Abe the Wizard

Chapter 1397 - Report

Chapter 1397 Report

Since Bernie was ok, Abel finally felt his heart fully lifted when he returned to the Golden Castle.

He stepped out of the super teleportation circle and disappeared before reappearing in the underground operation room. It was where his 3 spirits were stored so they could work perfectly with each other.

“Magic circle spirit, research spirit, black spirit. I got a new friend for you!” Abel smiled.

He then took out the crystal box where he stored the wizard union’s analysis spirit, but he did not open it immediately. Instead, he commanded, “commander spirit, give me the highest authority on the analysis spirit!”

The commander’s spirit had the most powerful attack out of all his other spirits since it was from the ancient battles.

“Yes headmaster!” It sent out a message, and a strange energy traveled from his waist to the crystal box.

After 5 minutes, which was the longest this process had taken, the commander spirit replied, “headmaster, authority granted!”

“Good job!” Abel complemented the commander spirit, which made it oddly happy.

“Thank you headmaster!” It replied after a few seconds of delay. Abel then stepped up to open the crystal box, exposing the half meter tall golden spirit.

Abel couldn’t help but sigh. If the wizard union did not have so many resources and vast amounts of information to cultivate it, there was no way it could grow this big.

No wonder the commander’s spirit took 5 minutes to break its defense. After all, it normally only takes 10 seconds to break a normal spirit.

Considering how precious this spirit was, Abel couldn’t help but be more careful when he took it out.

He placed it on an empty spot and ignited its ability. Soon, energy rushed towards it, and it began to glow in gold. “Master, the analysis spirit Is on your command!” a robotic voice emerged from the room.

It was the normal reply a spirit gives when it restarts with a new owner.

“Analysis spirit, who are the main figures who organised the operation on Abel!” Abel lowered his voice.

“Master, the organiser is god rank Wizard Hawthorn, the one who came up with the plan is Wizard Hardy, and there are also 8 god rank wizards participating in the execution!” The analysis spirit flashed and quickly replied.

Abel was not planning to forget what had happened just yet. He just didn’t want to drag the entire wizard union into it, but he was not someone who showed mercy.

You could tell just by looking at how quickly he killed those 98 officers of the investigation department.

“Do you have a list of the wizard union’s spies in the dwarves?” Abel asked again. “Master, my database have the list of every spy in every organisation. Do you want to look at it?” The analysis spirit replied.

Afterward, a list appeared on a wall in the room.

The first name was wizard Jallel, and there were 14 more dwarves under him.

“Research spirit, send this list to wizard Fara!” Abel gazed and said.

“Yes master!” The research spirit sounded.

Since the research spirit did not lose any data, Abel had all the information of the world to this date on his hand, which was a huge gain.

He even got the most hidden secret of the wizard union.

“Analysis spirit, give me all the spies in the Barbarians!” Abel said again.

“Master, here!” The analysis spirit sounded, and another list appeared on the wall.

The most powerful of which was a mad warrior called Gerry, and below him were 3 more barbarians.

Compared to the dwarves, it seems like the wizard union didn’t care too much about the Barbarians.

“Can you give me some information about warrior Gerry?” Abel asked again.

“Information found, should I proceed?” The analysis spirit replied.


Afterward, the information on the walls began to change again, and the details of warrior Gerry appeared.

He was a Barbarian who lived in the Battlecry plateau since his teenage years, but just like many Barbarians, he always had a lack of resources and only ended up as a soldier.

Still, he kept his hopes up and kept bringing back whatever resources he had to his family until the day he got injured, and his body began to age. In that hopeless state, the wizard union sent him an invitation and promised him a smooth ride of power up with a boost of resources.

However, things changed again since Doff, the god of war, came to power with his kingdom, and warrior Gerry stopped reporting to the investigation department. The wizard union always wanted to get rid of him, but they just never found the way to get into the Battlecry plateau; thus, the operation was put aside.

A smile emerged on Abel’s face. The wizard union’s investigation department tried their best to lure the Barbarians, but they were still a faithful bunch.

Especially since they personally witness the power of Doff, the god of war. The rise of his kingdom was enough to guarantee a faithful heart.

