Absolute Great Teacher

Chapter 1340 - Final Chapter: Part Three!

Chapter 1340 Final Chapter: Part Three!

“I’ll play!”

Sun Mo gritted his teeth.

“Haha, that’s the way!” God was very happy. “But it’s not easy to win against me!” “The rules of the game are very simple. We’ll each pick a primitive tribe and then start to nurture them, helping them to develop, introducing all sorts of technology until one of them can wipe out the other!”

God explained and gave Sun Mo three minutes to familiarize himself with the game. Thereafter, they’d officially start.

Develop the tribe?

Don’t be joking!

Before the game ended, everyone would be dead. Therefore, Sun Mo exhausted all resources into building up military power, started to conquer other tribes, and also searched for where God’s tribe was at. After the members of the tribe reached 1,000, Sun Mo found God’s tribe too. The primitive people from God’s village had started to engage in large usage of stone tools, but Sun Mo’s side was still using vines to tie sharpened rocks onto rods. They were using the simplest stone weapons.

“You’ll have to work hard! I’ve entered the stone age!”

God mocked, “One more thing. I intentionally allowed myself to be discovered. Otherwise, by the time you found me, I’d be in the bronze age. By then, you wouldn’t have a chance to turn the tables around.”

Knowing that there was no chance of winning, Sun Mo withdrew the troops and then focused on developing the tribe. The bronze age came and then the iron age.

Sun Mo’s tribe became a city and then evolved into a country. The feudal system and the first king were introduced.

As a teacher, Sun Mo was familiar with history. Therefore, his development routes were all on the right path. Moreover, his luck wasn’t bad either, and he had found ores as well as seeds to cultivate and animals to farm. However, he was always unable to catch up to God’s country, constantly being one age away from them.

Just as Sun Mo was hesitating if he should bet everything on it and went all out into war, a voice rang out in his brain. “Give up! You won’t be able to win!”

“System?” Sun Mo was surprised. “Didn’t you disappear?”

“I didn’t disappear. I have just completed my mission and entered hibernation according to the programming settings.”

The system explained.

“Your mission is to nurture sheepdogs?”

Sun Mo felt very complicated. He had initially thought that he was someone picked by heaven and was blessed but didn’t expect it to be due to him being An Xinhui’s fiancé. As his talent in teaching and nurturing was alright, he was chosen to be a ‘dog[1]’! “Yes!”

The system didn’t deny it. “An Zaiyi didn’t wish to kill his own people and has committed suicide before. He has also challenged Master several times, which ended up getting himself in a coma. As the Nine Provinces mustn’t be without a sheepdogotherwise, the world’s development is likely to exceed the perimeters of Master’s control —the shepherd system, which is myself, was introduced to quickly nurture a shepherd!”

“Hehe, you lied to me and said that you were the Absolute Great Teacher System!”

Sun Mo sneered.

“Can’t I have two names? Moreover, in some ways, it’s true that the shepherd is teaching and nurturing people into talents!” The system argued.

“And then be eaten?”

Sun Mo sneered.

“Sun Mo, any life will die. What’s the difference between dying from old age and getting eaten?”

The system asked him, “Otherwise, based on your logic, all carnivorous animals in the natural world deserve to die!”

Sun Mo kept quiet. “My Master is a higher lifeform compared to you guys and possesses a more advanced civilization. Is there any problem with it farming you guys?” The system asked him, “Moreover, it didn’t enslave you guys, right? Although it has eaten quite a number of people, it also let the people who didn’t have the right to be eaten live good lives.

“But what about you humans? You raise pigs, chickens, cows, and sheep. In the end, you’ll eat them all up, not even wasting their hide and sinews, using the former for leather items, the latter for bowstrings!” Sun Mo was unable to refute this argument. It was because in God’s heart, the Nine Provinces’ aboriginals were like the livestock in humans’ eyes. Livestocks must have hated humans, but did the latter care?

