Abe the Wizard

Chapter 1395 - Afterwards

Chapter 1395 Afterwards

Wizard Smith quickly answered the call, but there was no longer any need for him to return since the attack had ended.

After all, the Holy Kingdom would destroy the Howling Castle as soon as he left.

Times have changed. Both sides were no longer cultivating their forces through the front line, so the Howling Castle would no longer be tolerated.

But of course, Wizard Smith did not ignore what happened because he knew where the other 9 god rank wizards went.

Meanwhile, the 9 god rank wizards kept waiting in a circle in Bernie’s yard. For being who retreated for countless years, waiting a bit wasn’t a problem at all.

They did not talk to each other. Instead, they were preparing to fight Abel at any moment. As long as they did a good job, the dragons couldn’t do anything to them.

Suddenly, Wizard Hardy charged into their circle frantically.

“What’s happening?” Wizard Hawthorn gazed at how nervous Wizard Hardy was and said in dissatisfaction.

“Mr, I just heard from Wizard Smith that the headquarters was attacked!” Wizard Hardy added with a shaky voice.

“Do you think that headquarters is more important than us capturing Headmaster Abel?” Wizard Hawthorn lowered his voice!”

“But the damage is huge!” Wizard Hardy continued.

He was the head of the investigation department, and he should be the first to know when something happened, but this mission had isolated him from the world.

Wizard Smith did not tell him exactly what kind of damage they took, but if he did tell him the investigation department’s analysis spirit was gone, he would be times more anxious. “Let’s go back to have a look!” Wizard McPhee added.

It was only noon, so they still had time to return.

“Should we all go?’ Wizard Mosley asked.

“Yeah!” Wizard Coleridge directly replied.

If the 9 of them were separated and Abel arrived, the ones who ended up dead might be them.

The 9 god rank flashed and disappeared from the Furnace fort through their teleportation circle.

As soon as they appeared, a busy scene emerged in front of them.

Dead bodies were being carried out of the investigation department meeting room, and the place was covered in ice which made it very hard to deal with.

They might break apart even with a gentle touch, so they had to carry them out along with all the ice crystals around them. Wizard Brennan watched helplessly. “Who attacked us?” Wizard Hawthorn lowered his face and asked.

He was the one gathering all the god rank wizards for that Abel assassination mission. Although no one would blame a god rank wizard, he knew many would hate him to the bone because of it.

“3 god rank knights!” Wizard Brennan replied.

“What? There is no way Evil Kingdom knights can go through the defence wall without it noticing!” Wizard Hawthorn mumbled suspiciously.

It was what the defense wall was for. Although the Holy Kingdom could force its way through with large amounts of holy power, it would still be noticed by the wall’s detection.

This was how the wizard union could do their best reaction every time.

Especially since their target was the Wizard Union headquarter.

“I’ve checked with the defence wall, they did not have any record of god rank holy knights going through with dimension force!” Wizard Brennan shook his head. “Did they just come out of thin air?” Wizard Hawthorn grunted.

He scanned those dead bodies with his power of the will. They indeed were the result of a holy freeze.

Only a god rank holy knight could have done this, and the damage to those bodies has already been done. As soon as the ice melted or broke, the body inside would follow.

“Mr, but something is strange about this!” Wizard Brennan looked around in hesitation before lowering his voice.

“Then let’s head to the meeting room and tell me everything in detail!” Wizard Hawthorn knew what Wizard Brennan was suggesting, so he replied.

As the god rank wizards arrived in the meeting room, they turned to Wizard Brennan again.

“The 3 god rank knights who attacked are very strange. They could easily kill every wizard in the union yet they only killed the 98 officers from the investigation department, stole the analysis spirit and the 4 holy bodies underground!” Wizard Brennan replied.

“The holy bodies are stolen!” The god rank wizards were stunned.

Unlike wizard Brennan who cared more about the operation of the wizard union, the holy bodies were nothing compared to the analysis spirit.

But this was not the case for the god ranks. They knew exactly how strong each one of those gods was. Chaos in the continents would break out even if a single one escaped.

“So you are saying the only one dead are the officers and everyone else is fine?” Wizard Hawthorn caught the main point and asked.

