A Wizard's Secret

Chapter 25 - True Identity

Chapter 25: True Identity

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A fireball emitting a scorching heat that was floating around Merlin. Deterred by the fireball, Gia did not dare to move. She only looked at Merlin silently.

Merlin nodded in satisfaction and said with a low pitch, “When I ask a question, you answer.”

“Merlin, we are not enemy. You are Mr. Etha’s disciple. You…”

Even before Gia finished her sentences, Merlin waved his hands again. A fireball dived right towards Gia who was still lying on the ground. She was shocked and quickly shook her dagger, trying to block this fireball.


Although the fireball was only the size of a fist, its temperature was enough to melt iron. Thus, once Gia’s dagger met the fireball, it immediately melted into liquid iron.

Meanwhile, the small fireball went forward, brushed by Gia’s arm and hit the wall.

Gia’s sleeve was directly burnt off, becoming torn pieces of debris. A black mark was also burnt on her white and delicate arm by that horrifying heat. An odor of grilled meat even filled the wooden house.

The excruciating pain made Gia break into a sweat. A tinge of fear was mixed in her gaze at Merlin.

“Now you should understand. When I ask a question, you answer.”

Gia gritted her teeth and nodded. She did not dare to utter a single word more.

“What is your relationship with Teacher Etha?”

Merlin began the questioning.

Gia lightly pulled her body to lean on the wall. She answered, “Mr. Etha is my boss. I work under Mr. Etha. We are sent here by the Kingdom of Blackmoon.”

Merlin finally understood. It turned out Gia and old man Etha were the people sent by the Kingdom of Blackmoon to the Kingdom of Light to fish for information. No wonder Gutt could not attain Gia’s background at all.

“Teacher Etha is found by the church. Why aren’t you found as well?”

“We almost never see each other. We have always exchanged information with codes. Mr. Etha is found because he is a Spell Caster. Mr. Etha made a trip to Grand City and was accidentally found out by the church. No matter what identity he holds, a Spell Caster will be eradicated by the church.”

“If so, the church did not realize Teacher Etha was sent here by the Kingdom of Blackmoon? It’s simply because his identity as a Spell Caster was found out?”

“It should be this way. Or else, with the church’s capabilities, I would have been taken away by them a long time ago.”

Merlin stared right at Gia. From her response, Merlin did not find anything illogical, so her response should be true.

Merlin was clear that heretic was not tolerated in the Kingdom of Light. Old man Etha was also hunted down by the Wizard in Inquisitor because his identity as Spell Caster was found out.

Perhaps, even the church had not realized his true identity. Except as a Spell Caster, he was also a member of the secret intelligence unit sent by the Kingdom of Blackmoon.

The atmosphere became heavy. Merlin’s silence had caused great unrest in Gia’s heart. She knew the man before her was thinking how he should deal with her.

“Other than you, does anybody else know about Teacher Etha’s identity?”

Merlin thought about it for quite a while. His tone had become stern. If someone still knew about old man Etha’s identity, then the person might use this fact against him. Merlin did not want to get involved in the matters between the Kingdom of Blackmoon and the Kingdom of Light.

So, once there was someone who still knew about old man Etha’s identity around, then Gia could not be left alive.

Seemingly realized Merlin’s intention, Gia appeared rather flustered. She quickly said, “Except for me, no one else knows about Mr. Etha’s identity. Merlin, I am still of use to you. Even though you have become an honorable Spell Caster, but in the Kingdom of Light, you are seen as a heretic. You still bear the risk of being found out by the Church of Light anytime. With me, at least I can scout for information for you. Until you decided to leave the Kingdom of Light, I can help you to…”

Gia’s pitiful figure and her beautiful face truly hit a soft spot in people’s heart.

“Get up.”

Finally, Merlin spoke slowly. The fireball before him also gradually dissipated, turning into a wisp of smoke.


Gia who leaned against the wall finally sighed in relief. She took a large mouthful of breaths as she wiped the cold sweat on her forehead. Holding her injured arm, she stood up in jittery.

She stood up, but she did not leave immediately. Instead, she began to take off her clothes. First, she took off the black cloak, revealing a thick, white fur coat.

Without the cover-up of the black cloak, Gia’s prideful shape then showed itself. Only that she seemed pale and covered with sweat now. It appeared that her arm was badly injured. This made her beauty seemed less attractive at this moment.

“Please, take care of this for me.”

Gia pointed to the clothes she had thrown to the floor. There were some blood stains on the black cloak. Wearing that out would alert others without fail.

Merlin simply raised his right hand and a fireball flew off instantaneously. It fell on the floor and burnt the clothes in a blink of an eye. Soon, the clothes on the floor had turned to ashes.

“I will leave first. The people from City Defense Troop will come around here sometimes. It’s not safe here.”

