ABO Cadets

Volume 1 Chapter 19

Chapter 019: Searching Keywords

Different from Earth era school libraries where paper books were neatly arranged in rows, in order to save on resources, there was now very few paper books, instead there was encrypted e-books.

Going to the library was very important because many valuable books were only allowed to be read within the library's building. Of course, some books could be copied and taken out, but after copying they were bounded to the student’s e-reader, so they couldn't make a second copy.

San Romia Military Academy's library has 15 floors, everything from the 1st floor to the 10th floor was freely accessible by students, but there was a lot of confidential information on the 10th floor and up that you needed appropriate permission to see.

Lin Yuan and Snow walked side by side to the library, walking close behind them was Caesar and Brian.

They'd obviously showered too and wore casual clothes. Caesar was wearing a neat black shirt with a stiff collar, complimenting his handsomely carved face. Brian wore a white casual shirt, his hands in his pocket, his blue eyes curved up in a smile, very charming. The two tall Alpha attracted a second glance by countless passers-by along the way.

Lin Yuan couldn't help but think: How come these two guys came to the library? And dressed in such handsome and clean clothes, even their hair is meticulously combed……. It's only the library, was it necessary to dress so well?

Snow also noticed the two roommates following them, he looked back, and met Brian's smiling face.

Snow pretended not to see him and swiped his card into the library. He headed straight to the escalator to go to the fifth floor where the medical books were. Brian immediately followed him to the fifth floor. Snow felt a familiar Alpha aura behind him, and looked back, his expression cold: “Brian, the engineering related books are on the fourth floor."

“…….” I was treated with disgust again!

Brian felt a little depressed.

Of course he knew that the engineering department's books were on the fourth floor, but he has already read most of those books. Since he was six years old, while most children read fairy tales to sleep, Brian was reading "Machine Armor Parts”, "Armor Manufacturing 101″, "Intelligent Armor Design Principle”, "Energy Mechanics"…

Brian’s grandfather, Aston Bayh, was the greatest mech manufacturer in Lacey Empire, and many of the well-known S-class armor, such as Suzaku, Black Dragon and His Majesty's Lion King, were made by him. He wanted his grandchildren to become great mech engineers, creating the most impeccable intelligent weapons in the universe.

Brian loved mechs since he was little, and he was indeed very talented in mech engineering. When he was 6-year-old, he began staying by his grandfather's side as a handyman, so a variety of parts processing and armor design ideas were thoroughly baked into his brain. The 13 year old him made his first intelligent armor, Blue. Although there were many flaws and defects, but ……. that was the work of a 13-year-old ah!

To make a mech at 13-years-old, that child can simply be called a genius.

Brian participated in the Armor Manufacturing Division qualification exam last year and got a level two certificate, he was a step away from the final level certificate. His current level was, in fact, superior to a lot of graduates in this college. The reason he came to San Romia Military Academy to study, in addition to the Bayh family demanding it of him, there were more reasons –

He needs reading permission to use the library floors above the 10th floor and access the more valuable books. And he wanted to use the school's abundant resources to increase his experience, and graduate directly into the final level of the Armor Manufacturing Division qualification certificate.

Of course, Brian couldn't casually tell all these things to people, if he said it to someone, they would certainly think he was bragging.

Facing Snow's cold eyes, Brian just smiled and said: “No one said an engineering student can't read medical school books ah. I'm particularly interested in human anatomy, so I want to find a few human anatomical diagrams to look at."

Looking at Brian's cheeky smile, Snow gently frowned, "Whatever.”

Snow turned into the fifth floor's study hall, and Brian immediately kept up with his footsteps.

Snow took a seat in the corner, and Brian consciously walked to the empty seat beside him. The seats in the library weren't far apart, plus Brian was tall, so when he sat, the gap between the two was only half an arm.

At this close a distance, there was a huge aura of an Alpha's oppression…….

Snow felt his heart tighten and he immediately got up to change seats.

Brian looked at him, puzzled, then boldly followed him.

“…….” Looking at the smiling Brian once again sitting next to him, Snow was speechless.

So sticky! An Alpha you can't throw away even if you tried. How annoying!

Snow looked back at Brian and said: “I’m not used to sitting near people. You go over there, there are lots of other seats.”

“… Oh.” Brian bowed his head and walked away with some grievance.

Snow took a deep breath and relieved some of his inexplicable tension. He loosened his secretly clenched fist, opened the light tablet on the table, and began to search for the books he wanted to access.

On the light tablet's screen was a simulation of a 3D room, a row of virtual bookshelves were neatly furnished with a variety of books, classified by subject. It was very detailed and standard. Snow searched the rows of shelves according to classification, and collected Human Anatomy Dissection, Nerve Anatomy, History of Embryology, and other books.

