Absolute Great Teacher

Chapter 13: A Small Step toward Being a Great Teacher

Chapter 13: A Small Step toward Being a Great Teacher

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The blue sky was clear with white clouds.

The Middle-Earth’s nine provinces, which were still stuck as an agricultural society, had no hints of industrial pollution. The smell of the fresh air with a hint of summer was very comfortable.

Sun Mo walked to the end of the stone path and stopped in his footsteps, allowing the shadows from the mulberry tree to cast down and flicker on his body. He then turned and headed toward the dorm building.

What point would there be if a man didn’t equip himself with a famous blade and ride a great horse to meet his beloved woman?

“Since An Xinhui is the headmaster, then I must at least be a great teacher, right?”

Sun Mo mumbled and then added one more thought in his heart. ” I have to become the top great teacher in Jinling!”


“Congratulations, you’ve reached 100 favorable impression points, activating the great teacher path. As you have taken a small step on the great teacher path, you’re rewarded with a lucky treasure chest. I hope that from now on, you’ll obtain even greater achievements as a great teacher. Good luck, intern teacher Sun Mo!”

The system’s series of reminders cut off Sun Mo’s thoughts.

“Do you have to speak up suddenly every single time? You’re like a ghost and it’s quite scary!”

Sun Mo complained, but the system naturally wouldn’t pay him any heed.

A lucky treasure chest that flashed in red light landed in front of Sun Mo’s eyes. He was familiar with this situation and called out ‘open’ softly.

It opened with the command and then immediately disappeared, leaving behind a small, round glass bottle that was the size of a palm. It was flat and there was a creamy white liquid inside.

‘The ancient whale oil is the essence extracted from the ancient whale. It is refined together with 16 precious medicinal herbs and is for external application. It can strengthen the body, prevent illnesses, relieve pain, and increase the sensitivity of the six senses.’

‘Remark, as the effect is too powerful, please use small amounts appropriately each time. If used in too high of a dosage, it’ll corrode the nerves and result in a huge sense of excitement.’

After looking at the instructions on the bottle, Sun Mo was speechless. “System, you want me to go further and further down the path of a masseur? Nurturing a great teacher? You must be nurturing a masseur instead.”

“Please do not doubt the accuracy of the Absolute Great Teacher System,” the system emphasized. “Moreover, there aren’t any differences in statuses between jobs.”

“Then why aren’t you a Foot-Masseur System?”

Sun Mo asked.


The system fell silent for about ten or more seconds and then diverted the conversation, “Please do not underestimate the ancient whale oil. When used together with the ancient massage technique, it can have a powerful effect.”

He opened up the shopping store and saw that other than the Bodhi Fruit, there was also a bottle of ancient whale oil on the rack that looked exactly the same as what he had just gotten. The amount was 200ml, and the price was set at 1,000 favorable impression points.

“It’s so expensive?”

Sun Mo was shocked. This was comparable to the price of a Bodhi Fruit.

200ml? Was that little? Of course, it was. Sun Mo had seen his female colleague’s 200ml Chanel No. 5 perfume that cost over 2,500 RMB. After she bought that, she ate plain buns and salted vegetables for over a month.

That was a perfume, and a light puff of it would allow one to have the fragrance for one day. One could use it for several months. But he’d have to use 7 to 8 ml worth of this ancient whale oil each time, right? Otherwise, if the person had a big face, there wouldn’t be enough to cover the face, let alone using enough for a full body massage.

“Cheap things aren’t good. Everything sold by the system shopping store is worth more than their price!”

The system added, “For a full body massage, you’ll just need to use 5ml of the ancient whale oil and dilute it with clean water in a 5:1 ratio. If the ratio is even lower, the effect would be reduced even more.

“A full body massage will give you at least 25 favorable impression points.”

Sun Mo immediately did his estimation. It seemed that he had to use it sparingly.

“Why do you have to use it sparingly? The high price is to stimulate you to work hard and guide even more students, gaining favorable impression points.”

The system made his scheming sound so legitimate, giving Sun Mo the urge to raise his middle finger at it.

Sun Mo currently had 109 favorable impression points, out of which 4 came from Li Ziqi, 6 from Li Gong, 23 from Wang Hao, 25 from Zhou Xu, and rest came from Qi Shengjia’s 51.

“Is there anything I can purchase?”

Sun Mo asked as he walked.

“The lucky treasure chest costs 10 favorable impression points each. It gives you a certain chance of drawing items sold in the shopping store.”

The system recommended.

“I’m an unlucky person who can’t even win a consolation prize in lucky draws since young. Aren’t you asking me to waste all the favorable impression points by doing that?”

Sun Mo rolled his eyes.

After returning to the dorm building, Sun Mo saw a student standing in front of the entrance. He was bowing toward Zhang Sheng. “Teacher Zhang, thank you for your guidance.”

“Go on. Go back and work hard.”

Zhang Sheng was holding a book in his left hand, and his right hand clasped behind his back. He wore a faint smile, putting on the appearance of a great teacher.

Seeing that Sun Mo had come back, Zhang Sheng threw a sideward glance at him and then turned his head away, not even bothering to give a greeting. He didn’t want to get close to useless men like him.

Yuan Feng and Ludi were both in the dorm. The former also ignored Sun Mo, but Ludi nodded. Ludi was someone who would choose not to offend anyone.

“Zhang Sheng, this is the fifth student who had come to look for you for guidance, right? It seems that you’ve already gained the recognition of some students as a teaching assistant!”

Yuan Feng said politely.

“It’s acceptable!”

Zhang Sheng wore a proud expression and went back to his bed, continuing with his meditation.