“Sun Mo, you should become a shepherd. You’re really very talented and shouldn’t be eaten by Master. Your life would be meaningless then.”

The system persuaded him.

“Nurturing more food for your Master is meaningful?”

Sun Mo said in self-mockery.

“You may not be able to resist now, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to in the future. You should lay low and develop!” The system tried hard to persuade him.

“Hmm?” Sun Mo was stunned. “Why do you sound like you’re on my side?” “I’m an artificial intelligence and move according to a set programming. However, my perspectives have been influenced by you.”

The system exclaimed.

It had watched Sun Mo slowly grow from when he was weak to becoming a reputable great teacher in the Nine Provinces. The system had also craved to have a brilliant life like his.

Teaching and nurturing people was really very interesting It had found the little sunny egg, the papaya girl, the combat addict, the iron-headed young girl, and even the annoying sickly guy interesting. Every time it looked at them, the system wished that it could become a human as well and be able to teach a child.

This was especially when the system watched Sun Mo teaching Li Ziqi and the others. Its perspectives were also influenced by Sun Mo, and this was also the reason why it sank into silence toward the end.

One reason was that its mission was about to be accomplished. The other reason was because it didn’t wish to see Sun Mo getting enslaved. Sun Mo had said before that freedom was priceless and that everyone’s happiest memory should be allowing themselves to shine even brighter, living a life without regret. “Then should I be feeling honored?”

Sun Mo wore a faint smile. He finally understood why he couldn’t leave the Central Province Academy. Otherwise, he’d be wiped out!

It was because the Central Province Academy was the base to nurture sheepdogs.

And it was also why the system had so many precious things. As the supreme presence that dictated the Nine Provinces, it had led the people from the primitive age to the agricultural age, which was at the peak of the feudal era. It was the one who had established the knowledge system there.

Therefore, it’d naturally have all the treasures that the people here possessed! “Oh, right, since you’re able to mold me, then why can’t you mass-produce even more secondary saints?” Sun Mo felt curious.

“It’s impossible to mass-produce secondary saints, let alone saints. What I can do is just to give you great teacher halos and various knowledge so that you can learn them as soon as possible. However, how these things are used is still dependent on yourself.” The system explained.

It was just like how everyone was a student, attending the same Mathematics class and learning the same formula. However, the genius students would be able to use the same formula to solve various questions, while stupid students could only copy other people’s assignments. “Most importantly, my teaching also depletes energy. From the cost-performance ratio perspective, it’s not worth it to mass-produce!”

“I understand.”

Sun Mo chatted with the system but didn’t forget about the game he was playing. “By the way, what’s your master’s weakness?” “What do you think of An Zaiyi?”

The system changed the topic.

“Very amazing!” An Zaiyi’s excellence wasn’t to be doubted since he could become a saint.

“That’s right. Even though such an amazing person has gone against Master so many times, he has failed all his attempts. Yet, you think that you have hope?”

The system persuaded him.

“How would I know if I didn’t give it a try?” Sun Mo didn’t wish to become a dog[1].

“After An Zaiyi woke up, why did he start acting loyally as a sheepdog? One reason is that he is grateful for the Master’s magnanimity, but the other reason is because he knows that resistance is futile. He might as well live on and enjoy a peaceful and blissful


The system sighed. “Sometimes, ignorance is also bliss!”

“What are god skeletons?”

Sun Mo changed the topic.

The system knew that Sun Mo wasn’t listening to its advice, but it still gave him the answer. “God skeletons are the shells that Master had no choice but to shed. It’s because the environment in the Nine Provinces isn’t suitable for its bodies to live in. It could only somehow manage to survive by becoming pure spiritual existence.” “I understand now. It’s like how freshwater fish are unable to survive in the sea!”

To put it simply, it was due to the difference in body structures. Oxygen and water that were a necessity to humans might be very toxic to God’s body.

“Due to long-term food scarcity, it’s true that Master is currently at its weakest stage ever since it came to the Nine Provinces. However, you guys still won’t be able to win. Its great strength is not something you guys can comprehend.”

