Absolute Great Teacher

Chapter 12: Sun Mo, You Schemed Against Me!

Chapter 12: Sun Mo, You Schemed Against Me!

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“Why are you still hitting me?”

Li Gong clutched his face, filled with disbelief. Why was this fellow so gusty? Wait a minute, he suddenly realized something. “Do you think that Headmaster An Xinhui can protect you? Stop dreaming. The school isn’t a place where her words alone hold sway...”

This time around, he didn’t wait for Li Gong to finish talking. Sun Mo directly opened up his stance. His back-hand and front-hand launched forward, slapping both sides of Li Gong’s face.

Pak! Pak! Pak!

In the storehouse, the sound of slappings echoed out.

“Stop hitting, I’m in the wrong!”

Li Gong covered his head. In order to cure his lame leg, he decided to endure. Besides, he had discovered that this brat was much more self-confident than before. His tongue was also more ‘poisonous’.

Sun Mo stopped. His gaze held no fluctuations as he stared at Li Gong. He didn’t forget the vile attitude this fellow had shown him that day when he scolded him.

This fellow kept finding trouble for Sun Mo because his purpose was to get him fired. Once Sun Mo was fired, he would have a black mark on his record forever, and it might be impossible for him to find another job as a teacher in another school. Even if he were to look for other jobs, his future would definitely be affected.

Facing a fellow who wanted to destroy his future, Sun Mo absolutely wouldn’t feel pity.

“What do you want me to do before you will cure my leg?”

Li Gong’s tone turned soft. Many intern teachers were afraid of committing mistakes during their internship as they would be fired. Thus, what he could threaten Sun Mo with was his power to grade Sun Mo badly. But if Sun Mo didn’t care whether he joined the faculty or not, the threat Li Gong presented would be ineffective.

“What do you think?”

Sun Mo counter-asked.

Li Gong fell silent. As an experienced member of the society, he knew what Sun Mo wanted. However, he couldn’t say it or he wouldn’t be able to stay in the school any longer.

“No one instructed me to make things hard on you. I was the one who feels that you are unworthy after I heard that you are Headmaster An’s fiance. I felt unhappy in my heart, and this was why I messed with you.”

Before the sound of Li Gong’s words faded, Sun Mo’s hand smacked over again.


Li Gong staggered, his face had swollen.

“Who the hell do you think you are? With your guts, how would you dare to mess with me if there was no one instructing you? Have you gone stupid from eating too much?”

Sun Mo sneered.


Li Gong’s knees turned soft as he knelt. Mucus and tears flowed down his face as he cried, “I can’t say it. If I say it, not only will I not be able to keep my job, but I will also be beaten to death.”

“You can escape.”

Sun Mo squatted down and looked at Li Gong. “Once your leg is healed, you can find another job whenever you want.”

Li Gong hesitated. He felt he was extremely unlucky.

“It’s Department Head Yang Cai from the logistics department. If I can chase you away, he promised to make me his vice department head.”

“Why does he want to target me?”

Sun Mo frowned.

“Maybe you took something from him?”

After Li Gong finished speaking, when he saw Sun Mo lifting his hand again, he hurriedly covered his head. “I have no idea. Maybe the higher-ups wanted to make trouble for An Xinhui and you got implicated?”

Any places with humans would have disputes over benefits. The Central Province Academy also wasn’t a board of iron. It had fallen to the bottom of the ‘D’ grade in the league tournament and was at the point where its name was about to be removed. Other than the calamity that had happened 300 years ago being a part of the reason, there were also huge issues in the internal departments of the school.

Sun Mo furrowed his brows as he sank into contemplation.

Li Gong knelt on the ground, didn’t dare to disturb Sun Mo or get up.

“You should have done many bad things for Yang Cai, right?”

Sun Mo suddenly spoke, scaring Li Gong badly.

“No! No!”

Li Gong hurriedly waved his hands in denial. Pak! Another slap was launched at him, and he almost became stupid from the force of it.

“There are over twenty staff in the logistics department, so why did he choose you specifically? If you say you are not his lackey, who will believe this?”

Sun Mo liked to read novels, and he especially loved those logic deductions genres.

“Are you a devil?”

Li Gong’s body shivered. Sun Mo’s eyes had clear distinctive shades of black and white, and the calmness and self-confidence radiating from them made Li Gong feel as though he had been seen through.

“Alright, tell me everything you know!”

Sun Mo grabbed hold of Li Gong’s lame leg and started to employ the circulation technique.

Li Gong’s body trembled. He had been prepared to not say anything even if he was beaten to death. However, a current of warmth could be felt from his lame leg, causing his spirits to stir.


Li Gong stared at Sun Mo with shock. The Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands were truly awesome. With a casual press, his leg already felt much more comfortable.


Favorable impression points from Li Gong +5.

Prestige connection with Li Gong: Neutral (6/100).

“I said it before, I can heal your leg!”

Sun Mo’s voice was filled with confidence.

Li Gong hummed and hawed, eventually saying all the ‘black history’ he knew about. His leg had been crippled for almost 12 years. He would feel it grow cold in the summer, and he had to wrap his to protect it. It felt even worse in the winter. Now that he had felt a sense of comfort from his leg, he truly didn’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

“Corruption is truly a widespread phenomenon.”

After listening to Li Gong’s words, Sun Mo’s expression grew increasingly colder.

“Please press a little bit more for me!”

After that, Sun Mo’s hand moved away. The sense of comfort Li Gong felt instantly vanished.

“Hmph, listen well and follow my instructions exactly to the letter. After this matter is settled, I will cure your leg completely.”

Sun Mo carefully told him what to do.

“No way. If I do this, I will die for sure!”

After Li Gong heard what Sun Mo said, his face turned completely pale.