When you open a book, the light tablet showed a texture similar to paper pages with clear writing, and you could slide your fingers on the screen to directly turn the pages of the book, very convenient.

Although there were many students in the study hall, most of them were carefully reading their books and notes, no one noticed Snow sitting quietly in the corner.

Surrounded by the quiet, Snow opened the Human Anatomy book as a cover, then he opened a web page in the lower left corner of the window.

“Welcome to San Romia Military Academy's Library.”

Opening the home page brought you to a screen with this text. Next to the text was a blank search box, below the search box was a lot of database options that could be checked – Cepheus Central Library, Starfield Science and Technology Library, Imperial Medical Library, Empire Military Data Museum, San Romia graduates thesis paper database …….

A massive amount of literature and data could be directly accessed from the library!

Snow was excited, he selected all the options, then quickly inputted a line of keywords – Omega pheromones inhibitor.

His finger pressed the search button, and the screen popped up a “Please wait”. After about ten seconds, the blank page showed a line of red warning characters: “Keyword error, no relevant information found, please re-search!”

Snow was stunned – Keyword error? How can this be?

He'd thought that since he couldn't find any information outside, then his permissions weren't high enough to get past the screening in the external network. But now, even San Romia Military Academy Library’s massive network of libraries couldn't produce any information on Omega inhibitors!

Snow gently frowned, then he started to modify the keywords.

“Cosmic calendar 779 March, military court verdict”

“Keyword error, no relevant information found, please re-search!”

"Central Imperial Hospital, Dr. Sanders”

“Keyword error, no relevant information found, please re-search!”

“Application for amendments to the Omega-related protection law”

“Keyword error, no relevant information found, please re-search!”


His fingers quickly swept the screen, changing it to many keywords, but there was still nothing.

Snow’s face gradually grew paler.

Obviously, the Omega pheromone inhibitor was banned, and all the facts related to it was deliberately blocked, even San Romia Military Academy's library couldn't retrieve any of the information. This cover up must be very deep … thinking of this, Snow’s hands couldn't help but clench tightly.


Brian was secretly peeking at Snow, he looked back and found that Snow was tightly clenching his fists, his eyelashes trembling, his teeth tightly biting his lips, he looked very uncomfortable. He was slim and had a gentle appearance, so when he bit his lips, his white face posed a special question ……. like uh, don't you want to protect me?

Brian’s body immediately reacted before his brain could think, he took three or two big steps to Snow, stretched out his hand, and gently probed his forehead. Then he softly asked: “Snow, what's wrong? Why do you look so pale…….? ”

“……Don't touch me!” Snow suddenly forcefully shook off Brian's hands.

Because the sound was too loud it immediately caused the surrounding students to look over. Snow's pale face stiffened, and Brian showed an apologetic smile to the neighboring students and made a 'I'm trying to coax a small hedgehog, sorry to bother you' expression”.

……. Oh, it's an Alpha trying to peruse a Beta ah!

The crowd instantly minded their own business.

Brian used his back to block Snow from the crowd, then looked at Snow. His pale face suddenly had a strange flush, his breathing was instable, and his forehead had a layer of fine sweat.

What…. is he sick?

Brian was distressed and worried, but Snow hated physical contact, so Brian backed up and whispered: "Where are you uncomfortable ah? Would you like me to take you to the infirmary?"

“…….” Snow took a deep breath, propped his slightly trembling fingers on the table and stood up from his seat, he whispered: “Brian … Please send me back to the dorm…….. I……. I have a terrible headache…"

“Got it” Brian didn't hesitate and immediately reached out to help Snow.

Snow’s body suddenly stiffened and his eyelashes trembled harsher, but because his body had lost its strength he was forced to relax. He half-leaned on Brian and was helped by him out of the library.

The time was very late and the campus was lit by warm yellow lights. The road from the library to the dormitory was very quiet, and occasionally the sound of breeze rustling leaves echoed. Snow leaned on Brian, he felt like his legs were boneless, as if he was stepping on air. His feet almost couldn't support the weight of his body.

Seeing Snow stumbling so much, Brian had to stop. He crouched down in front of him, patted his shoulder and said, “Come on, on my back.”

“…” Snow was stunned.

Brian looked back at him and smiled, “Don't try to be brave, come on. My back's all yours.”


Looking at Brian's smile, Snow fell silent for a long time, then he hesitatingly leaned on his body, gently clinging to his neck.

Brian tucked Snow’s legs around his waist, rested his hands on his hips, and gently pushed upwards. He adjusted to a comfortable posture and began walking.

Snow’s face suddenly reddened.