Abel then looked through the information of those other 3 Barbarian spies, and they all had a killing order on them as well.

Abel thought for a moment and transferred those names to Doff.

Meanwhile, Warrior Gerry was praying beside the Barbarian temple. He was much more faithful than normal Barbarians since he was fuelled by regret. He felt like the only way to cleanse his sins was to pray from night to day. “Gerry, my frightened child. Everything that happened was in the past. Your soul is now pure, you are a free man!” A great voice sounded from his soul.

At the same time, Warrior ferry felt like he was washed over by the cleanest water.

His eyes began to tear up. His god has forgiven him. He is no longer a sinful man! He was saved!

After countless days of self torture, his face was filled with tears, and he wept on the ground like a little child.

As for the other 3 Barbarian spies, they were also going through the same thing.

Although Abel couldn’t see what they were going through, he could imagine it.

Those Barbarians were taken advantage of when they were weak and helpless, so they should be forgiven as long as they admitted their mistake.

“Analysis spirit, name me all the spies in the elves!” Abel then ordered.

“Yes master!”

Soon another list appeared on the wall, and he was stunned.

Big Druid Hucks? The brave druid who always charges in the front line? Abel knew Wizard Hucks very well, but he just never thought of him as a spy.

But as he kept looking, he became even more stunned. There was an elite druid named Gunther, one of his followers as Grandmaster Bennett.

He always treated Gunther very well, and he provided him with countless resources.

“Analysis spirit, show me the details of Druid Gunther!” Abel was in disbelief.

“Yes master!”

As soon as the details appeared, Abel knew there was no mistake. That druid Gunther was indeed his follower.

As he continued to look through the details, he felt a chill run down his spine. He always thought of Wizard Clemens as a friend, yet he ordered someone so close to spy on him.

Didn’t the goddess of the moon’s contract forbid every follower from disobeying their master?

As he kept looking, he realized Druid Gunther’s mission was to report his every move to the wizard union.

Most of it included trivial things, such as what Abel did from day to day, but Druid Gunther actually never reported any of Abel’s top secrets.

Abel let out a breath of relief. It seemed like druid Gunther still had a heart

He then took out a parchment and wrote down all the names on the wall. When he came to Druid Gunther’s name, he decided to skip it.

Seems like this world was much darker than he thought. It was sickening, so Abel decided to stop looking by that point. Meanwhile, Wizard Fara got a list in the Furnace Fort.

“Majesty, headmaster Abel just transferred me a list. Please have a look!” He bowed and said. “What list?’ King Dunba asked curiously as he took the list from Wizard Fara.



But he was immediately stunned when he glanced over. Those names were extremely painful to him. He had the urge to pin those dwarves down every time he saw them, but he just couldn’t afford to anger the wizard union.

But he suddenly thought of a problem, how did Headmaster Abel get this list?

Could it be…

Abel did not come to save Bernie. Instead the wizards retreated because the wizard union headquarters was attacked.

No need to explain. Abel was the one who did it and stole this list from the wizard union.

“Fara, make sure you maintain a good relationship with headmaster Abel. The dwarves will not pick a side, but we also can’t make headmaster Abel our enemy!” King Dunba put away the list and lowered his voice.

Yes, majesty!” Wizard Fara already knew what the list was, but it was not his decision to make, so he bowed.

As for the elves, the goddess of the moon’s spirit connection circle began to sparkle. When the goddess of the moon looked to see who was calling, a smile emerged on her face.

With a gentle wave, Abel’s monogram appeared before her.

“Headmaster Abel, did you attack the wizard union headquarters?” She asked directly, which made Abel a little shocked.

“The goddess of moon, how did you know?” Abel did not deny it. He was just curious how the goddess of the moon found out.

“The wizard union just can’t hide everything. If 3 god rank knights really attacked them, there was no way they wouldn’t strike back at the evil kingdom or strengthen the Defence Wall!” The goddess of the moon smiled.

The first person she thought of when she heard the news was Abel. If the holy kingdom could really attack the wizard union so easily, they would be the ruler long ago.

Moreover, Abel had at least 2 suspicious summons where they needed her scent hiding transformation necklace.

She suspected that Abel could resurrect god ranks as summons long ago, so it all made sense.

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