ABO Cadets

Volume 1 Chapter 18

Chapter 018: Beat Down

The new monitor Lin Yuan needed to cooperate with Instructor Knox to supervise the students' training, and after the end of the military training, he had to continue and supervise the students’ studies with Instructor Irene. In addition, he was in charge of students who register late, truancy and other things……. This role was obviously a chore, right?

With friends like Shell, who needs enemies?

Lin Yuan was very familiar with the thankless job like a squad leader because in his primary school and secondary school, he was elected as squad leader. But most of the children on Rennes planet were Beta, he could be more relaxed, unlike in San Romia military College where there were so many pure blooded Alpha that a Beta monitor would be very unconvincing.

After the afternoon military training and boring physical training, Lin Yuan went to the cafeteria and found a corner seat to eat. After just a bite of his food, a chocolate face popped up in front of him. The chocolate smiled a pleasant smile and said: "Squad leader, can I sit here?"

“…….” Lin Yuan helplessly glanced at him, "You can.”

Student Baker sat down, smiled, and said: “I'm sorry for this morning ah! I heard that you were a Beta that scored full marks and felt very skeptical, so I came to start trouble …….” He scratched his head, messing up his red hair.

Yeah, thanks for that, idiot!

Lin Yuan smiled and asked: “And you're not skeptical now?”

Baker immediately nodded enthusiastically, "I've been convinced!”

The brawn over brains guy looked expectantly at Lin Yuan, as if to say: “I recognize you as my boss, order me as you please."

Lin Yu sighed in his heart, then shifted his attention to his food.

They finished their dinners and walked back to the dorm. When they turned the corner, two tall Alpha suddenly blocked the way. The two looked very arrogant and were surround by the rich aura of Alphas, their expressions clearly said 'We are blue-blooded children, we're above you.'

……Trouble finally came.

The amount of hatred Baker's spiel attracted was too high, Lin Yuan was expecting such a confrontation.

Sure enough, one of them scornfully looked at Lin Yuan and mocked: "Class Monitor, I heard that you scored full marks? Can a Beta be so awesome? You cheated, right?"

“…….” Their provocative expressions and actions was exactly the same as Baker's, how clichéd.

Lin Yuan scolded the two Alpha in his heart, but his face had a friendly smile: “Just excellent luck, there were some questions I guessed ……. You wanted me for something?"

The second boy stepped forward and said coldly: "I want to see if you're up to snuff!"

After his voice faded, the boy’s hand shot directly toward Lin Yuan' shoulder, at the same he swept at his foot, aiming to bring Lin Yuan directly to the ground!

– This guy knows how to fight!

Lin Yuan immediately reacted!

When his hand was about to come into contact with his shoulder, Lin Yuan’s left hand suddenly reached out and grabbed the other's wrist lightning quick. He pulled his arm forward, and aimed a kick directly to the other guy's knees. Then he dodged neatly to the side….

The boy had reached out his foot to put Lin Yuan down, resulting in Lin Yuan dodging and forcefully pulling him forward. But because of his unstable center of gravity, when he ended up on the ground, his limbs were spread out, and he laid on his stomach in a dog eating shit posture!

“…….” The boy froze, his mind blank in shock, he even forgot to climb up from the ground.

He was actually beat down……. by a……. Beta?

Just how fast did this guy react? Why couldn't I see him move…?

Lin Yuan brought his hand back to his side, looked at the stunned boy, smiled and said, “Who taught you how to fight ah? You should train again.”

Then, he directly bypassed the other red faced Alpha and turned into the dormitory.

Lin Yuan’s principles has always been the same.

If you don't mess with me, I naturally won't mess with you. If you mess with me, I'll unhesitantly beat you down!

When Brian had touched his head yesterday, he immediately fought back, but Caesar was there at the time and stopped him…….. In other words, Caesar's fighting skills was higher than that Alpha's today, and significantly higher. He was actually able to accurately grab his wrist, his reaction ability is really fast. If that was Caesar just now, then the fight probably wouldn't have ended so easily…….

Lin Yuan mused.

Baker excitedly caught up with Lin Yuan, “Boss, your moves were so cool and deadly! What kind of combat was that? Do you box?"

“It wasn't boxing.” Lin Yu smiled, "It was a popular ancient Earth era style of fighting, especially in Asia, called martial arts. It's very suitable for less muscular people like me. When you fight a taller and more muscular person in battle, you can use those skills to win."


Use skills to win?

No wonder the 1.78-meter Lin Yuan could beat such a taller Alpha!

In Baker's eyes, Lin Yuan was already a god-like existence.

A Beta dropped an Alpha in three seconds? Why did you just stare blankly? How could you forget to get it on video? If you'd just recorded and uploaded it, the views would definitely break a billion!

Lin Yuan should be glad that Baker forgot to record it, otherwise, all the Alpha in the Empire would wish death on him…….


Close by, seeing Lin Yuan confronted by the two Alpha, Caesar wanted to come help him.

But before he could even walk close, he found the stunned Alpha lying face down on the ground and the other Alpha looking very constipated.

So, Caesar pretended not to see and walked directly around them.

Thinking of that scene, Caesar’s heart rate couldn't help but pick up…….

The boy's hands were so dexterous that people can't see his movements. He'd positioned himself and accurately grabbed the other man's wrist, pulled forward, kicked and moved to the side, too fast for many people to catch.

