chances of them surviving are almost negligible.”

After reading the news, many netizens felt that it was impossible for Master Lin to be dead.

They felt that someone was spouting nonsense.

However, as they continued reading, they realised that it was true.

On Lin Fan’s Weibo page.

“Master Lin, please tell me you’re okay. You are god-like!”

“I don’t believe it. Master Lin is such a nice person. How can something bad like this happen to him? This must be a joke.”

“Haha, it’s good that he’s dead. He should’ve been dead long ago.”

“^ F*ck your mom. Even if I go to jail for this, I’ll break your legs.”

“What’s happening? How did this happen?”

“Everything’s been verified. Wu Huan Yue and the others miraculously survived, but Master Lin is missing.”

Wang Ming Yang collapsed onto the ground after reading the news. It was as if he had gone mad. He immediately tried to think of something to find Master Lin.

“Bro, you have to be okay. What will happen to me if you die?” Wang Ming Yang started tearing up as he drove to the airport.

ring, ring

He picked up the phone.

“Director Wang, could you sign the agreement between our companies?”

“Director Chen, I’m sorry. Something came up and I can’t sign it.”

“Director Wang, how can you say that? You have to honor what you said earlier. Please sign it as soon as possible.”

Wang Ming Yang was furious. “Fck your signature. My bro is in danger and I don’t give a dmn about your signature.”

He hung up the phone.

He immediately rushed to the airport.

Zhao Ming Qing’s face turned pale after reading the news. He clutched his chest and said, “Chauffeur, please drive me to the airport now.”

He did not believe that his mentor would be in danger.

Regardless of the outcome, he had to be at the airport.

Liu Xu was at the hotel when she saw the news. She also quickly rushed to the airport after reading the news.

In Haojiang.

Yun Xue Yao was handling some matters related to the company. However, when she saw the news, she also rushed to the airport.

Another day passed.

There was no news, and the search was still ongoing. However, everyone knew that the likelihood of him surviving was decreasing with each passing day.

There was a rescue team.

Liu Xu, Yun Xue Yao, Wu Huan Yue, Wu You Lan, Zhao Ming Qing, Wang Ming Yang and the others were looking for him anxiously.


Yun Xue Yao slapped Wang Ming Yang and shouted angrily, “This is all because of you. You forced him to go for this stupid international competition. That is why Brother Lin is in danger.”

Fraud Tian quickly pulled Yun Xue Yao away. “Nobody wished for this to happen.”

Yun Xue Yao glared at Wang Ming Yang and pointed at him. “Let me warn you. If anything happens to him, I will not let you off. You’re a scumbag.”

She shouted every single word.

Wang Ming Yang replied, “Yes, it’s all my fault. I wanted Wu Huan Yue to participate in this international competition. If it wasn’t for me, nothing would have happened. I wish it was me who died in place of him.”

“That’s enough. We just have to find Brother Lin now,” Wu You Lan shouted as tears welled up in her eyes.

Wang Ming Yang went to the side of the ship and punched the wall. He felt extremely remorseful.

The two countries were still looking for remnants of the plane. However, there was nothing to be found.

On a certain small island.

“Master Lin, thank you so much. If it wasn’t for you, I would’ve died,” a youngster said.

Lin Fan smiled. “It’s okay.”

The youngster had been terrified. He had been taking a dump in the toilet when the wing of the plane had broken off. He had been tossed around the lavatory when the plane had gone into a downward spiral and had quickly fainted. All of his fecal waste had been spread all over the room and across his face.

When he had woken up, he had found himself lying on this small island.

He did not know what had happened, but he knew that Master Lin had saved him.

“Something’s on the hook!” Lin Fan shouted.

“Master Lin, stop teasing me. There’s nothing here. How could there be fish here?” asked the youngster.

However, there was really a fish struggling in the water on the hook.

Lin Fan grabbed onto the fish and replied, “Isn’t this a fish? Light a fire. We’ll eat this tonight.”

