A Valiant Life

Chapter 14: Life of An Awesome Ruler

Chapter 14: Life of An Awesome Ruler

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The city enforcement truck was parked at about 300m away from Lin Fan's stall. One of the city enforcement officers immediately changed out of his uniform into civilian attire.

"Sigh, sometimes wearing a uniform for my job is troublesome. I have to change out of it even when I just want to buy something."

"Did you really think you can go without changing out of it? We are city enforcement officers. If we were pictured buying things from these stalls in our uniform, then things would be impossible to explain.

"That's true."


Lin Fan stood there and thought of the emptiness he felt despite how invincible he had become, akin to someone that was begging to be defeated.

There wasn't a single stall in the vicinity. Even if Lin Fan wanted some competition, there was nobody to compete with. He felt lonely and depressed.

Lin Fan had become the invincible hawker of Red Star Primary School but he yearned for someone who could compete with him for business.

*sound of wheels rumbling*

The sound of carts being pushed could be heard as some stall vendors sneakily observed the situation outside Red Star Primary school. They looked astonished when they saw Lin Fan had set up his stall outside the school.

"It's alright, the city enforcement officers are gone."

Then, a large number of stall vendors slowly appeared and re-took their positions.

The old lady saw Lin Fan's pushcart, smiled freakishly and said, "Wow, you're back so soon. Looks like you've been fined a hefty sum of money. Look at how stupid this guy is. He doesn't even know how to pick a good spot while we're gone."

The lady's husband then laughed and pushed his cart beside Lin Fan and said, "Kid, how much were you fined?"

"That's none of your business."

Lin Fan took a glance, rebutted with a sentence and didn't bother to say anything else.

"Wow, look at how arrogant you are. Why don't you have any business now? Did you spend all your money on the 'show' earlier?"

"I think you should just do an honest business and stop with these tricks. Look, you've run out of actors and you have no business now."

Lin Fan did not want to say anything. The stall vendors were still considered to be his competitors. These old people thought a young chap like Lin Fan was a pushover.

But he did not want to argue with them. After all, he had obtained a verified license for his stall.

*step, step*

A series of noise could be heard from a lady walking in heels as she stopped right in front of Lin Fan's stall.

In an instant, the scent of her perfume filled the air.

Lin Fan looked up and thought, Wasn't this the pretty babe from yesterday afternoon?

The lady had something different about her. She looked prettier by the day and today, she looked even prettier as she was wearing something different.

But Lin Fan was not a pervert, naturally, he didn't stare at the lady. Although admittedly, she had a good figure, especially her basketball sized breasts bulging from her tight dress; as if they could burst out from her clothes anytime.

But Lin Fan himself was a man of morals.

"Babe, do you want to have some scallion pancakes?" Lin Fan smiled and asked.

Zhong Qing Yi saw the scallion pancakes and suddenly felt like she was in paradise as she was standing so close to the heavenly food.

"Yes," Zhong Qing Yi replied without any hesitation. "Give me twenty pieces."

"No problem!" Lin Fan replied and thought to himself that business had arrived. Then, he took a glimpse of the sweaty fermented beancurd seller beside him.

Open your eyes, business is here!

When the fermented beancurd seller saw the lady in front of Lin Fan's stall and her giant jugs, his eyes were fixated on her. Then, he thought of the aged wife he had and felt like he had wasted his entire life, having never f*cked someone so beautiful.

"Babe, the secret to these scallion pancakes is…"

In order to earn Encyclopedic Points, Lin Fan started to explain the secret to the scallion pancakes. But he realized that he did not earn any Encyclopedic Points after he had finished explaining. Then, he raised his head and saw that the woman had been playing with her phone. She did not hear any of his words.

To Lin Fan, that was a tremendous blow.

Then, the city enforcement officers arrived in their civilian attire. They saw that Lin Fan was busy and knew that they had to queue.

They also noticed the red tag on Lin Fan's stall and figured that they had to wait even longer. Hence, they decided to take a look at the fermented beancurd stall.


Lin Fan noticed that these guys looked familiar. Then he paused and realized that they were the 'brothers' that sent him there.

But when he saw that they were in civilian attire, he understood that they were definitely there for the scallion pancakes. To Lin Fan, he considered these city enforcement 'brothers' to be his good friends.

"Boss, want to have some fermented beancurd?" the man greeted and asked passionately.

"Looks like there's something wrong with the oil you're using. You haven't changed it for some time, right?" the city enforcement officers pointed and asked.

For the experienced officers, they could tell if the oil was unusual with just one look.

"How could that be? I just changed the oil two days ago. It's very clean," the man tried to look normal as he replied but there was a peculiar look on his face. In actual fact, he was using processed cooking oil which was recovered from the sewers and gutters. Could it be that this particular officer noticed that?

"Oh, is it?" the officer nodded and said. Nobody knew if he believed the man's words.

"Boss, you might not know this but for a vendor like me, hygiene is our top priority. Look at the scallion pancake seller beside me. It looks like the oil he's using has not been changed in months, the pancakes can't be eaten," the man said softly but Lin Fan still heard his words.

The man had wanted to let the lady hear it, perhaps to stop her from buying the pancakes.

But what surprised the man was that the lady did not even look concerned.

Zhong Qing Yi was not bothered by what the man had said.

How could it be that such delicious scallion pancakes were made by low-quality oil?

Even if he had used such oil, she would still eat the scallion pancakes.

But for these city enforcement officers, they couldn't tolerate the man's nonsense.

Lin Fan's scallion pancakes held a special place in their hearts.

How could they tolerate his bullsh*t?

They couldn't tolerate it, they truly couldn't tolerate it.


The city enforcement officers slammed the man's stall counter and the man was stupefied. They then took out a walkie-talkie and said, "Come to Red Star Primary School."

"Boss, what did you mean by that?" the man asked as he did not understand what was going on.

In less than a minute, a city enforcement truck appeared.

"The city enforcement officers are here, the city enforcement officers are here!"

"Boss, I'm sorry, the city enforcement officers are here. I gotta go." the man tried to push his cart away but the officer held onto his stall counter firmly.

"Don't move, I am a city enforcement officer. You are violating the law by setting up your stall here." the officer said.

This particular sentence had a huge impact on the man; as if he had said: "Sorry, I am a police officer."

Then, a uniformed city enforcement officer came. The man saw what happened and finally understood how stupid he had been. He looked around him and saw that everyone else had fled the place; even his wife.

But as he saw Lin Fan patiently making his pancakes, he exclaimed, "He is also a vendor, he must have violated the law too!"

Lin Fan turned to the man, blinked and took out a form. He dabbed a bit of wet dough on it and stuck it on his cart.

"Sorry, I have a license for this. I am abiding by the law."

"Babe, don't worry. These scallion pancakes are definitely edible. I am a verified vendor." Lin Fan smiled and said.

Zhong Qing Yi let out a loud sigh of relief; she thought she was going to be taken away by the city enforcement officers.

The man saw the piece of paper and was dumbfounded. How could it be?

As for Lin Fan, with the license in his possession, he wasn't afraid of anything.

Life is as such for a 'ruler' like Lin Fan.

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