A Wizard's Secret

Chapter 26 - Whisper

Chapter 26: Whisper

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Macy entered from the door. Her face was red from the cold. After she brushed off the snow on her, she quickly came near the fireplace and kept rubbing her hands to keep warm.

“Macy, you returned so early today.”

Merlin also came in front of the fireplace as he said casually.

Macy took a glance of Merlin in surprise and said softly, “Swordsman Pero said it was too cold. He let us return early for these few days.”

Merlin nodded but did not say anything more. He sat in front of the fireplace, seemingly keeping warm. In fact, he was observing the Fire Element within Macy.

Since Merlin had constructed the Spell Model of the Fireball in his Awareness now, he had become more sensitive toward Fire Element. He could clearly feel that the Fire Element around them was entering Macy’s body in small amounts at one time.

This was the unique part of Macy’s affinity to the Fire Element. It could attract Fire Element into the body. If the Fire Element was accumulated to a certain extent, Macy would be able to control the Fire Element in her body and triggered the burst of strong power of the Fire Element.

However, Merlin noticed that even if there were a lot of Fire Element entering Macy’s body from outside, a lot of Fire Element were also leaving Macy’s body at the same time.

That was to say, in this situation, Macy could not trap the Fire Element that entered her body at all. This was the largest difference between an Elemental Swordsman and a Spell Caster.

Once a Spell Model was constructed, a Spell Caster’s Spell Model would be able to absorb the Elements around him by force. The Elements could be trapped in the Spell Model and became the Magic Power of Spell Caster. The Elements would not be lost in this case.

Meanwhile, Elemental Swordsmen could not trap the Elements by force. They could only collect more Elements by relying on their unique physical attributes to absorb the Elements. The difference between the two was obvious. The difference was too large and could not be discussed on the same level.

Merlin wanted to see if he could help Macy to overcome the barrier to become true Elemental Swordsman! However, after careful observation, he found that when he stood beside Macy, the Spell Model would, in turn, forcefully absorb the Fire Element around them. Even the Fire Element in Macy’s body was forcefully absorbed into the Spell Model.

Therefore, Merlin could not help Macy at all. He would get in the way of Macy trying to collect Fire Element.

There was nothing Merlin could do in this situation. Instead, he shook his head and stood up. “Macy, since it’s so cold, you should rest early.”

After that, he went upstairs and returned to his room.


Sitting in Moss’s carriage, Merlin was meditating with his eyes closed.

After cultivating for a few days, his Mind Power had an obvious enhancement. However, it still forced for him to construct the second Spell Model in his Awareness.

“Young Master Merlin, we are here.”

The carriage came to a pause. Moss pushed back the curtain and said.

Mind Meditation Method could be cultivated anytime and anywhere. He could also wake up from it anytime and anywhere. He did not particularly need a quiet room to cultivate it. Thus, upon hearing Moss’s words, Merlin opened his eyes and jumped off the carriage.

Merlin was going to his etiquette class today. He found that there was not much meaning to practicing Fireball more in the castle anymore. He could already control the fireballs with precise Mind Power now, so he did not need long-hour practices anymore.

Merlin walked straight to class. He saw Gutt and Anson on the second floor, but they seemed to have not noticed Merlin. They were staring at the faraway Tirath.

Tirath was holding many invitation cards in his hands as he handed to the people who came to the etiquette class.

Merlin approached the two and patter Gutt’s shoulder. He asked softly, “What is Tirath doing?”

Gutt jumped in surprise. He only relaxed after seeing it was Merlin. He curled his lips. “What more? Today’s Tirath’s birthday. He is going around to invite people to attend his birthday ball.”

“Birthday ball?”

Merlin was not interested in this at all. Moreover, with his relationship with Tirath, the latter would never invite him.

“Hey. Merlin, you may not know about this. The good part always comes last. Tirath came here today to specially invite Teacher Gia.”

Gutt sneered. As soon as he finished his words, Gia came down from upstairs.

Merlin squinted his eyes slightly. Gia was not lightly injured yesterday, so her face still appeared slightly pale. However, the red mark caused by Merlin on her forehead had now disappeared. He did not know what medicine Gia had used that could heal her wound that quickly.

After Tirath saw Gia, he quickly approached her. With proper noble’s etiquette, he handed the invitation to Gia with both hands respectfully. He said with smiles, “Teacher Gia, today is my birthday. I have organized a birthday ball and I hope you will attend the event!”

“Your ball?”

Gia raised her head and took a glance at Tirath. Following that, her expression became cold and stiff as she said. “Apologies. I have some business to attend to today. I’m afraid I can’t attend the event.”

After that, without caring about Tirath’s shocked expression, she headed straight towards Merlin.

“Merlin, come with me. It’s something important. About you.”

Gia came close to Merlin’s ear and whispered to him.

Merlin’s expression changed but quickly recovered. He saw the people around him were full of shock. Gia’s ‘whispering’ to him and her coldness towards Tirath had caused a distinct comparison. It had obviously caused some misunderstandings amongst the crowd.

“Let’s go.”

Merlin had a calm expression. After that, he followed Gia and left the building.

Tirath glared at the backs of Merlin and Gia as they disappeared from his line of sight. He stayed rooted at the same place for a long time, with his face livid. The invitation card in his hands had also fallen to the floor. He had not thought that Merlin had gotten hooked up with Gia silently just like that.

“Haha. Sad Tirath. What a surprise. Little did I expect Merlin to hook up with Gia just like that. Look at them. Something must be going on between them!”

Fatty Gutt snickered, but he also seemed a little confused. So, he asked Anson, “Anson, do you know when Merlin and Gia got together?”

Anson’s expression kept changing. After a while, he heaved a long sigh and shook his head. He said, “I don’t know. How many times have Merlin come here in total?”

Anson felt complicated. After all, he could not forget about Gia as soon as he met her. Now that Merlin had become so close to Gia, it was hard for him to accept this.

Merlin was right behind Gia. They came directly to the wide yard. The view here was great. They could see if there was anyone around in just one glance. They would not have to worry about people listening in on their conversation here.

“Gia, say it. What’s the matter?”

Merlin gradually halted his footsteps and asked calmly.

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