Absolute Great Teacher

Chapter 1341 (END) - Final Chapter: Part Four!

Chapter 1341 Final Chapter: Part Four!

Nine Provinces Calendar, 200 CE (Common Era)!

This was a new calendar system introduced by the Humanity Union. It was something that all the countries from the Nine Provinces had come together to form, and it had been 200 years since then.

According to the law, the highest-ranking official-Union Chief-was picked through an election. There were a total of four powers who had the right to participate in the election.

The greatest power was the Saint Gate, which represented the great teachers faction. They grasped the most advanced technology and knowledge in this world and were the leaders for humanity and civilization’s progress.

The second greatest faction was the kings.

Just like how things were in the modern days, some countries still had royal authority. In the Nine Provinces, there were no revolutions, so not only did the royal families from countries like the Great Tang, the Great Xia, and the Great Qi continue to live well, but they were also rich and formed a great power. The third faction was formed from those in the middle-tier of society, including big landowners, merchants, as well as public figures. Not only did they have a say in things, but they were also involved in all aspects of society. The fourth faction was the commoners, including handicraftsmen, traders, and farmers. Moreover, they were also the faction with the most number of people. These people had the power to vote, and there’d be an election for the Union Chief once every ten years. Due to Sun Mo’s influence, the first appointed Union Chief was the Great Tang’s female emperor, Li Ziqi. As the little sunny egg’s political performance was too perfect in her period of appointment, in addition to Sun Mo’s influence getting greater and greater, she kept on being elected to stay on the role, and 200 years had passed by since then.

Today was the great event of Li Ziqi relinquishing the role.

It wasn’t that the representatives stopped choosing her but that Li Ziqi didn’t wish to assume the position anymore. “Union Chief, you’ve been doing very well. Why did you reject the reappointment?” The palace maids cried. In their opinion, the reason why the Nine Provinces could be so prosperous and peaceful now was all thanks to Li Ziqi. As long as they were willing to work hard, even farmers could live in big houses, have spirit runes televisions to watch, and access to hot water 24 hours a day.

They’d even have excess money each year that they could go traveling with.

They’d be able to travel 1,000 lis a day on the spirit runes railway and also travel in and outside the city in the north in the morning, even when it was snowing everywhere, but could eat lychees in the south at night. This had become a common occurrence.

“It’s because I want to go be with Teacher!”

Li Ziqi was very happy. She wasn’t going to miss the great authority of having control over the entire Nine Provinces.

Back then, she had been eaten by ‘God’. But just like how humans needed some time to digest the food they ate, a part of her soul was still in the body of ‘God’. After Sun Mo killed ‘God’, due to the system’s betrayal, it used the emergency system on the interstellar battleship to revive everyone.

The system itself was a reinforcing artificial intelligence.

In the long galactic travel, ‘God’ had had to rest. During these times, the system was the one to control the battleship’s equipment. When God got hurt, the system was also the one that was tasked with the responsibility of using the medical equipment. Therefore, the system did a meritorious deed. Or rather, it could be said that Sun Mo was too amazing. He had let a technology from extraterritorial lifeforms develop intelligence and willingly revered him as its teacher! When Li Ziqi was just saved, she didn’t have a body and just existed as a spiritual form, just like God did. Thereafter, the system made use of the equipment on the battleship to clone a body for her.

Similarly, Sun Mo and the others who had been eaten were revived too.

Due to the system changing sides, Sun Mo became the new master of the battleship. He also obtained a tremendous amount of new knowledge and technology.

In the past, God didn’t trust these aboriginals. Moreover, to get ‘food’, it had strictly controlled the dissemination of technology, avoiding the path of the aboriginals turning against it one day. However, Sun Mo wasn’t afraid of this. He started to make use of these technologies to help the progression of the Nine Provinces’ civilization. Now, 200 years had passed and there had been tremendous development.

“Eldest Martial Sister, are you done packing up?” Qin Yaoguang had come. “I’m done!” Li Ziqi didn’t bring anything with her except a small backpack. “Let’s go!” “You really don’t miss leaving everything behind!”

Qin Yaoguang’s lips twitched. So many years had passed. Even though she hadn’t gotten married, she was already a mature woman. However, her character was still the same as it was when she was young.

“Home is wherever Teacher is!”

Li Ziqi smiled. She could get married and have children with her cloned body, but the little sunny egg didn’t wish to do that. It was because other than her teacher, she didn’t want the seeds of any other men.

