Abe the Wizard

Chapter 1398 - Discussion

Chapter 1398 Discussion

Abel couldn’t help but sigh. It seems like people are not as stupid as he thought. After all, no powerful figure is ordinary.

If their minds were really that simple, there was no way they could survive that long.

Just look at Abel, his level up was smooth, but he still had to tremble on countless corpses and beat countless challenges.

“The goddess of moon, I have a list of all the spies in the elves who work for the investigation department!” He smiled and transferred a parchment through the spirit connection circle.

“Headmaster Abel, I might not care too much in the past, but this list will be very important considering the current situation, so I’ll take it!” The goddess of the moon also smiled.

As the goddess of the elves, she didn’t want to force every elf to act too faithful and make the wizard union pay more attention to her. In the past, she didn’t care about spies in the elves because she knew the wizard union would add more as soon as she got rid of them, but things have changed. Considering how many god rank wizards there were, it was very possible that the wizard union could get rid of all of the gods before their ultimate war with the Holy kingdom.

Therefore, that list could help her keep an eye on those spies and help her react faster.

“The goddess of moon, there is something I want to ask you!” Abel hesitated and asked.

“Please do. I will help you as long as it is in my ability!” The goddess of the moon smiled.

“In the era of gods, is there a way to destroy the soul within a holy body?” Abel lowered his voice.

The goddess of the moon paused. She was not expecting Abel to ask something like this at all.

“Headmaster Abel, if you got rid of the soul in a holy body, the holy body would start to fall apart and after an hour the godhead would escape!” The goddess of the moon thought for a moment and said.

She did not explain how to get rid of the soul, but her words still made Abel wonder ed “did the goddess of moon have a way of getting rid of the soul of a god?”

“The goddess of moon, can you teach me how to get rid of the soul of a god?” Abel asked again.

“Headmaster Abel, do you know why the era of god ended?” the goddess of moon said lightly with a bit of sorrow.

“Because of the wizard union?” Abel replied.

“That’s one aspect, but during the peak of the gods’ power, the wizard union was weak and wizards were constantly being hunted by gods.

Still, the gods were content, and they went after one another for gains. Finally, half of the gods were killed by other gods, and they grew weak while the wizard union gathered their power!” The goddess of moon smirked.

“Them gods lived for too long, even the world could not hold them!” Abel nodded.

“Although you could not keep the godhead without the soul of a god, the era of god has, the holy body would give out large amounts of pure usable faith during their process of disintegration. Thus the era of god has invented a way to destroy the soul.

“Do you know how to do it?’ Abel asked again.

“Yes, but I’m afraid it will be useless since there are only a few gods in this world and none of them would leave their kingdom!” The goddess of moon chuckled.

Afterward, she handed a book to Abel through the spirit connection circle without asking anything in return. “I don’t know who’s holy body you captured, but it’s best to not let their soul resurrect. The gods captured by the wizard union are unlike us, they are all extremely powerful. You can’t control them!” The goddess of the moon added.

Abel bowed, and the spirit connection circle ended with a spark, leaving the book in front of him.

He picked up, and the research spirit sounded.

“Master, headmaster Eugene and Wizard smith wants to meet!”

“Give them the teleportation permit. I’ll wait for them in the hall!” Abel answered and flashed to the hall with his god rank summons.

Soon, Headmaster Eugene and wizard Smith appeared and the puppets brought on the juice.

Wizard Smith gazed at Abel’s summon and felt his eyes tense up because he did not see thief god Milton. “Headmaster Abel is Thief God Milton around?” He forcefully smiled.

“Wizard Smith, I’ve ordered him on a mission so he is not around!” Abel smiled.

“Headmaster Abel, Wizard Smith is here to talk about the potion supplies. If possible, feel free to raise any demand!” Headmaster Eugene gazed and said.

“Wizard Smith, I am having a shortage of potion ingredients. If they recover, I will keep supplying the Izard union with potions!” Abel lowered his voice. He knew very well it was just an excuse. It was stupid for Wizard Smith to even ask, considering their current relationship.