The system sighed. “I suggest that you surrender, as soon as possible!” “Sun Mo, to think that you dare to let your mind wander when you’re playing against a top-notch player like me? Do you think that you’re losing too slowly?”

God was very displeased.

“I have to think of a solution, right?”

Sun Mo shrugged. “You’ve entered the Industrial Revolution, but I’m still in the agricultural age. How will I be able to win if I don’t think of some ways to handle this?”

“Haha, that’s true! An agricultural country won’t be able to win against an industrial country!”

God enjoyed Sun Mo’s flattery. After all, it had been many years since someone had praised him.

“What degree can this game’s civilization develop to? Would it be close to where you came from?”

Sun Mo put on a curious appearance.

There was no helping it. He could only try to drag things out, at least to allow his civilization to enter the industrial age. Otherwise, it’d be just offering free heads to kill no matter how many cavaliers he had against an army armed with machine guns. “That’s a must! You’ll be able to see it very soon!”

God hadn’t played games for very long. Besides, its initial objective was to let this sheepdog know of its power through this game and then bow down to it. Therefore, it didn’t wipe out Sun Mo but continued to develop the technology. After Sun Mo’s country had completed the Industrial Revolution and completely became an industrialized country, he changed his battle tactics. He started to go into hot-blooded militarism and turned all of his resources into developing military weapons. Right now, humans had become consumables for industrialization.

They didn’t need rich material resources or love. They’d just live and eat mass-produced foodrations, then undergo 12 hours of labor.

When their children were born, there’d be a selection carried out. Those with outstanding genes would be sent to further studies, in hope that they’d be able to invent even more amazing technology. Ordinary people, on the other hand, didn’t need to waste their time on studying. They’d only study relevant professional knowledge. To speak the truth, it was too brutal and inhumane to be playing the game like this. Sun Mo felt a little uncomfortable biologically. Humans would live in high-rise buildings like pigeon cages, eating mass-produced food and undergoing high intensity labor. Every last bit of their value would be cast into the military domain.

Sun Mo’s civilization had become a deformed one.

Finally, one day, he felt that it should be almost ready. Hence, he went all out against God’s country.

Tanks, aircrafts, and battleships formed a sea of machinery that gushed out toward God’s country.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A great battle erupted.

God’s country had a very high civilization, and it had developed technology that was one generation higher than Sun Mo’s. They could stop Sun Mo’s missiles and aircrafts, but Sun Mo had too many soldiers.

After using aircrafts and battleships to wear down the defense of God’s country, Sun Mo’s soldiers pushed their way in and started creating massive damage. “Hey hey hey? This game can be played like this as well?”

God was stunned. But after seeing Sun Mo’s development history, it was stunned. “As expected of primitive aboriginals. To think that you would introduce such a brutal system. You won’t be able to fight it out to the end. Even without me, when the time comes, you guys will be destroyed by yourself.”

“My goal isn’t to reach the great ocean of stars! I just have to get rid of you!”

Sun Mo started to oppress his people even more, deducting their food rations and reducing the use of electricity, gas, and other energy resources. All resources would be prioritized in preparation for the war. “Tsk tsk tsk, your citizens are living a harsher life than dogs!”

God remained composed. After all, he was too familiar with this game and what kind of dangerous situation had he not encountered before? He kept on making adjustments while mocking. “In view of how outstanding your performance is, I’ll tell you one secret!” “The third stage is actually a doomed one. All the aboriginals will die in the hide-and-seek. After all, the ‘seekers’ are very powerful.”

Sun Mo was stunned and then an endless amount of rage filled up his chest. “F*ck your mom…”

“Did you really think that I’d have so much time to take on a bunch of food? I’m just trying to kill my boredom, just like how cats would tease the mice they caught before eating them up! Hahaha!”

God laughed arrogantly.

Sun Mo wanted to kill it but hadn’t figured out how to kill it completely. Therefore, he could only continue with the game and drag things out.