Although Brian’s adjustment was simply to help Snow sit more comfortably on his back, but ……. he felt Brian holding his hips with his powerful hands, gently touching his buttocks, this direct intimate contact made Snow’s body involuntarily tremble.

Snow was lying on his back, breathing rapidly, and Brian wasn't any better off.

For some reason, Snow's warm and rapid breaths made Brian's heartbeat suddenly drum. The young man's soft hair was waving in the breeze and gently tickling his ears, like a feather softly brushing him.

Carrying Snow, feeling his weak body leaning all his weight on him, inexplicably, Brian’s heart suddenly filled with a sense of accomplishment!

He even felt the want to……. the need to protect ​​this person.

The always cold and serious Snow rarely showed such fragility, causing Brian to feel unbearable distress for him.

Carrying him on the road to the dormitory, a soft feeling filled his chest, as if the night wind was warming him.

Brian walked back to the dormitory, opened the door, and the house's automatic voice-activation caused all the lights to immediately light up.

Lin Yuan and Caesar apparently haven't come back yet. Brian went directly to Snow's bedroom and walked up to his bed. He looked back at Snow and found that Snow's face, ears, neck, and even the exposed slice of chest under his shirt was flushed. His mouth was open wide, and his breathing looked obviously uncomfortable.

Brian immediately laid him flat on the bed, covered him with his quilt, and sat by his bedside to observe him, he softly asked: “Where are you uncomfortable? I'll go get you some medicine, I have a lot of emergency medication."

Snow gasped softly then said in a shaky voice, "There's a white bottle in the drawer … bring it…to me.”

Brian immediately searched the drawer for the white bottle, he poured a cup of warm water, walked to the bed and helped Snow up. Looking at the pure white bottle without any trademarks or instructions, and the pure white pills without any markings, Brian had some doubts: “What's this? What kind of medicine is this?”

Snow lowered his eyes and whispered: “I've always had sudden headaches, this is the medicine my father made for me……. it's very useful for treating migraines……. my father is a doctor."

“Oh.” Since his father was a doctor, he'd presumably know a recipe that's not available on the common market right?

Brian didn't doubt him and immediately handed over the bottle.

Snow poured three tablets straight out of the bottle and swallowed it with the warm water.

His body’s condition began to improve, his hands and feet slowly gained back its strength, and his flushed face gradually receded.

Snow took a deep breath, looked at the still worried Brian, and after a moment of silence, he said awkwardly: "That ……. thanks……. thank you."

Brian smiled and scratched his forehead, "You’re welcome, we're roommates, this is nothing."

Although his mouth said this, this was the first time Snow didn't avoid him in disgust, he even took the initiative to thank him, so Brian’s heart was overjoyed!

Seeing Snow’s complexion looking better, Brian whispered: “Feel better? No more headache?"

Brian didn't find that his tone of voice was very doting and gentle.

“…” Snow avoided his line of sight, embarrassed, lowered his head and said: "I feel much better. I'll sleep early, thanks for your help again."

Brian smiled and stood up, “Well, then I won't bother you anymore. Have a good rest. Call me if you need help.”


After Brian left the bedroom, Snow let out a relieved breath.

Fortunately, Brian had followed him to the fifth floor, saw his abnormality and sent him home in time, otherwise, if he'd entered estrus in the library, the consequences would've been unimaginable…….

Snow still felt some lingering fear, he took a few deep breaths to adjust his heartbeat.

The inhibitors he just took were not stable. Because intravenous injections are difficult to get through interstellar security, he could only add the ingredients of the inhibitor to oral tablets. So the drug's composition affected its performance and its efficacy was greatly reduced.

He was too tense when he was looking up the data, his brain was in an excited state, and his heart rate affected his body’s hormones, causing the inhibitor to suddenly fail.

Fortunately, he'd added a mask for Omega odor to the batch of inhibitors, so the early stages of estrus won't attract too much attention from the Alpha. It's only when he enters true estrus that his Omega smell wouldn't be covered up and it would spread all over the school!

Today, in order to forcefully suppress his estrus, he ate three tablets at one time, which meant that every day from now on, he'd need to increase his daily intake by three …….

Although the amount of medicine he brought was enough to reach the holidays, if there's an uncontrollable situation like today again, what could he do?

Did he really need to find an Alpha to get him through estrus?

Thinking of this, Snow couldn't help but frown and shake his fist.

– I must find a solution as soon as possible!

There was a list of inhibitor ingredients in his hands, but the problem was, where could he get the drugs and the space to make the inhibitors?



So sticky!- He actually called him sticky candy, googling got me this:


When an Omega enters estrus, their bodies become soft and weak, they instantly turn into limp, horny noodles. Even if they're in a crowded area, they don't have the strength to run away. As much as I hate how they treat Omega, you gotta admit that they're ticking time bombs.

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