The youngster was stunned. He could not believe what he had just witnessed.

However, the youngster felt really safe around Master Lin. He smiled and agreed, “Alright, I’ll go collect some firewood now.”

As time passed, the situation on the Internet went from bad to worse.

“Perhaps Master Lin has really left us.”

“How could that be? I don’t believe it. Master Lin has to be okay.”

“Yeah, I believe that another miracle will take place, just like how the hundreds of passengers descended safely from the plane.”

“Do you think Master Lin sacrificed himself to save the others…?”

“I think so. I used to always go against the praises and compliments for Master Lin, but I’m actually a hardcore fan. I just didn’t show my support for him. Now that something like this has happened, I will believe in anything that’s related to Master Lin as long as it is beneficial to him.”

“I have been following Master Lin since he was a fortune-teller. He always did things that made people happy. I really hope he is still with us.”

Just as everyone was worried about Master Lin.

On the small island.

Lin Fan and the youngster were rubbing their bellies as they lay down there. “I’m so full.”

The youngster chuckled. “Master Lin, your culinary skills are awesome. You cooked such a delicious meal without many ingredients.”

Lin Fan laughed. “Of course. Do you know who I am?”

“Master Lin, do you think they’ll find us?” The youngster asked anxiously.

“Of course. Don’t worry,” Lin Fan said.

They looked at the darkening sky that was soon filled with stars.

Lin Fan sighed. He knew that people were worried about him, but he could not do anything without any communication devices.

Meanwhile, more news ensued.

“Remnants of the plane have been found, but we have not found the corpses of Master Lin and the other missing passenger.”

“The search radius has been increased. We will provide you with the latest information.”

More people were becoming worried with each passing day.

They wanted to see Master Lin’s corpse before believing it.

Another day passed.

“Master Lin, there’s a boat!” the youngster exclaimed. Then, he waved towards it. “Hello, hello!”

Lin Fan heaved a sigh of relief.

On the boat.

“It’s Master Lin and the other passenger!”

“Master Lin is still alive!”

The crew on the rescue boat shouted.

Wu You Lan and the others sobbed uncontrollably when they heard the news.

As the boat reached the shore, Lin Fan stood there and waved to the crowd. “Hi, it’s been a while!”


A silhouette ran towards him.

“Brother Lin, I thought I would not see you ever again,” cried Wu Huan Yue.

Then, Wu You Lan and Yun Xue Yao rushed over.

“Don’t be anxious. I’m fine.” Lin Fan chuckled. He did not expect to be treated so nicely.

Liu Xu stood there and heaved a sigh of relief. She did not know how to describe what she felt about him, but she had been slightly worried for him.

Lin Fan looked at Liu Xu. “Come here and have a seat since you’re here already.”

Liu Xu glared at Lin Fan. “Just you wish.”

“Haha.” Lin Fan chuckled.

“Alright, let’s head home…”

Wang Ming Yang said, “You lost your mind after speaking to the girls. You haven’t spoken to me yet.”

Zhao MIng Yang sighed. “Teacher, it’s great that you’re okay. It was terrifying.”

Three years later.

“International superstar Wu Huan Yue has won an award for being the world’s best female celebrity.”

“International superstar Wu Huan Yue has won an award for being the world’s best singer.”

“International superstar Wu Huan Yue has won an award for being the singer with the most records sold.”

“International superstar Wu Huan Yue has won an award for being the world’s best celebrity.”

After Wu Huan Yue received the awards, everyone realised that Wu Huan Yue had gone missing. It was as if she had vanished from Earth.

At Cloud Street, Master Lin had not appeared in a long time. However, Cloud Street was still the same as before.

It was classified as a business district with five ‘A’s. It was the only one in the world with five ‘A’s.

Zhao Zhong Yang, Fraud Tian and Wu Tian He had been taking good care of the shop. Wu You Lan had been missing for a long time too. Whenever someone asked the staff about her whereabouts, they would just laugh about it.