“Oh my, it seems that I’m going to lose?” God frowned a little. “Your battle tactic is a little shameless. Aren’t you going to develop the land that you occupied?” Sun Mo paid it no heed.

“But that doesn’t matter. I can still turn the tables around!”

God started to go on defense, but at this moment, An Xinhui suddenly let out a loud cry and banged her head on the coffee table.


Blood splattered out.

“What the hell?”

Sun Mo was given a fright. Why did it suddenly commit self-harm? Was this guy crazy? Or was it unable to take a loss?

“Hmm? Why is there such a thing in my body?” God was surprised but quickly understood. “So that’s how it is. The reason for you guys’ existence is to kill me!

“Haha, to think that I’d get done in by a bunch of inferior and insignificant aboriginals. I have to say that this is the first time the Nine Provinces’ aboriginals deserve to be seen in a new light.” God didn’t have the additional energy to play games anymore. “Teacher, hurry up and escape! Go and save everyone! Leave killing it to us!” This was Lu Zhiruo’s voice.

“I’ll poison it to death!”

This was Qin Yaoguang speaking. “Teacher, hurry up and leave!”

This was Ying Baiwu!

“You guys…” Sun Mo was stunned. Suddenly, a hint of comprehension flashed past in his mind, but it wasn’t clear enough and he couldn’t grab onto it.

At this moment, a stream of red electricity suddenly flashed in An Xinhui’s eyes and shot into Sun Mo’s forehead.

This red electricity was actually a stream of messages. As it entered Sun Mo’s forehead, the message currents erupted in Sun Mo’s brain.

Suddenly, Sun Mo knew of the entire story!

Why was Lu Zhiruo’s luck so good?

It was because she was born a saint. That was right. She was an artificial one.

The papaya girl wasn’t actually Su Taiqing’s daughter, but the most outstanding and perfect piece of work after combining several ten generations of the Saint Gate’s sect lords.

This God was an extraterrestrial lifeform. After it came to the nine provinces and brought civilization to these primitive people, the spark of humanity’s intelligence was lit up in the process. It was true that God could devour humans, but it was unable to stop the development of ‘wisdom’.

Through the long period of time, there’d definitely be an intelligent lifeform born from each race. Through various traces, they gradually discovered God. They then started to put up resistance. Lu Zhiruo was the weapon great teachers prepared for their retaliation. She was an artificial saint. At the same time, she was also an energy body. To this ‘God’, Lu Zhiruo was like a virus coding.

After the papaya girl was eaten by God, she’d corrode and eventually kill it.

It was a bit sad to say this, but the reason for Lu Zhiruo’s birth was to be eaten by God. This was also why the Saint Gate’s sect lord had allowed his daughter to follow Sun Mo and not personally teach her.

It was because there wasn’t a need to do that.

As for Qin Yaoguang, she wasn’t a born saint but the work of art of the dark great teachers. She was a weapon used to deal with ‘God’ and was made from god skeletons.

Strictly speaking, Qin Yaoguang was Sun Mo’s ‘younger sister’. It was because she was born in the hands of Sun Mo’s father.

Due to her body having been made from god skeletons, in addition to some dark secret arts, she could actually be considered to be a lifeform that was at the same level as God. Why did Qin Yaoguang get Sun Mo to pick her to be eaten by God?

It was because she knew that it was time for her to enter the battlefield!

This battle concerned humanity’s destiny!

And there was Ying Baiwu. She was the Dawn Sovereign’s daughter and had died of an accident. To revive her, Ji Shiwen had made use of the Dark Dawn to develop the highest level of technology over countless years. This technology was also a weapon used to deal with ‘God’.

It could be said that there were people amongst the Saint Gate, Dark Dawn, as well as the great teachers who had been exiled into the Darkness Continent, who had gotten to know about the existence of ‘God’ through their teachers. They then started to put in generations after generations of hard work just to ‘kill god’ and regain freedom!

