A Wizard's Secret

Chapter 1062 - Life and Death Battle!

Chapter 1062: Life and Death Battle!

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In Merlin’s body right now, the three powers finally reached equilibrium. The Powers of Destruction and Rebirth coupled with Merlin’s Illusory World were incredibly stable.

Therefore, Merlin’s Illusory World was growing stronger every second. In the future, once he had consolidated the Power of Destruction’s natural order and the Power of Rebirth’s natural order, Merlin’s Illusory World would truly achieve perfection.

Perfection! At last, Merlin knew what the Illusory World lacked. He also finally saw the threshold. The threshold was to merge the Powers of Destruction and Rebirth with his natural order entirely. Then, his Illusory World would no longer be flawed.

“Haha. My world is expanding again. I’m now a Major Cosmos Absolute Being!”

“The Power of Rebirth is truly miraculous. I’ve also become a Major Cosmos Absolute Being and my world’s potential hasn’t reached the limit. There seems to be room for improvement.”

“My world’s natural order is beautifully rectified…”

At this moment, many of the Controllers in the bubbles had broken free. It was not that they broke free of any constraints as there was not any at the first place. Instead, they received the Power of Rebirth. Their respective worlds had undergone a qualitative transformation.

As a result, many Medium Cosmos Absolute Beings had evolved into Major Cosmos Absolute Beings thanks to the Power of Rebirth. As for the Major Cosmos Absolute Beings, only the five top most existences had not reappeared. It seemed that they were still evolving.

Everyone set their gaze on the five bubbles. The Five Regions Absolute Beings were the hope of all the Controllers. Only through their evolution would they stand a chance against the Void Beast Master and also the legendary Void Beast King.


Finally, the five bubbles cracked open. The Five Regions Absolute Beings evolved at the same time. When the auras on their bodies emerged, everyone who was present felt suppressed. Even their worlds could not operate smoothly.


“What a powerful authority!”

The Five Regions Absolute Beings were overjoyed. The worlds in their bodies had evolved to inconceivable heights. This was a qualitative transformation.

“Haha, indeed the Origin, indeed the Power of Rebirth. Our world is still riddled with imperfections. We now see those flaws but sadly, we didn’t do a good job when we consolidated the world’s natural order. So, our achievement is limited…”

The East Region Absolute Being said regrettably.

Distinct from the rest of the Controllers, the Five Regions Absolute Beings did not merely grow more powerful. Most importantly, they saw the reality of their worlds and understood its flaws which prevented it from being perfect.

However, finding out the truth was inconsequential. The moment they consolidated the world’s natural order, their fates had been determined. They would not be able to rectify their worlds to reach perfection.

Nevertheless, with the help of the Power of Rebirth, their current abilities were no longer inferior to any of the Void Beast Masters. They had received the ultimate power!

“Quick, while the Void Beasts are yet to give birth to a King Beast, we must initiate an attack and kill all the Void Beasts. We might stand a chance.”

The North Region Absolute Being said in a deep voice.

The one with the strongest and most authoritative aura, the Central Region Absolute Being, Tyron, nodded his head. Looking at the countless powerful Controllers, he knew that this was the only way. As long as the Void Beasts had not given birth to a king, they had some hope. If a king was born, even the Five Regions Absolute Beings could not compete against it.

“Let’s go!”

Tyron no longer hesitated. He led all the Controllers away from the bubbles and flew swiftly toward the Power of Destruction.

Along the way, they encountered many Void Beasts. Currently, the ordinary Void Beasts were unable to withstand a single hit from the Five Regions Absolute Beings. As soon as their worlds shroud around the Void Beasts, the Void Beasts were easily crushed.

Currently, all the Controllers and Free Beings led by Tyron were almost invincible. None of the Void Beasts could stand in their way.

Such a feat was practically unheard of. Before they received the Power of Rebirth, faced against an ordinary Void Beast, even the Five Regions Absolute Beings could only chase it away but could not kill it.

Now, as long as the Five Regions Absolute Beings called upon their worlds, they were able to crush the Void Beasts easily. This was a complete annihilation!

In the crowd, Merlin did not reveal anything. However, he could sense that his body was growing more powerful each second. His world had expanded to an unimaginable threshold.

Moreover, with every Void Beast killed, a small wisp of the Power of Destruction was released from its body. Although these were only small wisps of the Root of Destruction, they were still considerably frightening.

Unfortunately, these wisps of the Root of Destruction were completely snuffed out by the Five Regions Absolute Beings, so Merlin did not have the chance to absorb them. The reason Merlin stayed with the crowd was that even he did not know the extent of his abilities.

Previously, Merlin was only comparable to a Medium Cosmos Absolute Being. It was only because he was able to accommodate over four thousand Controllers and Free Beings that allowed him to become on par with a Major Cosmos Absolute Being. At the moment, Merlin could vaguely sense that his abilities had strengthened several folds or several dozen folds. Simultaneously, the Powers of Destruction and Rebirth seemed to possess an unfathomable edge.

Both types of power were also growing stronger with each passing moment. Now that they were approaching the Root of Destruction, the Power of Destruction in Merlin’s body was becoming more powerful.

Finally, after flying for a very long time, they saw many Void Beasts gathered in front of them. These Void Beasts were surprisingly stationary. There were very few ordinary Void Beasts. Instead, there were many vicious Void Beast Masters.

The number of Void Beast Masters was about a dozen. Each of them was surrounded by many ordinary Void Beasts. They appeared to have each taken up a territory, confronting one another and were eyeing the Destructive Cloud in the air with similarly greedy looks.

That cloud was not just a cloud. The fluctuation emanated by the cloud was sufficient to send chills down the Five Regions Absolute Beings’ backs.

“The Root of Destruction?”

Tyron’s heart sank. The Void Beasts had discovered the Root of Destruction. It was only because these ten or so Void Beasts were competing against each other that none of them had dared to devour the Root of Destruction.

However, once they launched a massacre and one of the Void Beast Masters devoured the Root of Destruction, it would grow rapidly beyond an ordinary Void Beast Master and become the feared Void Beast King!

“There’s a total of eighteen Void Beast Masters. Everyone, they greatly outnumber us but this is our only hope of survival – stop these Void Beast Masters!”

Tyron took a deep breath. He regarded the Void Beasts with a cruel gaze. This was their final battle. They must not allow a Void Beast King to be born. Otherwise, everyone would perish and the entire world would be destroyed.


The Five Regions Absolute Beings’ worlds descended in an instant. A litany of various powers of the natural order was intermingled. Then, like a huge net, it wrapped around all the Void Beasts.

The battle of life and death had begun. No one could stand aside. Even Merlin would have to fight to the end!

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