Abe the Wizard

Chapter 1407 - Ice Land

Chapter 1407 Ice Land

Translated by Jim

Edited by RED

Meanwhile, on the Battlecry Plateau far away…

Doff the War God was still interacting with the Mountain God as he grew his holy texts. After he received the order from Abel, he waved and a new Teleportation Circle appeared in the Golden Castle Temple.

Both Faith-driven Teleportation Circles were ignited simultaneously and Abel sent Doff the location through the soul chain.

No god had ever had the guts to build a Teleportation Circle in their Divine Kingdom, since that would expose its location, so this was the first time.

After all, a Divine Kingdom was their most powerful life-saver, and even the closest gods would not disclose their location to one another.

However, that was not true with Abel’s Summons!

Of course, Abel was also just experimenting, even though he was very confident. Although he had never seen a Teleportation Circle in a god’s Kingdom, it didn’t mean it was impossible.

Abel felt his heart settle. At least now travelling between Kingdoms would be much easier, especially since he might acquire more in the future!

“Goddess of the Hunt, go back with me to learn something, then you can return here!”

Abel put the Firetooth back in his Portal Bag and vanished through the Teleportation Circle with the Goddess of the Hunt.

As for the Goddess of the Hunt’s Kingdom, she would need some holy skills to manage it. Still, with a hundred followers in her Kingdom, she was at a better place than the Mountain Gods.

If the Mountain God made a move, he would need to drain his own holy power and let Abel to replenish it. But the Goddess of the Hunt could recover by herself using her own Kingdom.

Most importantly, as her Kingdom grew, her future was also much brighter.

Abel reappeared in Doff’s Kingdom, very happy that it had actually worked.

He then ordered the Goddess of the Hunt to follow Doff, just like the Mountain God was.

Seeing the gods starting to interact, Abel turned to the remaining Divine Bodies and picked a god called the Ice God.

According to the Moon Goddess, he was a god with power over ice. He had lived in the coldest north of the central continent, where even wizards wouldn’t dare to live.

Abel brought out his five Summons and his angel body again to form the pentagon, with the Ice God in the center this time.

Golden light sparked again, and flashed towards the Ice God.

As soon as they made contact, the Ice God began to twitch crazily, his struggles even stronger than the Mountain God’s had been.

Abel hesitated. The Goddess of the Hunt had not even made a move, and the Mountain God was the most powerful god of the dwarves, who had just lost his Kingdom, so it made sense that he had a bunch of souls preserved. But what about this Ice God?

According to the documents, the Ice God’s territory was not inhabited by humans, so where did he get his Faith?

But no matter what, it was still bound by the God-Binding Chain and it had been drained by the Wizard Union for countless years. It had no chance of escaping.

The soul-destroying process was extremely slow, but Abel was not desperate. Waiting a bit to get a powerful god was definitely worth


As the Ice God’s soul slowly faded, his twitching only increased. His body was basically spinning around energetically.

Still, he was helpless. Finally, a howl of agony emerged as his soul was fully destroyed.

Since had Abel learned his lesson from the Mountain God, he ordered his Summons to fully suppress the Ice God so he couldn’t unleash a final attack. After all, these were no ordinary powerful figures, so Abel wouldn’t let his guard down.

After everything settled down, Abel grabbed the captured godhead and retracted his Dimension Force. When it came to knowledge on godheads, Abel was definitely not lacking. After all, he had probably seen more godheads than any god!

Afterwards, it was the same soul recreation, soul control, soul potion strengthening, and godhead re-entering process. When the final seed of will in the godhead was swallowed, the Ice God was Abel’s newest Summon!

After going through this so many times, Abel was now numb to it. He was more curious about the Ice God’s abilities.

Suddenly, he stopped. From afar, a huge stream of Faith emerged, and immense Faith rushed into the holy body to repair its long years of damage.

The fact that the Goddess of the Hunt still had followers after thousands of years was shocking enough, but this Ice God was the case as well?

The loyalty of those followers were far beyond what he had imagined, and this stream of Faith was probably here all along, considering how big it was. Abel only noticed it once he was connected to the Ice God’s soul.

The greatness of gods was hard to imagine in the Era of Wizards, but they were indeed powerful!

Abel noticed that the river of Faith was formed by five thousand smaller streams, which meant the Ice God had more than five thousand loyal followers.

He was very curious about what was keeping them so faithful.

But as soon as he began to examine it, his jaw dropped. His followers were not human; in fact, they were an intelligent life form called snow apes! Abel had never even heard of them!

Their bodies were fully white in color and they lived around a frozen lake. It was cold, but they loved the temperature.

The weirdest thing was that they were much smarter than normal apes, even though they were not as smart as humans.

Abel sensed the frozen energy within their cores, which meant they were all spiritual beasts.

Through the eyes of a snow ape, Abel saw that they were praying around a white Staff.

Abel immediately knew it was a Relic. Maybe it was the final card of the Ice God, placing so much hope on intelligent beings other than humans.

Afterwards, Abel proceeded to examine the Ice God’s godhead. The Ice God only had one ability: Ice Mastery!

However, this Ice Mastery was much more powerful than the Mountain God’s Fire Control. It could be used as attack or defence through the manipulation of ice elements!

At the same time, it could be used to attract Faith, since every one of his followers could get a different ice ability depending on the amount of their Faith.

Therefore, this single skill of Ice God was actually just as effective as gods with multiple skills. In fact, it even allowed him to be more focused on a single thing.

Most importantly, it also meant the Ice God was a God of Battle!

Abel then began to examine the memories in the godhead and found some more things about the Ice Staff and those snow apes.

The Ice God looked like a human, but he was actually an ice ape as well! He had eaten a heavenly treasure during the Era of Gods and obtained extraordinary intelligence.

After countless hassles, he recreated his snow ape body when he became a god and obtained a human Divine Body.

This was similar to Doff, who had been a Beamon before he became a god.

Still, for some reason the Ice God did not trust humans, although his godhead did not record why. Therefore, he only had snow apes as followers, and he left his Ice Staff with them before his final battle.

Moreover, the Ice Staff was created from his own ability. It allowed the snow apes to unleash ice abilities even when he was not around.

Although it was not as powerful, it allowed the snow apes to thrive, building on top of their already cold-resistant bodies.

Everything the Ice God did was for the snow apes, and they had remained loyal to him in return. Even after thousands of years, no snow ape had ever grown to be as powerful as the Ice God, and the Ice God stories were bone-deep to them.

Even if Abel had not resurrected the Ice God, those snow apes would have been as faithful to the Ice God in their extremely isolated and frozen home to the day the Wizard Union fell.

After Abel knew what was happening to the Ice Staff, he decided not to retrieve it.

It was basically the ice apes’ Relic. Although they were smarter than normal spiritual beasts, Abel didn’t know if they would go mad if the Ice Staff suddenly vanished.

Since the followers of Abel’s Summons were his followers, he cared about what happened to them.

With a command, the Ice God granted the pious apes the true Ice Control ability through the river of Faith!

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