They would say that she had gone to pursue happiness.

Master Lin’s scallion pancakes had become a symbol. Ever since the day Master Lin had left, everyone treasured the last few pieces of scallion pancakes that were made by Master Lin. They could not bear to eat it.

At a certain town in the countryside, there were a few blocks of wooden houses.

“Actually, I think this is a beautiful place. I found it recently.” Lin Fan chuckled.

“It’s okay.”

“It’s not as comfortable as the city.”

“Is this really a land of utopia? It looks ordinary.”

“Are we going to live here in the future? Forget it. Since you’re so obedient, I will make the final decision.”

There were four beauties around Lin Fan. When they saw the surroundings, they also fell in love with this place.

Lin Fan chuckled. “How about we go back to the city?”

“No,” everyone replied uniformly.

At night.

The five of them were eating dinner. When they were done, Lin Fan went outside quietly and sat by the road.

“The twentieth knowledge task has been completed.”

“Unlocking the perfect final knowledge classification: apotheosis. If you choose to unlock it, you will never cease to exist.”

Lin Fan was stunned. “Magical Encyclopedia, you can speak?”

“Yes,” replied the encyclopedia.

Lin Fan chuckled. “Can I make others invincible too?”

“No, I can only serve you. Will you unlock it?”

Just as Lin Fan was about to speak, he was interrupted.

“Brother Lin, what are you doing here?” Wu You Lan asked.

Lin Fan replied, “Nothing much. Just looking at the stars.”

“Brother Lin.”


“Could you promise us one thing?” Wu You Lan asked.

Lin Fan replied, “‘Us’? They asked you to say this?”

“We thought of it together,” Wu You Lan replied.

“Tell me, what is it?”

Wu You Lan leaned on Lin Fan’s back. “In the future, regardless of which one of us dies first, we have to wait for each other at the end of the Nai He Bridge. We shall walk it together. Otherwise, we will be so lonely.”

Lin Fan smiled. “Why are you thinking about this? We’re so young. Why would you think of this?”

“Can you promise this?”

“Yes, I promise you this,” Lin Fan replied.

“I will go tell them that you agreed!” Wu You Lan rushed back to the house.

Lin Fan heaved a sigh of relief.

“I won’t unlock it.”

The Encyclopedia replied, “Don’t make a rash decision. We can discuss it.”

Lin Fan walked towards the house and did not interact with the encyclopedia.

“I’ll let you choose people to be invincible with. Please reply. It’s a matter of courtesy.”

The Encyclopedia added, “Bro, I’m sorry. I was created by you. Can you not be like this?”

However, Lin Fan did not hear what the Encyclopedia said because he had muted it. He did not want to hear it speak in the future anymore.

Eighteen years later.

There was a luxurious car driving on the roads to the mountains.

“Lin Wang Zai, your house is situated in the mountains, and it’s difficult to drive there,” the youngster driving the car said.

The person sitting in the back of the car wore simple clothes and had a fair complexion. He looked ordinary and had an awkward smile.

“Yeah, it’s a little inaccessible.”

The lady sitting in the front passenger seat was pretty, but she seemed a little unhappy. “Shi Ya, if I had known that you were coming up to the mountains, I would have gotten my boyfriend to drive a cheaper car. This is an expensive car. It’s over four million dollars. It will cost so much to fix the scratch marks.”

The lady who was called Shi Ya was sitting beside Lin Wang Zai. She was really pretty. When she heard what the lady said, she replied, “If it really gets damaged, I will pay for it. There’s nothing wrong with Wang Zai staying in the mountains. The air is nice here.”

The driver, Chen Jia, looked at Shi Ya through the rear view mirror. He did not expect a pretty lady like Shi Ya to have a villager as her boyfriend. It was unusual.

However, if she was not his girlfriend, he perhaps still had a chance. They were classmates in University.

