Abe the Wizard

Chapter 1394 - Snatched

Chapter 1394 Snatched

“Scan the wizard union headquarter!” Abel lowered his voice as he stood in the invisible Firetooth.

“Yes headmaster!” The commander spirit then sent out strange energy and reached towards the wizard union headquarters.

It was a rare opportunity. Since the defense of the wizard union headquarter was fully opened, the commander spirit could easily scan its internal system, and soon Abel got a detailed map.

Under his power of the will, all the secret chambers of the wizard union were exposed.

There were many rooms on the ground, and their facilities were all well equipped.

But the true secret was still hidden underground. Although Abel had been there to retrieve the god of war’s blood, there were still magic circles interfering with his senses.

Abel was not planning to go after the wizard union’s inventory or kill the wizards. Those things were way too insignificant.

His target was something the wizard union could not recover from, and his power of the will soon focused on a room with a spirit.

As far as he knew, that was where the wizard union investigation department was located.

He used to be close with Wizard Clemens, and that should be the infamous information analysis spirit of the investigation department.

Abel also had an information analysis spirit back in the holy continent, and its potential was extremely powerful. He sent out a soul command to god rank no.2, and god rank no.2 speeded down. Since there were hundreds of officers locked up in the investigation meeting room, and they were forced to the ground by the god rank force, the walls were violently broken through by god rank no.2’s impact.

He gazed around and focused on another wall. As he stepped forward, he noticed countless magic patterns on it for strengthening.

But still, the ‘Regret’ rune word on god rank no.2’s hand shattered it at an instant, and a half meters tall golden spirit was exposed.

The wizard union had been cultivating this thing for thousands of years, and the information it accumulated was scary. But without its defense, a spirit could not stop the hand of a god rank, even if it had all the knowledge in the world.

God rank no.2 grabbed the spirit and took out a crystal box. After he put a few top-rank mana gems in the box, he carefully placed the analysis spirit in as well.

As he closed the box, the analysis gave out its last spark, and it was separated from the world.


God rank no.2 placed the box back in his portal bag without giving the officers a single look. But just when he was about to leave, he paused. Abel was monitoring the surroundings through the consciousness of god rank no.2, and he suddenly noticed the information on the desk. They were all about him. He immediately realized who those wizards in the room were, investigation officers. “Kill them!” Abel lowered his voice.

Afterward, a holy freeze aura sparked, and every wizard in the room turned into ice crystals.

Since the holy freeze was enchanted by the world, it was totally unnecessary to use in a

Every heartbeat stopped. Those officers have spent night and day coming up with their master plan on Abel, yet they were all killed before they could even react.

As for those documents about Abel, they were turned into ashes through the holy freeze.

Abel didn’t want to kill innocent wizards, but those officers were not innocent.

At the same time, god rank no.3 and no.4 also speeded into the headmaster without hesitation and entered the underground passage. The wizard spirit was trying its best to stop them through magic circles, but it was futile.

With their charge and spirit shield, they could blast open any magic circle.

Since god rank no.2 only dwelled in the meeting room for 10 seconds at most, he soon caught up to god rank no.3 and no.4

Abel wanted to pinpoint the location of the wizard spirit, but it was very hidden, so it seemed like he had to flip the entire wizard union headquarters over to find it.

But he couldn’t stay too long, and if he caused too much damage, the wizard union might really go crazy and go after the dragons or his family.

As far as he knew, the wizard union still had some more god rank wizards to summon besides those 10 god rank wizards.

Not to mention, the most powerful President of the wizard union still had not shown himself.

As the 3 god rank summons kept charging, they arrived at a floor that Abel was familiar with. It was where they kept the gods locked up.

He sensed a half god wizard being bound up, and he was looking at his summons with fury.

But his summons did not care as they stepped into a stone chamber.

There were countless patterns on the walls with energy running through. The energy of the gods’ bodies.

