A Wizard's Secret

Chapter 1060 - An Intense Calling!

Chapter 1060: An Intense Calling!

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“Swoosh swoosh swoosh.”

By this point, no one was being modest. They all flew frantically toward that light source. Although Tyron was the foremost contender, no one among the top five Absolute Beings would wish to be surpassed. They had come to the Origin this time to achieve a breakthrough, so no one would be content with allowing Tyron to enter the light source first.

Therefore, everyone flew toward the light source, striving to be first. Only Merlin stared steadily at that light source. He could sense the power of order, vitality, tenderness, and so on. Moreover, the strand of Power of Destruction in his body appeared to feel rather uneasy as if it had encountered a threatening force.

“The Power of Rebirth…”

Merlin mumbled softly. Only when there was no one else beside him, he slowly flew toward that light source. All this while, Merlin had never wished to enter places that had exceeded his imagination. Whether it was the Void Sea or the Origin or this light source, Merlin did not wish to enter.

However, if he did not take the risk by entering, he would end up empty-handed.

“I’ll go in and see if it’s the Power of Rebirth in the Origin?”

At last, Merlin clenched his jaw and made up his mind. He must enter this light source.

The closer he got to the light source, the more Merlin’s heart palpitated. Although this sensation was not dangerous, he still felt these palpitations as if he was about to face some grand, noble existence or some imposing power.


When Merlin stepped into the light source, he shuddered. Soon, he was dazzled by brightness before things gradually cleared up. When Merlin was able to open his eyes once more, he saw that they had reached a gigantic space.

This space was peculiar indeed. There was light everywhere but there was not a soul in sight. Furthermore, countless colorful bubbles were floating in thin air.

These bubbles were gorgeous and had vivid hues. They looked incomparably magnificent. Nonetheless, whether it was Tyron or the other four Absolute Beings, they were rather bewildered and dared to go in so rashly.

“Tyron, what do you feel? From these bubbles, I sense a vigorous vitality…”

The Eastern Region Absolute Being frowned slightly as he spoke.

These bubbles were strange indeed. No matter how they tried, they could not see what was going on inside. Even so, deep within them, they sensed a force that attracted them to these bubbles.

Tyron did not reply right away but asked the rest, “Did you feel that?”

“I feel it. Such a warm intimate feeling. It’s like a longing. This is the power of the natural order in our worlds. It’s as if these bubbles are targeting our natural order, calling us.”

The Southern Region Absolute Being said quietly. Earlier, he had kept observing and searching carefully and finally found a clue. It turned out that this longing came from the natural order’s power in their worlds.

“The Power of Rebirth… Since we’ve come here, there’s no need to be afraid. Come on, we’ll follow the call in each of our hearts and seek out these bubbles. Maybe each of us will reap unexpected benefits!”

Tyron drew in a deep breath and said determinedly. He could not sense anything dangerous about these bubbles, so now he could only obey the call deep in his heart and go to those bubbles. He felt that these bubbles were very special. Perhaps they would reap unimaginable benefits.

“Haha, since we’re here, what else is there to be frightened of?”

The Southern Region Absolute Being laughed loudly then flew toward a gigantic bubble before anyone else. In a flash, he was submerged in the bubble. Following that, everyone stared closely at that bubble. Other than a slight tremor at the beginning, the bubble did not change at all. It was very calm. It seemed that for a short while, nothing would change.

“Let’s go. We can no longer contact the Southern Region Absolute Being and now each of us can only seek our opportunity. Whether we succeed or fail depends on this!”

Tyron glanced at one of the enormous bubbles. He sensed that this bubbled seemed to be beckoning him over. They had gone through various difficulties from the Void Sea to the Origin, then searched for these bubbles in the Origin. This was practically their only hope.

Otherwise, by the time the Void Beasts had produced a king, they would be powerless from then on. Unless they could hide in the Origin forever, they would be in great danger if they met the master of the Void Beasts.

The Void Beasts were making progress and so will they!

“Merlin, have you sensed the call?”

Tyron did not neglect to express concern for Merlin who came in last.