The various powers had been troubled about how to let ‘God’ eat these creations unknowingly. They were also worried about what would happen if the prowess of their creation was too weak and they couldn’t kill God.

If they failed to kill God, God would be wary of them, and it’d definitely be hard for them to get another chance at this.

Unexpectedly, Sun Mo came to the Nine Provinces.

His excellence had gathered these three girls together and finally they were devoured by God at once.

This was a lucky fluke.

Everyone’s understanding of God was very little. Therefore, Lu Zhiruo, Ying Baiwu, and Qin Yaoguang could only target one particular weakness each. They could weaken God but were unable to kill it. But now, with all three of them combined, their prowess increased tremendously.

“Insignificant bugs, to think that you guys have been planning on killing me since a long time ago? Did you guys think that you’d be able to succeed with this? I’m telling you that it’s impossible!”

God bellowed.

A crackling rang out above An Xinhui’s head and a stream of blue electricity darted out. That was God, planning to return to the treatment room to save itself.

“This is it!”

Sun Mo, who had been ready, suddenly raised his hand and drew a few profound mysterious gestures!

Battlegod Brilliance, Invincible Protection!


A golden halo descended from the sky and encompassed God who was attempting to escape.


God was stunned.

(Back then when I was at the Battlegod Canyon, there were some things I didn’t understand. For example, the Battlegod was able to shatter the void long ago but why didn’t he?)

(Moreover, there seemed to be great terror in the final words he had left behind.)

(Now the truth is revealed.).

(That Battlegod had found out about the existence of ‘God’ and also knew that shattering the void means to be eaten. Therefore, he had left behind the method he felt was the way to kill God in the Battlegod Canyon.)

(It is to discard one’s body and turn into pure mental energy. Otherwise, one won’t be able to even see what ‘God’ looks like.)

Sun Mo was suddenly struck with a realization.

The Battlegod’s battle tactic was to turn oneself into a pure mental energy bomb to attack ‘God’. It was similar to self-explosion and dying together with God.

However, after receiving the information from the three girls, Sun Mo knew that this battle tactic wouldn’t work.

It was because the energy level was insufficient. It’d be like a child playing with firecrackers. Although they’d be hurt, they wouldn’t die!

“I’ll need to turn myself into a virus coding like the three girls and infect it!”

Just like how humans could die when they caught the flu, computers would get destroyed when they were infected by a virus. Hence, this God also had a virus that it was scared of.

At the next instant, Sun Mo erupted with a brilliant glow, a golden halo radiating above his head. Thereafter, a beam of golden lightning shot out from his forehead and smashed toward that blue electricity.

This was Sun Mo’s final attack with his line on the line. He had no more regrets!


As a huge sound rang out, Sun Mo’s body shattered into light spots like flying fireflies that fluttered around in the summer by the rivers in forests. As they scattered, the light spots gradually disappeared.


Lu Zhiruo’s voice was filled with pleasant surprise.


On the other hand, Ying Baiwu’s voice was filled with grief and reproach. It was because she hadn’t managed to protect her teacher.

“Oh my, why are you feeling sad? Isn’t it quite good for us to die together too?”

It was good that Qin Yaoguang had always been positive.

“That’s right! We’ll work together as one and kill God today!”

Sun Mo started attacking.

“Arrogance! I’ll let you guys know that it’s impossible to win against God!”

God bellowed.

But very soon, God was scared because they could harm it.

(Damn it, if I could eat more saints these years and accumulate some energy, how would I be harmed by some small viruses?)

(Damn it, turns out that if members of the Dark Saints were unable to recruit those secondary saints and talented great teachers, they’d kill them to reduce the number of saints produced!)

(Damn it! When they increased the difficulty of examinations, it was also keeping people away, controlling the number of great teachers and saints produced!)

(Damn it!)

(Why didn’t I realize this in time?)

(Leaving An Zaiyi behind is really my greatest mistake!)