Their bodies were the reason why the headquarters energy shield could withstand so many strikes from the mana cannon.

God rank no.2 pushed open a stone door and in mid air was the naked body of a 4 meters god wrapped into god locking chains with its eyes shut.

Abel controlled god rank no.2 to step forward and gently tapped on the god locking chain. Soon, it retracted, and the god’s body was separated from the stone wall. For a normal person with no knowledge of ancient objects would have no idea what to do, but the wizard union had given Abel a god locking chain as a gift for risking his life, and he spent some time mastering how to use it.

God rank no.2 put away the body of the god and stepped out of the chamber.

God rank no.3 was also doing the same, and he arrived at a stone chamber with a 4 meters tall naked goddess.

As for god rank no.4, the chamber he stepped in was where the god of war was originally held. Since its body was gone, the chamber was empty.

The 5th chamber held a 5 meters tall dwarf, and Abel immediately knew who that god was. It was the god of the mountain. He knew because Doff merged with his kingdom.

But he just never expected to see its original owner in its true glory.

Just think about it. This god of the mountain had accumulated 20 million dwarves in its kingdom, so you could just imagine how great he must be.

Still, it was finally captured by the wizard union and sent into eternal slumber in this stone chamber.

God rank no.2 stepped up again without hesitation and repeated the process.

After 4 holy bodies were put away, Abel controlled god rank no.2 to head down to the next level.

Although the commander spirit was giving Abel a detailed map, there was just too much noise under ground.

God rank no.2 soon found a passage but the moment he stepped towards it. His intuition sensed a threat.

His soul no longer had any unnecessary thoughts since he was reborn, so its intuition was even more sensitive than before. “Step back!” Abel immediately commanded.

After all, he was already very happy with what he got, and it was enough to make the wizard union feel hurt.

He didn’t know how much more power the wizard union had in store, so it was best to not take the risk.

God rank no.2 – no.4 quickly flew up, penetrated the ceilings of the wizard union, and s[eede dip the sky.

Since they were dragging 4 holy bodies with them, they made a huge hole up above, and their energy filled the sky.

Since every wizard was still suppressed, no one noticed when they returned to Abel’s invisible Fire Tooth.

“Fire Tooth, fly at the highest altitude and ignite the speed mode!” Abel lowered his voice.

All he needed to do now was to head back to the golden castle as soon as possible. What he did was enough to shake heaven.

As the Fire Tooth began to sift its form above the sky, all of its engines were ignited, and it soon turned into a beam speeded away.

After Abel left, the wizards regained their mobility, and the 30 legendary wizards were screaming in agony. Their souls were so traumatized, they did not even use any potion.

“Don’t panic, immediately send out the police department to examine the damage!” Wizard Brennan called.

His voice traveled through the magic speaker and filled the sky.

Soon, the wizards began to settle, and the red cloak wizards began to examine the damage.

“Immediately call the Howling Castle’s wizard Smith. He should know where the other god rank wizards are!” Wizard Brennan then turned and said to the wizards beside him.

“Yes Mr Brennan!” A personal servant of Wizard Smith bowed.

As Wizard Brennan kept his command going, the wizards regained their order, and the half god wizard guarding the gods’ bodies flashed up.

He lowered his voice “Brennan, 4 holy bodies are stolen!”

“What?” Wizard Brennan immediately felt like the sky fell on him. He knew very well what those holy bodies do. Although their souls were very weak after the wizard union kept draining their energy.

They could still recover with a bit of faith, and if that happened, their hatred toward the wizard union could guarantee revenge.

“Report, 98 officers of the investigation department are frozen and the analysis spirit is stolen!” A red cloak wizard also appeared beside wizard Brennan with a bow.

Wizard Brennan almost fainted. The analysis spirit was the most powerful analysis spirit of the Central Continent, and it was responsible for running the sub continents.

Although the wizard union still had some physical records and documents, the time it took to rebuild a new spirit would be scary.

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