This guy……

His flexibility and agility was simply amazing, did he do gymnastics?

When Caesar returned to the dormitory, Lin Yuan was heading for his bedroom.

Out of some weird temptation or other unknown reasons, Caesar suddenly stepped up behind Lin Yuan, stretched out his strong hand and forcefully grabbed Lin Yuan’s arm!

Lin Yuan froze a moment, then instinctively turned around to make a comeback!

His nimble hand quickly flipped over to grab the other's arm, and after a beautiful catch, he tried to spin it back to break the opponent’s arm! Unexpectedly, Caesar's first action was just a faint! His other hand quickly grabbed Lin Yuan’s shoulders, and he extended his long leg at the same, hitting Lin Yuan’s knee!

Lin Yuan hurriedly dodged sideways to avoid the leg attack, but his shoulders was pushed strongly and he staggered! Determined, Lin Yuan clutched Caesar's arm, and the two entangled together, one unwilling to let go of his hold, resulting in…….

Lin Yuan lost his balance and fell to the ground.

Caesar was pulled forward by him, and directly landed on top of Lin Yuan.



They stared at each other with wide eyes. After staring for a while, Caesar finally noticed that this position was too ambiguous.

Their noses were almost pressed together, the other man's warm breaths was landing gently on his face, and his unbuttoned shirt collar exposed white and smooth skin. His delicate collarbone was in his line of sight, and as long as he leaned over a little, he would be able to kiss him…

Caesar’s heartbeat suddenly paused half a beat, then he immediately stood up, pulling Lin Yuan up with him.

Lin Yuan sorted out his messy shirt, then stared at Caesar and asked: “Why did you suddenly attack me?"

Caesar looked away and pretended to calmly reply: “I wanted to test your fighting skill level."

Lin Yuan helplessly said: “You want to test it out now? As you saw, I'm not your opponent."

“……Oh, ok.”

As a prince, Caesar learned very professional and standardized fighting skills his entire life, if he really tried, Lin Yuan wasn't his opponent. Lin Yuan’s reaction ability and dexterity was far superior to the average Alpha, so he can get an easy victory. It’s more than enough to deal with the untrained Alpha, but against professional-level masters like Caesar, the Alpha's height and physical difference would put him at a disadvantage.

Even so, Caesar was assured at Lin Yuan’s fighting skill.

At first, he was worried that Lin Yuan would be bullied by the Alpha that disagreed with him being squad leader, but now, it seems that Lin Yuan’s skill and personality was more than enough to protect himself from being bullied by anyone.

Caesar was silent for a moment, then he looked at Lin Yuan and asked: “Your skills are really good, did you take martial arts classes?"

"No." Lin Yuan smiled and scratched his head, "My master taught me. When I was eight years old he saw me and accepted me as an apprentice ……. He was a soldier, after his retirement, he moved to Rennes Planet’s mining company to be a security guard. He usually spends most of his day idle and bored, so he thought it would be interesting to teach me."

Looking at Lin Yuan's happy smile after mentioning his master, Caesar couldn't help but also think of his own teacher…….

Caesar's teacher was a young man who'd won the Imperial Boxing Championship, his temper was very irritable, he had a grumpy expression all day, but his eyes were sharp enough to pierce. As a child, Caesar was very afraid of him, so he tried especially hard to learn, because he feared bearing his teacher's anger.

Thinking of their masters, the two coincidentally quieted down.

At this time, the door suddenly beeped at the insert of a card. When the door opened, a uniformed Snow walked in.

Lin Yuan looked back to see Snow and couldn't help but laugh: “Snow, your atmosphere completely changes in a uniform ah!"

A cold young man wearing a neat, stiff uniform indeed gave off a kind of 'forbidden beauty' taste. Plus, since Snow was already good-looking, his delicate white face under the dark blue cap was very attractive to the eye.

Before Snow could answer, Brian also walked in, wearing the same uniform. While Snow’s clothes was neat and clean like it just came from the closet, Brian’s uniform was appalling, like it was trampled by elephants. It was messy and unbearable to look at, even his cuffs had some strange stains…….

Lin Yuan looked at him and couldn't help but think: Where did the Engineering Department students train today? Did they visit a mech factory? Why does Brian look like he just climbed out of a dumpster? He is an incredible sight to see next to the neat and clean Snow…….

Brian walked into the room and immediately noticed Snow in his neat uniform. His eyes brightened, and he smiled and greeted him: “Snow, you're back ah? How come I didn’t see you this afternoon?"

Snow looked at the messily clothed Brian and quietly replied: "The morning class teacher took us to visit a hospital, noon break was only twenty minutes. I came back to the Dormitory to change my uniform, then left. I probably missed you.”

And then he looked back to Lin Yuan, “I'll take a bath, I'm going to the library later."

Lin Yuan smiled: “I wanted to go to the library to check out some information too. Let me come with."

Snow nodded, "Okay, I'll come by your room after my bath.”

“'Kay, I'll see you at seven.”

So, they went back to their rooms to take their baths, leaving Caesar and Brian hanging.

Standing abandoned in the living room, Brian and Caesar looked at each other.

After a moment, Brian lowered his voice and asked, “What's your schedule for the rest of the night?”

Caesar replied, “I have no plans.”

Brian rubbed his chin: “So … feel like going to the library?”

Caesar nodded seriously: “Sounds good.”



dog eating shit - vulgar way of saying flat on your face

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