Abe the Wizard

Chapter 1408 - Extreme Cold

Chapter 1408 Extreme Cold

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A snow ape elder in a large frozen cave opened his eyes. His gaze was filled with disbelief.

He gazed at the blue glow that just appeared beside him. It was much more powerful than any that he had seen in the past.

With a wave of his arm, an ice crystal armor appeared upon him, along with a giant frozen staff. Soon, he began to roar and wave around the long staff excitedly.

The other snow apes also stopped praying when they noticed something different. Some began to howl, while others began to roll around like children. They knew their god had returned!

Unlike many faithful, their loyalty lay in their blood.

Only the most powerful snow apes would pass down their genes, and back in the day the Ice God was an extremely powerful snow ape. All the snow apes around had inherited his genes, which made them immensely loyal.

This was something no other god had achieved, since telling a group of spiritual beasts to become their followers was impossible. Even forcing them to become Summoned creatures was more plausible.

Abel continued to examine the Ice God’s godhead and learned even more.

The frozen terrain was the home of the Ice God’s faithful. It was not as lively as the other areas, and not many people dared to enter due to its icy nature. This had been the case even during the Era of Gods.

Naturally, the Ice God’s Divine Realm was also just above them!

Abel did not wait, he immediately dragged his Summons and the Ice God along on his Fire Tooth and headed out. With a precise location, the Fire Tooth flew at full speed.

Abel knew very well that those gods would not have the will to go through all the torture from the Wizard Union if they did not still have their Kingdom or other backups. After all, those gods were a threat to the Wizard Union, and they would get rid of them all if they could!


After passing some huge mountain ranges, the temperature began to drop and the ground around started to turn white. Still, they were only at the outer range of the north, and he could occasionally see powerful ice wizards around.

But soon enough life forms began to get scarcer, and finally even the plants began to get rare.

Everything around became white, and it was filled with an eerie and still atmosphere.

Of course, that was only what it seemed on the surface. A different form of life was actually taking place underground!

Below the thick layer of ice there were streams of running water. Although the temperature was extreme as well, life forms such as fish still managed to survive.

That was also where the snow apes dwelled. Abel sensed their presence as soon as his Fire Tooth passed above. However he was not planning to interfere with them, as he connected with the Ice God’s soul.

Soon the Fire Tooth was attracted to another dimension. According to the Ice God’s soul, it was where his Divine Kingdom was located!

As soon as Abel entered it, he saw another frozen world down below. There were many ice houses, and in the center of the place was a huge temple.

It had to be the main temple. The entire thing was like an ice statue, yet it looked like it was made from the purest white jade.

Two huge snow apes were standing by the gate, and Abel sensed a divine power about them. They had to be divine servants.

Abel quickly sensed more than that. Their bloodline was so intense that they had to be the direct offspring of the Ice God!

“My great lord, you have returned!” The two guardian snow apes immediately dropped to their knees and bowed, tears in their eyes.

As the two snow apes called out, more and more snow apes streamed out of their icy homes. There were three hundred thousand of them in total, and they all got down on their knees with immense Faith surging out from their bodies.

The Ice God soaked up their Faith like a sponge, and his Divine Body began to grow. In scarcely an instant, he reached the standard five meters in height!

Indeed, the crazy amount of Faith in his Kingdom was the fastest way for the Ice God to return to form.

Abel was not worried about those snow apes discovering how different the Ice God was, including those divine servants.

Gods normally didn’t need to do much in their Kingdom. All they needed was to be there and his followers would be happy. That was especially true since all those snow apes seemed to be functioning fine, even without the Ice God being around for several thousand years.

The two divine servants had always used their ice crystal staves to stay in contact with the snow apes in the faithful grounds. It was why they had not migrated, even after thousands of years.

Therefore, they had never had a crisis of faith. As soon as a snow ape died, their soul would ascend to the Divine Kingdom to live forever.

Considering how isolated their faithful ground was, it was also the safest place for them!

Back in the Era of Gods, almost nobody knew that the Ice God’s followers were snow apes.As long as the Ice God kept that fact a secret, even the Wizard Union would have a hard time finding out.

It was why they were never able to end the Ice God’s worship, even after capturing the Ice God!

Abel and the Ice God stepped into the main temple. It looked cold with all the ice around, but the temperature was at a constant thirty degrees.

A scene like this could only happen in a Divine Kingdom. Everything around them was created by Faith.

The main temple looked nothing too special, but Abel quickly noticed an office.

Maybe calling it a library was more suitable. It was stacked with huge piles of books about the Era of Gods.

There was even information about holy texts, Faith, and how to make Relics. Compared to the Mountain God’s library, it was much grander!

Still, they were books, and a god needed to read through them.



It was another backup of the Ice God, since a resurrection could cause a huge memory loss The godhead only recorded the most crucial information, and its capacity was small. Therefore, those books were a must!

Abel quickly put all the books into his Portal Bag. As for the other materials in the temple to make Ice Relics, Abel left them alone. The environment of the Realm preserved them better.

As he continued his tour, he found a convenient spot in the central temple. This time he did not use his own holy crystals, and directly used the Faith around.

A Teleportation Circle slowly emerged from the ground.

Meanwhile, the Ice God also took a tour. Strange things began to happen down below in his faithful grounds.

It didn’t look like much on the surface, but the amount of fish and small creatures in the cold rivers immediately increased. All kinds of special plants also began to grow.

Ever since the Ice God had disappeared, his faithful grounds had maintained a bare minimum of survival.

The Ice God’s return had fully ignited the land of his followers once again, and all kinds of life started to flourish.

It didn’t look like much, but the number of creatures around would multiply in just a few


In the past, the snow apes could only sense the presence of their god’s Realm after they died. Now every one of them sensed that their god was looking after them!

After all, those divine servants did not only know how to channel Faith. They were the true offspring of the Ice God, so everything they did was in the Ice God’s best interests.

It was also another thing different about the Goddess of the Hunt and the Ice God. Since the Goddess of the Hunt’s divine servants were forcefully domesticated, they only knew how to drain Faith systematically.

As for the Ice God’s divine servants, they knew the importance of preserving Faith, so they connected to the faithful ground and did not waste Faith on unnecessary things. They still took in faithful servants when they died.

Abel was not worried at all when he brought the Ice God away again. Because of those servants, he knew this Kingdom would be able to run smoothly.


After Abel returned home, he had the gods continue to study with Doff since their souls were still too new to manage a Divine Kingdom.

They did not even know how to draw a holy text!

After seeing how many books the Ice God had, being able to share them with other gods was great.

Unlike the Mountain God, the Wizard Union did not know the Goddess of the Hunt and the Ice God had also been resurrected.

Still, their investigation department was already hard at work, trying to obtain information about the Mountain God, especially among the dwarves. According to their speculations, the Mountain God should have returned to the dwarves as soon as he was resurrected, but they still did not get any updates about that.

The dwarves had only disclosed the news that the Mountain God had been resurrected, but they didn’t impose any requirements to place Faith in him.

It was almost like the dwarves had no way of connecting to the Mountain God, which was why the investigation department had to keep looking

As King Bunga saw what was happening, he could only deal with the irritation and helplessness in his heart.

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