A Valiant Life

Chapter 13: The Atmosphere is Too Intense!

Chapter 13: The Atmosphere is Too Intense!

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With the emergence of the Internet, any viral news would circulate on the Internet.

Today, Weibo and WeChat both provided a platform for news to spread like wildfire.

That morning, however, another e-platform emerged on the Internet. It didn't have much power to influence people but it was slowly gaining popularity.

It had all sorts of eye-catching headlines.

"A shocking and mysterious scene on the Shanghai streets."

"Youngster selling scallion pancakes surrounded by crowds."

"Understanding city enforcement officers allowed a street vendor to continue his business?!"

The constantly improving UC news department was also shocked at the headlines and the fact that a new e-platform was gaining so much popularity. The UC news department quickly followed suit and wrote articles and news headlines regarding the scallion pancake seller.

As for the headlines, they were even more shocking.

"Breaking! Vendors, city enforcement officers and the crowd have a secret to share."

"Breaking! How did this mysterious vendor become a crowd favorite and cause the city enforcement officers to withdraw from their stall-closing operations…"

These breaking news attracted thousands of people to read.

"What the f*ck, UC 'breaking news' department. What else can you do apart from providing 'breaking news'?"

"When did the city enforcement officers become so understanding? The sun must have risen from the west!"

"These scallion pancakes are earning big bucks."

"It doesn't seem logical; how can these people be so crazy over scallion pancakes?"

"Their expressions look so fake."

"Fifty cents per stack, what else needs to be said?"

"Editor, your whole news station's about 'breaking news'. You've been reporting about 'breaking news' the whole day but is it really 'breaking news'?"

"Isn't this the entrance of Red Star Primary school? How did the business flourish overnight? It must be delicious!"

"Hey you, go try the pancakes personally tomorrow and report to me."


Following the city enforcement officers' first visit to Red Star Primary school, the vendors all ran away. Then, they came back to continue their business shortly after the officers left.

For the vendors, it's just a game of hide and seek with the city enforcement officers.

Some of the stall vendors were elated upon hearing the news of Lin Fan being arrested.

"Yeah, this lad deserved it for fighting over my stall location. It's his retribution!" the old hag chatted loudly with the other vendors.

The other vendors didn't say much. They just smiled and agreed that the absence of Lin Fan reduced the competition there, especially for the past two days where Lin Fan had stolen most of the customers...

Her husband continued to set up his fermented beancurd stall at the same location. "If Lin Fan still tries to fight over my location, I will teach him a lesson."

"Wow… Where was your courage when his stall was being taken away earlier?" his wife chided.

"That's because…"

"They're here! The city enforcement officers are here!"

Upon seeing the conspicuous city enforcement truck, the vendors quickly packed up their stalls anxiously

"These bastards, weren't they here just a while ago? Why are they here again?"

"And they're so strict on us doing business here."

"Yeah, if I don't set up my stall today, I will have no money to survive."

"Don't block my way."

"Who's blocking you? The road is so wide, can't you make a turn?"

To the stall vendors, it was as if they had seen a ghost. They hurriedly packed their stuff.

In an instant, all the stalls at the entrance of Red Star Primary School were gone.

The area became a ghost town.


Lin Fan came down from the truck and smiled when he saw the empty space. Where were all the other hawkers? Then he suddenly remembered that he was taking the city enforcement truck, and understood.

Looks like I, Lin Fan, have gained some power, he thought to himself.

What's this? Temporary licensing for vendors? What happened to the permanent one?

But Lin Fan had always been an ambitious man. This stall was a temporary thing. He had greater plans for himself in future.

Then, he saw the city enforcement officers helping to set up his scallion pancake stall. He hurriedly said, "Let me do it, let me do it."

"Small boss, you don't have to move. It's alright, let us do it."

These city enforcement officers were all captivated by him after eating his scallion pancakes.

"Sorry to trouble you then!" Lin Fan said as he leaned on a pole nearby. He didn't expect it to be so relaxing, watching people set up his stall.

The people that witnessed this scene were all shocked at the sight.

The city enforcement officers were actually helping a vendor to set up his stall. It's the first time they've seen such a thing.


Meanwhile at the Youth Arts Magazine Publisher...

A bunch of pretty ladies lay there motionlessly as if they haven't eaten in years.

"When is Mr. Handsome coming back?" said a lady who mumbled to herself as she revealed her thighs seductively.

"I don't think he will be coming back. The stall had been taken away by the city enforcement officers, how would he be able to set up his stall again?"

"These officers purposely came at such a bad timing, aren't they making life difficult for us?"

"I already said, we should've gone to queue earlier. You didn't want to listen to me. Now there's nothing left, nothing!"

The usually sweet looking Huo Han also looked really depressed. "If I don't get to eat the pancakes now, I would really die."

"Han Han, just shut up," Zhong Qing Yi helplessly sighed. Then she involuntarily turned to look towards Red Star Primary school. She suddenly stood up and exclaimed, "It's out! It's out!"

"Qing Yi, what's out?"

"Mr. Handsome is here…" Zhong Qing Yi pointed towards the school and said excitedly.


Suddenly, the whole office had shaken up. It was as if each and every lady got resurrected. They suddenly had so much energy in themselves.

"Ah, he's really here! Quick… Quick!"

"Quick?" the executive office door opened. A tall and slim lady walked towards the ladies, looking rather unhappy.

The crowd shrieked in fear as they saw her walking towards them.

Huo Han looked at Zhong Qing Yi; perhaps only Qing Yi could salvage the situation at that point in time.

"Sister…" Zhong Qing Yi paused. It was all because of the scallion pancakes. In the past, she wouldn't have spoken up regardless of what had happened.

"Call me the President or Head Editor. When we're at work, I'm not your sister. I'm your superior," Zhong Qing Fan said sternly, trying to establish her relationship with Qing Yi as the CEO.

The crowd's hearts skipped a beat after hearing what the dominant CEO said. A normal person wouldn't usually be so entitled.

Although Qing Yi was her sister, she got brushed aside by Qing Fan.

"Head editor, everyone's hungry… we want to buy scallion pancakes from the stall opposite," Zhong Qing Yi said.

Qing Yi felt very pressured having to deal with such a beautiful but assertive sister. She had always been compared to her even outside of work. Sometimes, she felt like she was living under the shadow of her sister.

Zhong Qing Fan looked at the people in the office and turned towards Red Star Primary school. Then, she said, "You may go."


Huo Han exclaimed upon hearing that approval had been given. However, she immediately became silent after realizing that the dominant tigress was still standing there. Then, she tried to duck down, hoping to avoid Qing Fan's attention.

"Qing Yi, only you can go. The rest of you better continue with your work. If this week's magazine is in the last few positions, all of you can pack up and leave."


The head editor's office room was slammed shut.

As the tigress left, the rest of the office ladies could finally relax. The atmosphere was so intense that they had almost wet their pants.

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