ABO Cadets

Volume 1 Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Lieutenant Colonel Knox

San Romia Military Academy, Residential District, Room C017.

Irene took out a brand-new black uniform from the closet and handed it to the man behind her. The expressionless Colonel Knox took the uniform from his wife, while changing clothes he softly asked: "How was the morning training?”

Irene smiled and said: “This year's command section students' overall quality is much better than last year's. There are two students in particular who tested out with full marks, one of them is a Beta."

Knox, who tying his tie, slightly paused, he looked up at Irene, "Full marks? What's their names?”

Irene replied: “Caesar, and Lin Yuan.”

“Oh, the principal told me, Caesar is the fourth Prince, those test topics should be very simple for him, it's natural to get full marks. But, this Lin Yuan …….” Knox was puzzled, “You said he is a Beta?”

Irene nodded: “The data said he was Beta, his blood was also tested, he really is a Beta.”

Knox frowned lightly.

Irene saw his frown, and couldn't help but ask: “You're not ……. thinking of the General?"

Knox remained silent.

Irene softly said: “When the General enrolled in school, he also had full marks, and was also a Beta, but, after many years, we all found out that he'd injected himself with an inhibitor ….”

“The inhibitor has long been banned." Knox softly interrupted her, "The average person doesn't have the money or the sources to buy inhibitors, and now, all enrolled students need to conduct a serum test. Mixing into the academy with inhibitors is impossible, those events won't happen again."

Thinking of that person, Knox’s eyes suddenly flashed a trace of pain.

That year, if he had firmly stopped Rosen, and not let him into the cell, would the outcome had been different? The general wouldn't have been sentenced to house arrest, and because of his unwillingness to be under Rosen's watch, secretly steal the mech to escape Cepheus galaxy. Then he wouldn't have run into the storm and been buried in the interstellar ruins, even his body was lost.

But if he had prevented Rosen, would the General had tortured himself to madness in that dark cell? Or, would his strong will had helped him survive estrus, and then he would've been imprisoned in the military prison for life?

No matter what the outcome, they were all too cruel.

Knox only knew that he was an adjutant, yet he hadn't followed the last military order issued by his General.

– He'd failed the trust of the General.

After the Night Corps was forced to dissolve, Rosen had invited Knox to the Glory Corps, but Knox had refused. He went to the military academy with his wife, Irene, and became an ordinary instructor, he no longer intervened in any military affairs.

These past few years were too calm, Knox had almost forgotten the feeling of following General Ling Yu to the frontline, charging the enemy, his blood boiling in intense stimulation.

Knox took a deep breath, and continued to button his uniform.

Irene was silent for a moment, then she whispered: “I'm probably thinking too much, but, I feel that Lin Yuan looks a bit like him."

– The same white skin, black hair, clear eyes, as well as his firmness and self-confidence.

The difference was, Lin Yuan always had a smile, was optimistic, cheerful and full of energy, and Ling Yu was always silent, a loner, and hated when people got too close.

Although their characters were so different, Irene always saw the shadow of the General in Lin Yuan’s body. Probably the reason was their race, they had obvious features, black hair and obsidian black, clear eyes.

Seeing Knox walking towards the door, Irene woke up from her trance and quickly followed him.


Student Dormitory, A13.

Caesar took out the freshly washed uniform for Lin Yuan, Lin Yuan said a quick thanks and rushed to change his clothes. He carefully changed into his uniform, and walked out to find Caesar standing at the door, waiting for him.

Caesar saw Lin Yuan and said: “Come on, we're almost late.”

“…” You could've left first.

Lin Yuan had actually hoped Caesar would've left first, but Caesar had very loyally waited for his roommate.

Unlike when he was faced with Karl’s gentleness and cordiality, Lin Yuan always felt uncomfortable around Caesar. He didn't like to walk with him, didn't like to see him, basically, he didn't like being alone with him.

Caesar gave off a strange sense of oppression.

Every time Caesar looked at him, he felt like his heart was being pinched.

Probably, since Caesar was a pure-blooded Alpha, and a high-class one at that, his overbearing Alpha aura was too much for him?

They went out the room and met Karl leaving the next door A12 dormitory, he was followed by that red-headed, red-eyed big guy……. right, his name was Baker ……. Student Shell.

Lin Yuan remembered the big guy’s name and couldn't help but smile at him, Shell immediately blushed, embarrassed……. Lin Yuan thought, with this guy's dark skin, his blush made him look like chocolate.