Li Yan asked, “Lin Wang Zai, I heard the teacher say that you don’t even know how to write your mum’s name. Are you in a single-parent family?”

Lin Wang Zai smiled awkwardly. “No, I have a mum.”

“How could you not know her name?” Li Yan asked as if she wanted to embarrass Lin Wang Zai.

Lin Wang Zai looked at the scenery outside the window and did not know how to reply. He did not even know who was his biological mother.

Was it Wu Huan Yue, Liu Xu, Wu You Lan or Yun Xue Yao?

He did not know who was his mother, but he addressed them all as mom in accordance to their actual age.

Suddenly, a loud thud could be heard.

“F*ck, who’s driving a helicopter up the mountains? They must be crazy!” Chen Jia shouted as he looked out of the car.

Qiu Shi Ya looked at Lin Wang Zai and grabbed his hand. She smiled and said, “Wang Zai, I bought this for your dad. I wonder if he’ll like it.”

Lin Wang Zai chuckled. “I think he’ll like it. My dad is easy to appease. He doesn’t really care about gifts. What matters is that you’re there.”

“What Wang Zai said is true. Villagers don’t know much. Just get him anything,” Chen Jia replied.

Qiu Shi Ya frowned unhappily. She wanted to meet her boyfriend’s parents and had not expected to meet Li Yan along the way.

She knew that Li Yan was trying to show off. She did not want to expose her and just played along.

She did not care about money as she was born into a rich family. It was just that nobody knew about it. However, she knew that it was going to be difficult for her family to accept someone like Wang Zai.

Therefore, she wished that Wang Zai would work hard to have a successful career. That would definitely help him.

They were in their freshman year, so it was still early.

Soon, they arrived at the destination.

“D*mn, what is this place? Why are there so many luxurious cars?” Chen Jia was stunned at the number of cars parked there.

“This is worth $120 million. Who does it belong to? That’s crazy.”

Chen Jia was stunned. There were many limited edition cars too. He did not even recognise some of the models there.

Li Yan’s eyes lit up. “Perhaps someone came to play in the mountains and parked their vehicles here.”

Chen Jia replied, “Yeah, I think so too.”

Qiu Shi Ya was stunned at the sight of these cars. She knew that the cars were not ordinary ones. She wondered how many prominent figures were there since there were so many fascinating cars.

Lin Wang Zai took a deep breath. “We’re here. Let’s go. My dad and my moms are waiting.”

Chen Jia and Li Yan were still trying to find out who were in the mountains.


There were firecrackers being lit, and there was a long chain of traditional lion dancers.

Chen Jia laughed. “Lin Wang Zai, your dad is awesome. It’s just a mini birthday celebration. Why did he organise such a grand opening? It must have been expensive.”

“I don’t think it’s my house. I’m not that rich,” Lin Wang Zai replied.

When they walked in further, there were a lot of people in black. When they saw Lin Wang Zai, they stepped aside for him to walk through.

“Dad, moms, I’m back!” Lin Wang Zai shouted.

Then, a man in his fifties patted Lin Wang Zai on his shoulder. “Wang Zai, I haven’t seen you in a long time. You’ve grown really tall.”

“Huh? You are…?” Lin Wang Zai was stunned. He did not recognise him.

“Just head in first. Your dad and your moms have been waiting,” the middle-aged man replied.

He entered the house without knowing what to expect. When he entered, he was stunned. The house was filled with people.

Lin Wang Zai was a little nervous. When he saw his parents sitting at the table, he rushed over. “Dad.”

“Hmm, is everyone here?” Lin Fan looked at the teenage son in front of him. He was not as handsome as he used to be in the past.

“Wang Zai, did you bring your girlfriend?” A beautiful middle-aged lady asked.

“First Mom, I brought her back,” Lin Wang Zai replied. Then, he continued greeting the others, “Hi Second Mom, Third Mom and Fourth Mom.”