“Headmaster Abel, there is some misunderstanding between you and the wizard union, so I hope we can make it up!” Wizard Smith said sincerely.

“I don’t think there is any misunderstanding!” Abel pretends he didn’t know.

Wizard Smith was helpless, he offered a lot of benefit to Headmaster Eugene for bringing him here, but it seems like his effort was trivial looking at Abel’s reaction.

“Headmaster Abel, the wizard union have made a mistake and we don’t want to start a war with the dragons. We have a common enemy and that’s the Evil Kingdom!” Wizard Smith suggested.

Even though Abel denied it, he knew for certain that Abel was the one who attacked the wizard union headquarters. But it was their miscalculation, and they had to move forward.

The one he worried about the most was Thief God Milton. Even god rank wizards had to keep their eyes out all the time to avoid Thief God Milton going after them, which would be detrimental to their training.

Their operation on Abel has backfired, so he had no choice but to resolve the situation.

Headmaster Eugene was also very clear minded as a dragon headmaster.

There are no friends or enemies that last forever. As long as you were powerful enough, you would have a say.

But since Abel was powerful enough to attack the wizard union, he would be the one having the say.

“I want the Holy Continent!” Abel paused for a moment and said.

He was not expecting much, so he said directly.

“That’s…” Wizard Smith began to think.

Subcontinents were not important. Due to their lack of resources, they couldn’t even cultivate wizards beyond the elite rank, which was why the subcontinent stood no chance against the central continent even though they made up most of the world.

In the eyes of the wizard union, giving Abel the Holy Continent was even less significant than giving Abel the Battlecry Plateau.

But he still hesitated so Abel wouldn’t become overly suspicious.

“Headmaster Abel, I can do that but you need to promise not to turn the wizard union into your enemy!” Wizard Smith replied after a moment.

“As long as the wizard union doesn’t do it first, I won’t!” Abel lowered his voice.

With his current status, his safety was guaranteed.

Especially with headmaster Eugene around to testify, he wouldn’t let Abel do anything too irrational.

“Ok, I will mark the Holy Continent as your territory once I go back!” Wizard Smith smiled.

“Deal!” Abel also smiled.

“So can you call back Thief god Milton now?” Wizard Smith gently asked again.

“Why do I have to call him back?” Abel said in confusion.

“Headmaster Abel, you said you won’t make the wizard union your enemy. It might cause some confusion if Thief God Milton is still around!” Wizard Smith quickly said.

“But he is doing some killing in the Evil Kingdome. Recently he just killed hundreds of Holy Knights and 2 preachers!” Abel said helplessly. All of a sudden, Wizard Smith felt like he misunderstood Abel.

If he knew Thief God Milton was not after them, he would have negotiated a bit harder.

But still, the time is late. He gave a long sighed, bowed, and left.

“Headmaster Abel, congratulations for getting the Holy Continent!” headmaster Eugene laughed after Wizard Smith left.

“Seems like my command did not even touch Wizard Smith’s bottom line!” Abel shook his head. As far as he could see, the wizard union didn’t care about the subcontinent at all.

“Just stay alert for now. The wizard union will be extra careful the next time they go after you!” Headmaster Eugene warned.

“I know, the wizard union is too chaotic, almost every god rank has their own say and 10 of them mean 10 different perspectives!” Abel nodded,

“Also don’t do anything big for now, the wizard union still has a lot more in store and it is also your prime time to build on your own strength!” Headmaster Eugene added again. “Ok, I’ll let Wizard Hawthorn and Wizard Hardy live for now. Considering how close hearted the wizard union is, it won’t be long until they go after me again!” Abel smirked.

If Wizard Smith came a little later, Wizard Hawthorn and Wizard Hardy might be dead already.

Headmaster Eugene couldn’t help but shake his head. Abel was too obsessed with revenge. If he was powerful enough to start a war, he would.

But still, this was not totally correct. Abel had always planned his revenge to make sure the wizard union could handle the loss. He never went all out, and this time was no different.

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