The large piece of chocolate named Shell bowed his head as he walked behind Lin Yuan, suddenly in regret: Lin Yuan's temper was so good, wasn't he an idiot for trying to start something with him? How can he fix it?

The four people walked to the Central Hall, there were many neatly uniformed students lined up.

The 50 students quickly quieted down, listening to Irene's instructions for line up. The order was four rows from short to tall, two rows of girls, two rows of boys. Lin Yuan was a relatively short boy, he stood in the left row, a dozen centimeters shorter than him Beta girl stood in the row next to him.

The girl looked at him and smiled, "Hiya Lin Yuan. My name is Bossa."

“……. Hi.” Almost all the class knew his name now, apparently because of Shell's loud provocation this morning. This girl's smile was very friendly, there were two small dimples on her cheeks, so Lin Yuan also smiled at her, he didn't mind making a friend.

The open field was big enough to accommodate tens of thousands of people, everyone was divided into small teams, each class was neatly in a square. Standing instructions sounded in the audience.

When it was two o’clock, the scene suddenly quieted down. At this time, in the sky above the open air field, a row of black armors suddenly flew toward the podium, like the large wings of a soaring eagle!

The machine group came to a steady stop over the podium, and then, the cockpit doors opened simultaneously, and a group of officers wearing pure black military uniforms gracefully descended to the ground.

“…….” the students were stunned.


A loud voice came from the stage, the students woke up from their trance and immediately stood upright to give a standard salute. Neat blue uniforms formed a dark blue ocean, thousands of students saluting at the same time looked very spectacular, like a huge wave suddenly disturbing a calm sea.

In the middle of the queue of officers, a man with three stars on his shoulder returned a salute and said loudly: “Students, good afternoon, I am your principal, Belfas."

Although he was nearly 200-years-old, Lieutenant Belfas still looked very strong, he stood upright in his uniform, he looked strong, vigorous and imposing.

“First of all, I'll represent all the instructors in the school and welcome you all to the San Romia Military Academy. As the best military academy in the empire, only very smart and excellent students can be here. I think you all will hate hearing an old man ramble on, so I'll make a long story short -"

“San Romia Military Academy will give you the best learning environment, so I hope that you can make good use of all the resources here, earnestly study, and after three years, give yourself a satisfactory reward! Don't let your family, your friends, and your instructors be disappointed!"

“Now, let's begin the swearing ceremony, please join me in reading the army oath!"

Belfas raised his right hand carefully, turned and raised his head to face the flag of Lacey Empire and the flag of the Imperial Army. He seriously and earnestly recited "From today on, I will be a solider of the Lacey Empire. I solemnly swear -"

The headmaster's deep voice echoed from the amplification of the loudspeakers throughout the venue, all the students immediately raised their right hand, looked up at the flags, and said the sacred oath –

“From today on, I will be a solider of the Lacey Empire. I solemnly swear -”

“To absolutely obey the commands of my superiors!”

“Strictly observe military discipline!”

“Not fear sacrifice!”

“Fight bravely!”


Tens of thousands of young loud voices resounded through the clouds, Lacey Empire’s best military academy, San Romia military academy 598th session freshman, from this moment, officially started their careers as soldiers.


After the swearing-in ceremony, each class returned to their training area.

The compound of San Romia Military Academy covered more than ten kilometers. The compound was divided into a number of areas for all the classes. The 50 people military department groups were in the most central position, the different classes had already started their running, saluting and basic posture training.

Irene brought a serious looking officer to the front of the crowd and said: “Students, this is Lieutenant Knox, the military training next month will be overseen by him."

Knox nodded and bluntly asked, “Who is the class monitor?”

Everyone: “…”

Irene coughed, embarrassed: "Cough, I forgot to elect a squad leader this morning, we'll choose a class monitor now!”

Everyone: “…”

The eloquent, ruthless, and strict Instructor Irene actually had such a……….. clumsy personality. The crowd quietly stared at their teacher.

Knox also felt very helpless at Irene's occasional clumsiness, but his face didn't show it, he expressionlessly looked at the students and softly said: “Will someone be the class monitor?"

The fifty people were silent.

“No one volunteers to be squad leader?” Knox's cold eyes slowly swept the line of 50 people, “I'll give you ten seconds, if you don't choose a squad leader, then you will have to run around the compound for ten laps, then come back here to decide!"

