Abe the Wizard

Chapter 1406 - Banished Kingdom

Chapter 1406 Banished Kingdom

Translated by Jim

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All of a sudden, Abel was getting overwhelmed by how many requests were coming in.

But it was still only a few hundred followers, so he ignited his World Stone and Druid Soul to take care of the matter.

The old regained their youth, and the injured regained their health.

Those huntresses were not professionals, even though they spent their lives fighting.

Taking normal knights as an example: even the most powerful commander was only as powerful as an intermediate wizard, and an intermediate wizard could be killed by the most powerful wizards with just a thought.

Abel liked those huntresses because of their loyalty, and they were all faithful enough to directly enter his Kingdom.

At first Abel couldn’t understand how they remain so faithful even after thousands of years of being totally hopeless, but now he did. It was the Relic, the Hunting Bow.

He gazed at the bow. It was fully invisible now, and it had expanded to fit the Goddess of the Hunt’s five-meter-tall body.


After Abel answered all the requests from those faithful huntresses, he did not resurrect the other gods immediately.

Instead, he decided to go find the Goddess of the Hunt’s Kingdom and take over its operation. This way, the souls of those faithful followers would have a place to turn to once something happened.

It was what a god was supposed to do for their faithful followers. Even with the Natural Protection, Abel was worried about those weak huntresses living in such a dangerous forest.

“Fire Tooth, get ready!” Abel scanned the sky with his Power of the Will and ignited his Battle Fort.

He put his five God Rank Summons back in the Monster Ring and retracted his angel body. This time he didn’t know what kind of trouble he would run into, so he would need enough power.


Abel brought the Goddess of the Hunt out of Doff’s Kingdom in a flash of light, and arrived inside the Fire Tooth.

He soon found his destination in the Fire Tooth’s operation room. It was a three thousand meter long valley filled with trees called the Harvey Valley.

The environment around was very harsh, with large amounts of poisonous bugs and plants. It was basically impossible for normal hunters to enter.

Considering how fast the Fire Tooth was, Abel arrived in only an hour and connected with the Goddess of the Hunt through their souls to unleash her energy.

But as the Goddess of the Hunt’s energy expanded around them, Abel was soon disappointed.

If her Kingdom was indeed around, it would be attracted to her.

Both his Fire Tooth and the godhead’s markings should be correct, so something might have happened. After all, it had been thousands of years, and not all Kingdoms could sustain themselves with large numbers of followers like the Mountain God’s Kingdom had.

Abel didn’t know what the Goddess of the Hunt’s Kingdom was like, and nothing was documented in her soul.

But just when Abel was thinking of giving up, his World Stone noticed a tiny energy. It was so tiny, he knew he would have missed it without the World Stone.

“It’s there!” Abel felt his heart lift.

No matter what, a Kingdom was a Kingdom!

He didn’t know if he would cause a huge chaos in the Central Continent if he created another Kingdom.

The biggest problem right now was how he could enter the Kingdom. If it was possible, its energy should allow them entry.

If it was a Kingdom that even its owner could not enter, Abel also wouldn’t be able to.

Abel looked ahead, knowing the empty space in front of him was where the Kingdom was.

He summoned his five God Rank Summons, and they lined up next to him as he reached his Dark Gold Dimension Force out.

It had the thinness of a hair, and its ability to cut was more powerful than anything in this world.

Every space that it touched was sliced open, including the Kingdom’s dimensional wall.

No matter how powerful a Kingdom’s hiding ability was, a thing like his Force would be a nightmare.

Abel’s Power of the Will then wrapped around his Summons and the Goddess of the Hunt, with a Flash Move spell pattern prepared.

As the Dark Gold Dimension Force continued, a crack was opened in the barrier ahead

In that split second, Abel caught a glimpse of another dimension. With a wave, he and his Summons disappeared in a flash.

The special thing about Flash-Moving was that it could bring the spell caster to any place the Power of the Will touched, despite the barriers in between.

Just like that, Abel entered the other dimension.

Abel soon realised he was in a sphere with a radius of five miles. In addition to the white fog engulfing the place, there was a destroyed temple.

He knew the white fog was the original substance of the Kingdom, but normal Divinie Kingdoms were still much bigger than this one, or at least they would be less deserted.

It was a pity just to look at it, as there was literally nothing other than the Kingdom left.

But things were not all bad. As soon as the Goddess of the Hunt entered, Abel sensed through the soul chain that she was in control.

That destroyed temple was the main temple of the Kingdom, where the most important operation controls were.

If the temple had fully disintegrated, the Kingdom would have started to fade away. Luckily, Abel had come in time. The Kingdom was badly damaged, but it was not hopeless.

Most of the walls outside the temple have fallen and there was a lot of damage to the ceiling as well. If it was outside, it would collapse with a single stray wind.

Since the core of this temple was still intact, some faithful souls still remained within it.

As Abel stepped into the temple, he saw a hundred followers, but their bodies were all looking extremely faint, like they had died many times.

You could say the Kingdom was only enduring due to the Faith those followers produced.

“My great lord, you have returned!” a woman gasped, despite her fading body and soul.

Abel ordered the Goddess of the Hunt to give him control over the temple as he took out fifty holy crystals.

It was not the time to hesitate. Once those hundred followers faded, the Kingdom wouldn’t last for long.

The holy crystals turned into golden Faith and began to replenish the Kingdom.

Half of it began to repair the main temple. The other half was divided into a hundred portions and entered those followers to repair their bodies and souls.

No god would normally do this for fading followers, since it was not worth the cost,but Abel didn’t care. These hundred followers might be the Goddess of the Hunt’s last followers in her Kingdom!

A fiery passion lit up on those followers’ faces. They had been even more desperate than the huntresses outside!

They were not the only followers of the Kingdom before the Wizard Union captured the Goddess of the Hunt. There had been tens of thousands of them, large amounts of buildings and many holy servants.

But considering holy servants all needed a set amount of Faith to sustain themselves and they were normally the last ones to die, these followers were no longer enough and they began to absorb the Faith from the constructions and the core of the Kingdom.

Followers had been dying off one by one, yet their souls would soon be reborn and the process took even more Faith. It was a horrible cycle, and many of their souls eventually faded.

Soon, the holy servants also began to die. Therefore, the hundred followers in the temple might be the only ones left.

They had no choice, as there were no more things left anyway.

In order to keep themselves sustained, the followers prayed night and day to keep their Faith, which had prolonged the process. Still, their souls grew weak as the Kingdom shrank.

The fifty holy crystals were drained. The size of the Kingdom remained the same, but there was no need for it to get any bigger with so few followers left, anyway.

Soon, the Kingdom was no longer filled with fog. A sky appeared above and buildings began to spring up from the ground.

Abel was not planning to design anything fancy. He created a simple city with the capacity to fit ten thousand people. The leftover places were grass fields.

This way, he could save the most amount of Faith. With the Goddess of the Hunt’s current capability, she would not be able to fill up this city in the near future regardless.

What came after was much more important!

With a thought, a Teleportation Circle appeared in the newly repaired temple. The Circle was created by the Kingdom’s energy, yet it would work just like normal ones.

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