Sun Mo took out a chestnut-size white-colored jade stone and tossed it about between his hands.

“Voice-retention stone?”

Li Gong wailed in grief. He was so angered that he almost fainted. “Sun Mo, you are scheming against me!”

A voice-retention stone was a special jade stone that could record the surrounding noises. Li Gong didn’t expect Sun Mo to have this trick up his sleeves.

“You’ve already said so much. Do you think you still have the chance to go back on our deal?”

Although a voice-retention stone wasn’t cheap, even poor students would do their best to prepare one. They could use it to record the lessons given by great teachers and use it as a source of revision in the future.

After Sun Mo saw this stone in his luggage, he knew that his plans were in the bag. As long as Li Gong fell for the first step, he would have no choice but to board this ship of his.

As a fan of deduction-genre novels, Sun Mo knew that secret records were weapons that would never blunt from use.

Li Gong gritted his teeth, looking like a mad dog that was about to bite. He rushed toward Sun Mo, wanting to snatch the voice-retention stone back.

Sun Mo had long since been on guard against this fellow.

Just when Li Gong moved, Sun Mo’s right leg lifted high and kicked at Li Gong’s head.


Li Gong was flung to the side like a sack. The impact of the fall caused the dust here to fly around.


Sun Mo moved his leg about. As expected of a world where spirit qi could be cultivated. This made it so that his body was extremely healthy and robust.

After being kicked, Li Gong started to be afraid. Had he gone mad? He had attacked Sun Mo. Even if this guy was someone who ate ‘soft-rice’, he was ultimately a graduate from the Songyang Academy.

“I will give you two days to think!”

Sun Mo flicked away the dust on his robes. “Think about it. If your leg is healed, you can find a respectable job and earn more money.”

Li Gong’s heart was moved. Doing odd jobs was tiring and the pay was low. Also, because his movements were inconvenienced, the work was sometimes strenuous for him.

“In any case, given how old you are and with a lame leg, even if you went out to play, those ugly old women wouldn’t care about you right?”

Sun Mo’s tongue was toxic.

Li Gong started. After that, his face turned black. He could only feel resentment and helplessness in his heart.


Walking on the limestone pathway of the school, basking in the sunlight of the afternoon, Sun Mo felt extremely comfortable in his heart. After settling Li Gong, no one would temporarily make trouble for him. He could relax for a few days.

The Central Province Academy was very big. Sun Mo would occasionally see students with immature looks on their faces. If it wasn’t for the fact that their clothes were of the ancient style, Sun Mo would have felt that he returned to his old school.

After entering the school gate, if one walked for a few more steps to the main avenue, there would be a small public square. At this moment, someone was preparing some set-ups here. Seven days later, this would be the location for the student recruitment meet.

The standard of recruitment for Central Province Academy was that the students had to reach 12 years of age.

In the past, even before the student recruitment meet, the school gate would have been destroyed by the students who came to join the school. Hence, there had been a need to prepare an entry test to filter away those students who weren’t up to the standard.

Now, as the standard of the school dropped to the ‘D’ grade, other than some false reputation, the grandness of the recruitment meet no longer existed. As long as their slots could be filled, the school leaders would already thank the heavens and earth.

The Myriad Daos Academy, which replaced the Central Province Academy, was now the number one academy in Jinling City. It was the top choice of school for high officials and rich merchants.

“From Li Ziqi’s way of talking and clothes, she should be from a wealthy family. Her parents will definitely hope for her to go to the Myriad Daos Academy. So why did the system want me to get her to be my student? This mission is truly too difficult.”

Honestly speaking, if he was Li Ziqi’s parents, he would also choose the Myriad Daos Academy for her. Who didn’t wish for their children to attend a better school?

“Forget it, I will take a step at a time. Let’s hope there will be no punishments if I fail the mission!”

Sun Mo touched his hair. Speaking of which, he still had three missions. One was to become a teaching assistant in half-a-month, and the reward was a golden treasure chest. Initially, the mission’s duration was one month. But because he spoke too much, the duration was changed. If he couldn’t complete this, the system had clearly expressed that there would be a strict punishment.

The second mission was to help Qi Shengjia pass the battle hall’s test. The reward would also be a golden treasure chest. However, after Sun Mo understood the test’s mechanism and Qi Shengjia’s extremely low potential value, he felt that this was almost impossible.

The third mission was a simple one, but Sun Mo wasn’t that keen because there was no challenge to it. Just like what the system had said, a great teacher was someone who transformed the impossible into the possible, allowing trash to become a gem.

This sentence fit Sun Mo’s style. Because when he played games, he would always start with the highest difficulty level.

“During the student recruitment meet, I must definitely select a few students that have off-the-charts potential.”

Sun Mo rubbed his eyes. The Divine Sight spell was the source of his confidence. “I heard my fiance is named An Xinhui? Hmm, this name is really not bad. I heard she’s also a beauty on the Devastating Beauty Rankings, should I go and see her?”

The Devastating Beauty Rankings were only for female great teachers. As the name implied, not only must the female great teacher be extremely beautiful, but their knowledge must also be profound and deep, suffering no disadvantages when compared with their outstanding and peerless demeanor. One could say that those who could take a spot in it were all goddesses that males wanted to chase after.

This ranking was different from the Greencloud Rankings and Great Teacher Rankings. The Beauty Rankings was announced by the government after collecting a large amount of data. As the rankers were chosen by everyone else in the public, it was worthy of being believed.

One must know that in this current age, there were no hired posters on the internet to sway the opinions of the public. Hence, those on the rankings must have received the public’s approval and recognition.

“It wouldn’t be illegal to glance at my own fiance, right?”

Sun Mo’s heart stirred.

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