“This is Qiu Shi Ya, my girlfriend.”

Qiu Shi Ya was stunned. It was the first time she had seen a family like this. She greeted, “Hi uncle and aunties.”

Chen Jia and Li Yan were stunned. They felt that there was a strong aura in the house. It was getting unbearable.

Just then, a plump person ran in. “Father Lin, the siblings are here to celebrate your birthday.”

“Lil’ Fatty, you’re still the most thoughtful one.” Lin Fan patted Lil’ Fatty on his head and chuckled.

The Welfare Institute had developed well, and the children who had grown up there had started their own families and careers.

Lil’ Fatty chuckled and went to Lin Wang Zai. “I’m your elder brother, please greet me.”

“Brother.” Lin Wang Zai was stunned but still greeted him.

Lil’ Fatty replied, “Alright, bro, if anyone bullies you in the future, look for me. I may not have many talents, but I can definitely stand up for my brother.”

Then, shuffling noises could be heard from outside.

There was a long line of people outside the door that stretched far away.

“I wish Father Lin happy birthday and thank you for raising me.”

It was a loud greeting and there was an echo.

The grand scene shocked Lin Wang Zai and the others.

Lin Wang Zai was stunned. He had always thought that his dad was a villager. He did not understand what was going on.

“Bro, I’m here.” Just then, a middle-aged man walked in.

“Ming Yang, I don’t want to scold you, but can you please be punctual next time?” Lin Fan said.

“Bro, I’m sorry. I rushed here and did not even go to my hundred billion dollar meeting. How does that sound?” Wang Ming Yang chuckled. Then, he looked at Lin Wang Zai. “Wang Zai, I’m your godfather. Please greet me.”

Wang Zai was dumbfounded. He had no clue about what was happening.

“You… You are the world’s richest man, Wang Ming Yang,” Chen Jia gasped.

Qiu Shi Ya stood there in shock.

Before Wang Ming Yang arrived, she had found the faces of these people to be oddly familiar. She suddenly realised their identities.

The founding father of the virtual helmet, Li Dong, who was from the Welfare Institute.

Zhang Xiao Bao, a top scientist in the country, who was also from the Welfare Institute.

Well-known international directors, musicians, Wei Qi players and calligraphy masters were there as well.

All of them were young and successful. They were only seventeen or eighteen years old, but they had achieved a staggering amount of success.

When Wang Ming Yang appeared, she was stunned. He was the richest man in the world, and everyone knew who he was.

At the same time, nobody knew how rich he was. Some even said that he had enough money to conquer nations because his business was international and sold countless high-end products. Everything was done by him.

“My godson, you may have this card. It has no limits and you can use it any time. Don’t be shy about it. Without your dad, there wouldn’t be Wang Ming Yang today.” Wang Ming Yang took out a credit card and placed it in Wang Zai’s hand.

Wang Zai looked at the card and looked at Wang Ming Yang in shock.

Meanwhile, Chen Jia’s legs were already trembling. It was terrifying. The people there were too successful.

Suddenly, a huge group of people arrived. The first person entered the house and greeted him. “Master Lin, we found a new virus being spread around the world, and we don’t know what to do about it. May we please get Master Lin to help us with it?”

Lin Fan looked at the person and chuckled. “I have already retired. You should’ve saved the trip. Forget it, I probably can’t spend the entire day here anyway. I will make a trip there. I might even make it back early.”


Suddenly, Qiu Shi Ya gasped and looked at Lin Fan in disbelief.

“You are Master Lin. The one that has disappeared for eighteen years. The Master Lin that was recognised as a God…”

Lin Fan chuckled.

“Youngster, that’s indeed me.”

He looked at his four wives, “My wives, it’s time for me to go to the city to resolve some problems.”

The four ladies looked at Lin Fan and sighed. “Hmph, we’ve been waiting for you to say this. We wondered how long you could resist the temptation to do so.”


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