“10, 9 …”

“Instructor!” Finally, a brave guy raised his hand.

Knox turned towards him, it was a red-haired tall boy, his eyes were dark red. Under Knox’s scrutiny, the boy blushed, making his dark skin shade a strange color.

Knox asked, “What’s your name?”

The boy: “Reporting in instructor, my name is Baker!”

Knox nodded, “Student Baker, you want to be class monitor?”

Student Baker immediately shook his head and bravely said: "Instructor, can I recommend others for squad leader? I know a very suitable person!”

Knox said, “Who do you want to recommend?”

Shell glanced at the small body at the front of the left row, a black haired and black eyed boy, and loudly said: “Yes instructor! I recommend Lin Yuan!"

Lin Yuan: “…………………………”

What the hell!

Knox's sharp eyes immediately turned toward Lin Yuan, so he had to resist the urge to facepalm.

Oh my God! Why does this single brain cell animal have to be in the command section ah? Early this morning, he came to provoke me with a "Are you that Lin Yuan that scored full marks?” making the whole class know my name, and now, he again tries to stir shit up!

Lin Yuan really wanted to ask: Shell, what did I do to you to deserve this?

Knox looked at Lin Yuan, then looked back at Baker and said: “Why do you recommend Student Lin Yuan?”

Student Baker looked up and proudly said: “Reporting in instructor! First of all, Lin Yuan was admitted in with full marks, as a Beta, his results were better than many Alpha, enough to prove his ability!"

Lin Yuan: “…….”

Alpha: “…”

“Second, this morning in the military posture training, Lin Yuan persisted for more than two hours, even longer than a lot of Alpha! This proves that he not only has a high IQ, his physical abilities is also very excellent!"

Lin Yuan: “…….”

Alpha: “…”

Student Baker finally finished his summary: “So I think, Student Lin Yuan is capable enough to lead our class! He is the most appropriate leader. Report over!"

Shell… really, did I do something to you man?

Your hatred is too cruel, you're making me the target of all the Alpha!

Feeling the surrounding Alpha's projected hate, disgust, scorn, and indignant gazes, Lin Yuan really wanted to shrink into a ball and sink into the ground.

Knox nodded towards Baker and said: “Lin Yuan, come to the front!”

With the instructor's call, Lin Yuan had no choice but to seriously report in before Knox, his hand was on the edge of his cap in a respectful standard military salute, his crisp voice decisively shouted: “Yes!”

Knox hesitated.

Suddenly, he had an illusion, as if time had turned back, back to twenty-eight years ago.

Twenty-eight years ago, the 570th session military command section's training time, a Beta boy named Ling Yu stepped out and also immediately attracted all the attention.

A black haired, black eyed Asian teenager, standing in the standard posture, posing in the standard military salute, shouting out in a crisp and sweet voice. Although his body was smaller, his momentum didn't fall before any of the tall Alpha.

No wonder Irene said she saw the General’s shadow in this child’s body…..

At this moment, even Lieutenant Colonel Knox who was by Ling Yu's side for many years also had the same illusion.

Knox was silent for a moment, then said: “Lin Yuan, will you serve as class monitor?"

Lin Yu immediately respectfully said: “Yes! Instructor!”

Knox looked at him deeply and asked, “Don't you want to think about it?”

Lin Yuan looked up and seriously and firmly said: “As a soldier, I only know how to obey the superior's orders! Student Baker recommended me and instructor wants me to be the squad leader. I will do my best to not let everyone down!"

Knox looked at the young man in silence.

Yes, as a soldier, the first reaction to your superior's order should be obedience, absolute obedience.

Absolute obedience is a very important part of the army oath.

Especially on the battlefield, when the superior officer issued you an order, you shouldn't question and hesitate, perhaps that time of hesitation would be enough to let the enemy turn your comrades into debris.

……. Lin Yuan will do this, even if he doesn't want to be the squad leader.

The young man's black and clear eyes, at the moment, didn't have the slightest hesitation or unwillingness, there was only confidence and determination.

– Command section students should have such a straightforward and hardworking attitude!

Knox suddenly thought in a trance: If General Ling Yu hadn't secretly escaped Rosen's apartment in stubbornness and died in the interstellar ruins, then he and Rosen’s child would've been like Lin Yuan, a bright 18 year old.



What the hell! – This was actually 'get shot while lying on the ground', if you remember, it means getting caught up in a conversation/situation you have no part of.

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