“Yes, even the legendary wizards patrolling the sky are only injured by the god rank pressure and their collision to the ground!” Wizard Brennan replied.

Fury burned in the eyes of Wizard Hawthorn. The other wizards might not know what those officers were doing in the meeting room, but he knew very well.

They were gathered to organize his operation to capture Abel, and he personally ordered them to stay in the room to avoid an information leak.

If the Holy kingdom really was the one who attacked, there was no way they would only kill those useless officers but not the legendary and half god wizards.

The whole thing did not seem like an act of planned revenge or warning.

“Call Hardy back!” Wizard Hawthorn lowered his voice.

He did not sound good because he almost immediately knew who the one attacked was.

Although he couldn’t understand how Abel could imitate the attack of a god rank Holy knight, it wasn’t impossible to fool wizards below the god rank.

“We are not continuing with our plan?” Wizard Mosley asked in confusion.

“Can’t you see who’s the one who did this?” Wizard Hawthorn lowered his voice.

There were no stupid god ranks. Even Wizard Brennan have suspected who it was. After all, who else had 3 god rank forces to move around so freely beside the Holy kingdom?

Headmaster Abel.

But it was just unbelievable. Headmaster Abel was basically pushing for a war with the wizard union by doing so. “Good move!” Wizard McPhee sighed. He then continued,” it really does seems like his style to attack when we are out looking for him!”

After hearing this Wizard Brennan immediately knew why Abel would do something like this.

There was no way the Abel he knew would take such a risk for no reason.

He looked through Abel’s documents, and he knew how seriously Abel took his revenge. If Abel could strike immediately, he would not miss the chance to do so. Even if Abel couldn’t, he would do so eventually.

This was why almost all of Abel’s enemies.

This was exactly the situation the wizard union found themselves in, but what could happen next? No one knows. “Make sure Hardy doesn’t kill Bernie!” Wizard McPhee suddenly yelled as he also thought of what Wizard Brennan was thinking.

If they really killed Bernie, the situation would be even worse.

The wizard union didn’t have any concrete evidence that they were attacked by Abel, so accusing him would mean a direct war with the dragons.

If the wizard union really had the will to take down the dragons, there was no need for them to come up with an assassination plan on Abel. They could just directly start a war!”

“Mr, I am back!” Wizard Hardy returned from the Furnace fort, and his face was not looking good.

He knew it was Abel’s doing as soon as he realized what had happened.

The loss his investigation department took was huge. Without the analysis spirit and the entire world of information in its database, his men would need to search through the original documents every time they wanted to know something.

If they wanted to cultivate a new spirit, that would take at least tens of years, and it still would not be perfect.

Wizard Hardy just got promoted as the head of the investigation department, and so much of what happened had to do with him. “You didn’t kill Bernie right?” Wizard McPhee quickly asked.

“No, Mr, I will not make a move without your command.

As soon as he got the order to return, he put away all the magic circles and set up a self destruct circle on the teleportation circle before he returned.

As an experienced member of the Investigation Department, he wouldn’t leave a single trace behind.

“Kill that spy you put in the dwarf and cut off all connections!” Wizard Hawthorn said coldly.

“On your command!” Wizard Hardy felt his heart sink. This meant they would need to stop all their operations on the dwarfs.

Although Abel most likely already knew the wizard union was after him, they still couldn’t leave any trace behind– just like how Abel pretended to be a holy knight.

Both sides had no concrete evidence, so it couldn’t trigger a war between the dragons and the wizard union, but everyone involved knew the truth.

As for Bernie, the information he had was limited. Since Wizard Hardy did not disclose his identity, all they needed was to kill Wizard Jallel.

“Let’s stop our operation on headmaster Abel for now!” WIzard Hawthorn continued.

Since Abel did not totally destroy the wizard union, it seems like he, too, didn’t want to take things too far. Therefore, the wizard union had to suck it up and admit their loss.

They were the ones who made a move and failed. Were they really going to start a war with the dragons?

They really couldn’t say.

There was only one person who could make such a decision, and that was their president.

Without their President getting involved, they might not even guarantee a victory with Abel on their side.

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