After saying that, Gia pressed her injured arm lightly and dashed out of the house.

Merlin looked at Gia as her figure disappeared out of his sight rapidly. Then, he moved around in old man Etha’s small house. Almost everything in the house had been moved away. Only the empty room was left about.

Seeing that there was nothing more of value left in the house, Merlin was prepared to leave. After all, staying long hours in this place was definitely unsafe, regardless of whether there were people of City Defense Troop poking around.


A beautiful figure went to the streets for a few rounds before pausing. It was Gia who had just left the small house.

Gia bit her lips as her arm was still bleeding. The clothes tied around her arm had almost turned red. She turned around to look at the direction of old man Etha’s wooden house and groaned. She cursed in a soft voice, “Idiot!”

After that, Gia seemed to have touched her injury again, causing her unimaginable pain. She could only lean against the wall and slowly moved towards one of the courtyards in front.

The courtyard had a high fence built around it. There was a classic-styled penthouse inside. The environment was comfortable, but the garden was empty. Not a single human could be seen.

Gia held her arm as she entered the garden totteringly. At this moment, the clothes could no longer stop the bleeding wound. Drops of blood dripped onto the ground. It was a ghastly sight to behold.

“Master Rolin!”

Gia came to the small house, but she did not knock. Instead, she called out softly with respect.

“Gia, are you hurt? What happened?”

A husky voice came from within the house. It came with a tone of shock.

“Master Rolin, when I went to Mr. Etha’s house, I saw Wilson Merlin. I can’t believe Mr. Etha actually took Wilson Merlin as his true disciple. He is now a Spell Caster. I was hurt by him.”

Gia explained the incident briefly.

The person in the house said slowly after a long pause, “These Spell Casters are always reckless and unscrupulous. They don’t think for the Kingdom at all. Old Etha even went to Grand City without warrant for a casting tool. In the end, he is found out by the Church of Light… Hmph. Thank goodness he is dead now. He didn’t give away us. Or else, our effort in these few years are all in vain!”

‘Master Rolin’ in the house seemed to be resentful against Spell Casters, especially old man Etha. Gia did not dare to discuss such a matter much. No matter if it was Spell Caster like old man Etha or ‘Master Rolin’ in there, their status was still far above her.

After ‘Master Rolin’ ranted about his dissatisfaction with old man Etha, he asked in a heavy tone, “This Merlin. Does he know about us?”

Gia’s expression changed slightly and quickly explained, “Master Rolin, Mr. Etha seemed to only teach Merlin about the knowledge of Spell Caster. He did not talk about us to Merlin. Otherwise, I am afraid I won’t be coming back today.”

“This Merlin is a hidden danger after all. We must not give ourselves away. So, we must eliminate Merlin! Gia, since he has let you go, then he should be less cautious about you. You must find a way to bring him here. Hmph. At that time, I will eliminate him myself.”

‘Master Rolin’ was full of killing intent.

“Master Rolin, this Merlin has already become a Spell Caster. I am afraid it’s not easy to kill him.”

Gia said, a little worried.

“No need to worry. He has just become a Spell Caster. Since I am doing it by surprise, killing him is a piece of cake! With his guard off, these Spell Casters are nothing different than Normies…”

Master Rolin said without a doubt. Gia could only nod, but her expression was a little dark.

“Gia, it has been almost a year since you are sent to the Kingdom of Light. I will ask for your return to the higher-ups.”

Although spoken softly, Gia had heard the words. Her dark expression immediately showed a hint of happiness. Her pale face due to blood-loss seemed to recover a little due to her excitement.

“Thank you, Master Rolin!”

Upon saying that, Gia left the place quickly.


In the Wilson Castle, Merlin returned to his room and took off the scarf lightly. Blood stains could be seen on the scarf.

Merlin stood in front of the mirror and looked at the injury on his neck. The cut had already formed a scab and the bleeding had stopped. The cut was not long. It only looked like a cut caused by the branches.

Cuts like this would heal completely in two days. Not even a scar would be left.

Merlin threw the blood-stained scarf into a bowl and threw a fireball into the bowl. Then, the scarf slowly burnt into ashes in the scorching fire.

Following that, Merlin opened his window for ventilation. Until the strange odor caused by the burning scarf had disappeared, he opened the door and went downstairs.

The butler was still directing the servants in the castle to cut down a huge tree in the yard and move it out of the castle.

The tree had collected a thick amount of snow on its branches. Due to the howling wind yesterday, the tree had been uprooted by it, now lying on the ground.

Merlin squinted his eyes to see the servants busy running about in sweat. Suddenly, he could hear a series of sound made by horse hooves outside of the castle. Moss’ carriage that was sent to pick Macy up had returned.

Merlin quickly stood up. The reason he was here was to wait for Macy’s return.

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