A Wizard's Secret

Chapter 1061 - Balance!

Chapter 1061: Balance!

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Merlin did not know what this huge multicolored ball of light contained. However, every Controller and even some Free Beings were being called by some of the bubbles.

Most probably, these bubbles contained some sort of mysterious powers that resonated with each Controller or Free Being. Meanwhile, this multicolored light appeared to the source of all the bubbles, so naturally, the powers contained within were the most impressive.

Merlin took a deep breath. No matter what laid inside, he would have to take a look. This calling was simply too strong to resist.


Merlin took one step forward and found himself immersed in a very sticky fluid. All his power was bound in an instant. It was like becoming a Normie once again.

This feeling of being restrained made Merlin slightly uncomfortable. However, when he operated the Illusory World, he realized that it had not disappeared. His powers were intact but due to the stronger suppressing force of the multicolored rays, Merlin’s powers were simply suppressed.

Before this amazing surge of power, any other power appeared completely weak and powerless. Previously, Merlin’s Illusory World had been as porous as swiss cheese. Although his natural order remained very solid, the interior had been a chaotic mess. Countless planets turned into black holes and there were holes all around.

However, following the emergence of this suppressive force, the interior of the Illusory World appeared to recover at a speed visible even to the naked eye. Planets began to appear in the hole-riddled sky. It became teeming with life. Such life-giving powers made Merlin shiver as if he had just witnessed an inconceivable scene.

“The Power of Rebirth, this is the Power of Rebirth!”

Merlin’s Illusory World had stopped expanding. The Power of Rebirth was also incredibly huge and was the direct and equal opposite polar of the Power of Destruction.

This was the greatest opportunity in the Origin. Did Tyron and the others not enter the Origin to seek for the Power of Rebirth? Now, their wish was fulfilled. In addition, this Power of Rebirth seemed to be vaguely strengthening the natural order of the world.

The worlds’ natural order required Controllers to spend countless time and effort to search for the flaws in their world and gradually rectify them. Every rectification of the natural order had a massive impact on the entire world.

Now, the Power of Rebirth was helping the Controllers rectify their world’s natural order. Even a slight rectification would result in a qualitative improvement.

For example, a Major Cosmos Absolute Being like Tyron who was the top-most existence, had already reached the limit of his body and his world. This meant that his world could not expand anymore.

However, once this surge of the Power of Rebirth helped rectify the natural order of his world, the limit of his world would be stretched and ultimately achieve a qualitative transformation. Similar to how the Void Beasts transformed into Void Beast Masters with the help of the Power of Destruction, with the help of the Power of Rebirth, Tyron could also achieve a level comparable to the Void Beast Masters.

Merlin was the most special one. His Illusory World was pronounced by Tyron to be the world with unbelievable potential due to the solidness of his natural order.

Of course, this was still far from perfect. Now, the only thing that could boost the strength of Merlin’s Illusory World was the Power of Rebirth.

However, when the Power of Rebirth was trying to rectify Merlin’s Illusory World, the Power of Destruction hidden in the Illusory World exploded.


The entire world shuddered. This Power of Destruction had detonated an unprecedented wave of power. This was the Power of Destruction accumulated from when the Illusory World was continuously ripped apart and destroyed.

Almost all the Power of Destruction lashed out toward the Power of Rebirth. The two types of powers were complete opposites, so when they met head-to-head, there was no room for conciliation. Either the Power of Rebirth vanquished the Power of Destruction or the Power of Destruction obliterated the Power of Rebirth.

Merlin was not too familiar with the Origin or the Powers of Rebirth and Destruction. Naturally, he did not expect such a reaction to occur. He thought that if he drew the Power of Destruction into the Illusory World, it could help strengthen the Illusory World. Nevertheless, that resulted in a showdown between the Power of Rebirth and the Power of Destruction.

At this moment, Merlin’s Illusory World was no longer peaceful. Instead, it was a battlefield. On one side was the endless Power of Destruction. Even Merlin had not realized that the Power of Destruction which he thought he could control had grown to such a terrifying extent.

Wherever there were destruction and devastation, the Power of Destruction would be born.

Therefore, while Merlin was not paying attention, the Power of Destruction in the Illusory World had strengthened several folds. Now that it was drawn out of hiding by the Power of Rebirth, Merlin finally noticed how formidable it was.

At the same time, the Power of Rebirth was equally formidable. Since Merlin was situated in the multicolored light, the Power of Rebirth contained here was simply overflowing. With a constant source of Power of Rebirth as a backup, it could easily fight against the Power of Destruction.

However, the confrontation between these two overwhelming powers was causing Merlin’s Illusory World to sway dangerously, ready to collapse in an instant. This was not any ordinary destruction but a total collapse. These powers could potentially shatter Merlin’s world natural order.

Regardless of the Power of Rebirth or the Power of Destruction, both of them were more potent than Merlin’s world’s natural order.

“No, if this continues, the Illusory World will be destroyed!”

Merlin finally understood the severity of the situation. The Illusory World was his foundation, so it must not collapse. However, Merlin was unable to control the Power of Rebirth or the Power of Destruction.

“Balance. Why is the Origin able to exist without collapsing? It’s because these two powers are balanced!”

Merlin soon found the answer. The continuous impacts of these two powers could not be resolved. Instead, he had to balance them. However, balancing two incredible surges of power was not an easy task.

“The natural order, use the power of the natural order to separate these two surges of power!”

At this time, Merlin could not afford to hesitate. The situation was extremely critical. If the impacts of these two powers intensified, the Illusory World would collapse at any time.

Therefore, Merlin did not waver and immediately mobilized the Illusory World’s power of the natural order. In the Illusory World, the power of the natural order had solidified and wrapped around the Power of Rebirth and the Power of Destruction.


Merlin sensed an unparalleled backlash. It seemed that he would not be able to hold on. Even his natural order was about to break.

“I must hold on!”

Merlin’s will was incredibly steadfast. The power of the natural order began to crack but did not shatter. At last, the power of the natural order held on.


Merlin sensed the violent outbursts in the Illusory World gradually subsided and finally relaxed. This was because the Power of Rebirth and the Power of Destruction contained in the Illusory World had finally been separated by the natural order.

The two types of power in the Illusory World had temporarily been balanced!

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