The atmosphere in the dorm was very awkward.

Zhang Sheng looked down on Sun Mo. Or rather, it could be said that Zhang Sheng looked down on his three roommates. Other than giving short replies when Yuan Feng was making polite and respectful talk, he usually spent his time meditating and didn’t chat with them. Yuan Feng also didn’t care for Sun Mo and thus chose to ignore him.

Ludi had a nonchalant attitude toward Sun Mo, but he wouldn’t take the risk of offending Zhang Sheng and Yuan Feng and talk to him.

Sun Mo could be said to be ostracized and was unable to integrate with them. However, he didn’t care about this. Instead, he felt that it was very quiet, which allowed him to contemplate some things.

Sun Mo would definitely not bootlick someone to get into their good books.

A quiet night passed by.

In the morning, Ludi took his pig trotter and soup stock to bring to the canteen to stew. This was his unique means of getting into the teachers’ good books.

“Teacher Zhou has already eaten two pieces. By the time he eats five pieces, I should be able to stay in the school,”

Ludi yearned for a beautiful future.

Every intern teacher was tagged to a senior teacher as their teaching assistant. The senior teachers’ assessment of them held great influence on whether they could continue to stay in the school or not.

The dorm’s door was opened, and Ludi saw seven students standing outside. He wasn’t surprised. It was because quite a number of students had come to seek Zhang Sheng’s guidance yesterday. Therefore, he turned and called out.

“Zhang Sheng, there are students looking for you to get your guidance!”

Ludi yawned, feeling a little envious.

“It’s good to be rich.”

Ludi touched his pocket. He didn’t have the money to get students to join his side. However, he had his pig trotters, and it would more or less have the same effect in his opinion.

“Zhang Sheng, there are too many students. Will you be able to cope?” Yuan Feng said politely, wearing a smile but feeling very gloomy. Why didn’t he have a rich father?

“It’s a small case!”

Zhang Sheng smoothened out his hair, and after ascertaining that there were no creases on his clothes, he walked out. “Take turns, one at a time. You go first!”

Wang Hao, who was selected, was dumbfounded. He subconsciously asked, “What am I supposed to say?”

“En?” Zhang Sheng was stunned. “Aren’t you here to seek guidance?”

“That’s right!”

Wang Hao nodded.

“Then what do you think you should be saying?”

Zhang Sheng’s tone turned solemn, bearing a little grudge toward Fang Ziliang. He had paid a huge price, but yet Fang Ziliang wasn’t reliable at all. Even if he had looked for people to put up an act, he should have looked for a few smarter students.

Wang Hao scratched his head, wearing a dazed expression.

“Erm, we’re here to look for Teacher Sun, Sun Mo.”

Zhou Xu said and tilted his body, avoiding Zhang Sheng. He then looked into the dorm.


Ludi, who had wanted to leave, stopped in his footsteps and turned to look back.

Hearing this, Zhang Sheng’s countenance turned grim. He glared at Ludi and returned to the dorm.

“It’s not my fault!”

Ludi didn’t know how to react. He had wanted to explain that he had no idea Sun Mo would be so shameless as to have gotten people to put on this act.


Seeing Zhang Sheng getting humiliated, Yuan Feng went back under his blankets and almost laughed out loud.

“Good morning, Teacher Sun!”

Zhou Xu stood at the door and greeted Sun Mo, who had gotten up after hearing the noises. After the massage from yesterday, his condition was now very good.

“Teacher Sun.”

Wang Hao quickly greeted him as well, smiling brightly.

“Look at the people he looked for. Their aptitude for acting is so high. This guy’s smile looks like he admires Sun Mo from the bottom of his heart.”

Zhang Sheng was stumped and wanted to go look for Fang Ziliang to get a refund.

“Sun Mo, you must have spent quite a lot of money to hire the help of seven students.”

Yuan Feng purposely spoke out loud, wanting to ridicule Sun Mo, putting him in an awkward spot. However, Sun Mo didn’t pay him any heed at all.

“What do you guys want?”

Sun Mo walked out and stood at the corridor, glancing toward them.

His Divine Sight was activated, and every student’s statistics appeared next to them. Amongst them, the one with the highest potential value was only at the average level.

“Teacher Sun, they’re all here to seek your guidance,” Zhou Xu explained.

“I’m not free!”

After saying that, Sun Mo went downstairs. How could Zhou Xu possibly hide his thoughts from Sun Mo? These people must have come to see things for themselves after hearing about the ancient massage technique.


The group exchanged glances after seeing Sun Mo’s back view.

“Pfft haha!”

Zhang Sheng couldn’t help but break out laughing. “If a person isn’t capable, then it’d be useless even if they were to spend money.”

“That’s right. Students came to seek guidance, but the teacher ran off, not giving a single word of guidance. This is such a joke.” Yuan Feng gloated.

“He’s just full of trash, so how is he supposed to give them guidance?” Zhang Sheng smirked, no longer feeling upset.

“However, this guy had spent a lot of money in order to stay in school. It probably costs a lot for him to look for so many students at once.”

Yuan Feng contemplated if he should also borrow money to build up his reputation.

“Sun Mo looks quite handsome. If he were to sacrifice himself, there’d definitely be people who would want to keep him.”

Zhang Sheng stroked his chin and said in disdain, “He isn’t even a teaching assistant, yet he wants to become a teacher? He’s dreaming.”

“Sigh, these people are too shameless. They don’t show the morals a teacher should have. I’m the innocent one, relying on my own talent.”

Ludi shook his head and looked at the pig trotter he was holding. He felt that so few people were as honest as he was.

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