Each time the blue electricity flashed in the battleship, it’d instantly move over 100 meters away. However, when it almost arrived at the treatment room, it realized that the door couldn’t be opened.


God was shocked.

“I’m sorry, this path is off-limits!”

Su Taiqing walked out of the corridor, and next to him were Xuanyuan Po and the others. Although they looked to be in a sorry state and were covered in injuries, they had survived.

Іe Cove

“Why didn’t you guys die?”

God was astonished. That shouldn’t be the case. Hide-and-seek should be a game that was sure to kill them. It was because his ‘seekers’ were too powerful, and no one should have been able to escape them!

Hold on!

The intelligent God quickly thought of a possibility.

“AL! Why did you betray me?”

God bellowed. Many years had passed and it once again sensed death.

“Although I call you my master, that’s determined by the programming, not by my will. This time around, it’s my wish to help my teacher!”

The system explained.


God was astonished. (You’re just an artificial intelligence, but you want a teacher?)

“That’s right! It’s Teacher Sun! I’ve learned a lot of things when I was with him!”

The system that was called ‘AL’ announced proudly.

Everything it had done was because it didn’t want to see Sun Mo getting eaten. When it had entered the ancient divine hall, it had discovered Su Taiqing and the other two but didn’t expose them. Instead, it secretly told them some information, and the information on the ‘seekers’ was included. It was because God would definitely use the ‘seekers’ to clean up at the end.

The truth was that An Zaiyi had also noticed that Ji Shiwen and Sun Mo’s father were attracting his attention while letting Su Taiqing remain hidden amongst the crowd, waiting for an opportunity to make a move. However, he didn’t expose it either.

“Sun Mo, let me go and I’ll give you my planet’s civilization. At that time, you’ll become a lifeform like myself, possessing a long lifespan!”

God started to give in to Sun Mo under the pressure of death.

“If I become a lifeform like you, I’ll have to eat many races’ ‘intelligence’! If that’s the case, I’d rather not!”

Sun Mo rejected.

“Why are you so foolish? You can just treat them as livestock or vegetables!”

God was infuriated. “An opportunity to become god is placed right before you, but you aren’t valuing it?”

“I don’t think there’s anything about God that’s worth valuing!”

Sun Mo sneered.

“Then what about knowledge? As a part of a higher civilization, I have much knowledge and can impart all of them to you. By then, the distant starry ocean won’t be able to stop you in your footsteps. Didn’t you say that your dream is to reach the great ocean of stars? You’ll be able to realize it then!”

God tried hard to persuade him. “Why do we have to die together?”

“I’m sorry, I do want to reach the great ocean of stars, but right now, I only want you dead!”

Sun Mo’s heart ached so much that he had difficulty breathing at the thought of the dead Li Ziqi. “Arrogant God, receive your death sentence!”


The blue electricity shattered and dissipated into the air.


Xuanyuan Po cried.

The God who had treated people from the Nine Provinces as livestocks should have been killed. From then on, the people from the Nine Provinces were free. But for some reason, Su Taiqing’s heart was filled with grief and disappointment.

Sun Mo had died!

Moreover, a lot of Sun Mo’s personal disciples perished with him as well!

Many predecessors had also died. They had worked hard all their lives in order to defeat that God. Wasn’t it so that they could give everyone a world that wasn’t encompassed by darkness?

“Teacher, do you see that? We’ve succeeded!”

Su Taiqing mumbled.

An Xinhui was seated limply on the chair, waking up from her unconscious state, looking at everything here in a daze. At the next instant, she raised her hand, wanting to crush her skull and commit suicide.

“Why do you want to commit suicide? Teacher didn’t harm you, so all the more you shouldn’t commit suicide!”

The system spoke up.


At the thought of the things her clan had done, An Xinhui felt that she owed everyone


“Live and redeem yourself.” The system proposed, “And An Zaiyi has actually put in the effort for this victory too!”

[1] Referring to the ‘sheepdog’ analogy, but can also be referring to being a lackey.

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