Merlin shook his head. Indeed, he did not feel any call. From these bubbles, he could not sense anything unusual as well. It seemed that there were still some differences between him and the top five Absolute Beings.

“You don’t feel a call? I wonder if this is a blessing or a curse… Oh well, just wait here quietly then. If anything changes, leave immediately.”

With that, Tyron swiftly flew toward the bubble that had been calling him. In a flash, the original group of six was reduced to Merlin alone.

Merlin had lied. It was not that he did not sense any calling but the thing that called to him was not the bubbles but something deep among those bubbles.

Merlin did not know why he would feel such an intense sensation. Still, after Tyron and the rest had entered their respective bubbles, he continued flying forward. He sensed that something there was calling strongly to him.

He passed by one bubble after another. The further he went, the fewer the bubbles. Furthermore, some bubbles had terrifying volumes, a few times more massive than the average bubble. Merlin did not know what this meant.

“Since I have this feeling, I wonder if other Free Beings and Controllers would feel the same calling?”

Merlin’s heart leaped slightly. He was accommodating four thousand people in his Illusory World and they were all Controllers and Free Beings. Initially, they had no hope of entering the Void Sea but being in Merlin’s Illusory World, they had now entered the Origin.

“Let me try.”

Merlin first summoned Azulon and Caesar. They were both Medium Cosmos Absolute Beings. As relatively powerful Controllers, perhaps they could make an impact.

“Swoosh swoosh.”

Thus, two figures rapidly appeared in the Origin. They looked around at the strange bubbles, both wearing a lost expression.

“Controller Merlin, what’s this place?”

“This is the Origin in the Void Sea. According to legend, it’s a mystical place that possesses the Power of Rebirth. Now, sense your surroundings carefully. Do you feel a calling? If you do, then you can head into the bubble that’s calling you. Maybe this is your chance.”

After Merlin finished speaking, he looked toward Caesar and Azulon. Both of them were Medium Cosmos Absolute Beings. Naturally, they understood what Merlin meant. Maybe they did not know what these bubbles were but they were not stupid. They knew what this so-called chance meant.

This was because this time, they had entered along with the top five Absolute Beings. This was a chance for the top five Absolute Beings as well.

Thinking about how they shared the same opportunity with the top five Absolute Beings, Caesar and Azulon were endlessly excited. They immediately closed their eyes and carefully perceived their surroundings.

Soon, they burst out into gleeful, surprised expressions, saying in an emotional voice, “I’ve felt it. What a powerful calling like a dearest relative…”

Merlin looked pensive as he nodded. “In that case, look for that bubble. It may be a chance or there may be danger. You must consider this carefully.”

Although Merlin warned that there might be danger, both of them still did not hesitate. Who would relinquish the same chance that the top five Absolute Beings had gained?

Therefore, Merlin released all of the four thousand or more people from his Illusory World. Almost everyone including the Free Beings who did not control their own world, felt a calling. This indicated that these bubbles did not merely target Controllers but viewed everyone equally.

More than four thousand people all located the bubbles that called to them. Nonetheless, within this entire colossal light source, this was merely a drop in the ocean. There were still countless bubbles.

Merlin continued forward. He had lost over four thousand people so his abilities were just equivalent to a relatively stronger Medium Cosmos Absolute Being. In this mysterious place, he had to be cautious.

Nevertheless, despite losing four thousand people, that intense calling Merlin had felt previously still did not vanish. Conversely, as Merlin got closer, it grew even stronger.

The bubbles disappeared one by one. At last, by following this calling, Merlin came to an empty void. Here, there were no bubbles but streaks of colorful light appeared, extending through the void horizontally and filling the space.

In this vacuum, there stood a mass of multicolored light. This ball of light was larger than all the bubbles. Moreover, it was pulsing like a heart and produced fine wisps of multicolored light. These wisps gradually swelled up in the end and turned into bubbles.

“These bubbles are produced in this manner?”

Merlin’s eyes trembled slightly. He did not expect that this multicolored light was the source of the bubbles. As the source, it must be equipped with formidable power.

Plus, that intense calling in Merlin’s heart had grown to the maximum as he stood before this mass of multicolored light. The thing that had sent out this calling was this multicolored light!

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