(After I go to outer space, there’ll be no etiquette to tie me down anymore.) “Let’s go then!” Qin Yaoguang helped Li Ziqi with her luggage. The both of them didn’t head to the battleship directly but followed their teacher’s order to pick up their junior martial siblings! Chang’an! Spear(Gun)[1] Hall!

The combat addict, who knew nothing but fighting in the past, now looked like a middle-aged man in his thirties, looking quite reliable.

Xuanyuan Po stepped into the great circle of the Saint Realm after reaching 100 years old, becoming the greatest spear(gun) user in the Nine Provinces. Thereafter, he stopped picking up his spear and started studying. He opened a spear(gun) school to teach martial arts. When Li Ziqi and Qin Yaoguang came in, they heard banging sounds. “What’s happening?” Qin Yaoguang was surprised when she saw the children shooting guns. “Although they are called the same way, isn’t the difference too big?” “Junior Martial Sister, the times have changed!”

Xuanyuan Po chuckled. “Moreover, the weapon is only the means. Not bending in the face of the enemy’s weapon is the best plan!” “The fact that you can say this proves that you’ve grown!”

Li Ziqi was very satisfied. “Are you really not leaving with Teacher?” Qin Yaoguang tried to stir him up. “You might be able to encounter extraterritorial lifeforms!”


Xuanyuan Po shook his head and looked into the distance with a gentle gaze. Li Ziqi and Qin Yaoguang followed the combat addict’s gaze and noticed that there was a young married woman with two children.

Seeing them, the young married woman quickly came over to greet them. “As expected, having a family can wear down a man’s fighting will!”

Qin Yaoguang sighed. “You’re wrong. Junior Martial Brother Xuanyuan has put down his dream to protect this family. This is a greater love!”

Li Ziqi praised. Jinling!

The entire Three-Seven Square was filled with intense medicinal scents.

As the Medicine Saint Tantai Yutang’s medical hall was located here, this place became the holy ground for the doctors in the Nine Provinces. When Li Ziqi and Qin Yaoguang arrived, they saw Tantai Yutang giving a lesson to the doctors that came from varying places in the Nine Provinces. The gloomy and dejected guy who hated the world back then had become a Medicine Saint, talking about having good health every time he talked. He looked like he wanted to live and become a 1,000-year-old tortoise.

Very soon, Tantai Yutang was done with his work and came out to receive Li Ziqi and Qin Yaoguang “It seems that you aren’t going to leave either?”

Qin Yaoguang pursed her lips. “A few of my major experiments are at critical points now. How can I leave?” Tantai Yutang sighed. “Therefore, I’ll have to leave it to you guys to be filial to Teacher on my behalf!”

“There was a time when I thought that you’d become a peerless person. If your life became hard, you’d become a poisoner[2], killing tens of thousands of people without blinking an eye. But you ended up becoming a Medicine Saint who is respected by everyone!” Li Ziqi shook her head and smiled. “I admit that my judgment was wrong!”

“It was Teacher who had taught me well!”

Tantai Yutang also recalled the past. If he hadn’t met his teacher in the Central Province Academy that afternoon, his life would probably have ended long ago. After chatting for a while, Li Ziqi and Qin Yaoguan bade their leave. There was no helping it, the sickly guy was too busy. “Take care of your body!” After saying that, Li Ziqi bade her farewell. The two of them hurried to the Central Province Academy.

This famous school had become the number one famous school in the Nine Provinces. It was because not only did the school produce a Saint like Sun Mo who was unprecedented and would never be surpassed in the future, but all of Sun Mo’s disciples were also very amazing.

Li Ziqi was the most intelligent person in the Nine Provinces, having assumed the Union Chief position for 200 years. Xuanyuan Po was the Spear(Gun) Saint[1], Tantai Yutang was the Medicine Saint, Helian Beifang was the greatest Military God in the Nine Provinces, and Ying Baiwu was the number one Sharpshooter in the Nine Provinces! And there was also Jiang Leng, who was the number one philanthropist in the Nine Provinces!

Lu Zhiruo, Qin Yaoguang, and Xianyu Wei also had a great reputation, but it was a far cry from their other martial siblings.

Li Ziqi had just arrived at the school’s entrance when she saw Lu Zhiruo carrying many bags and was waiting anxiously.

“Why are you guys here so late?”

The papaya girl complained. “Do you want to see Teacher this badly?”

Qin Yaoguang teased. “That’s right! It’s been very long since I’ve poured tea for Teacher and massaged his shoulders!” Lu Zhiruo felt unhappy.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get to do it to your heart’s content this time around!”

Qin Yaoguang tiptoed with her hand rested on the pavilion but didn’t see Jiang Leng. “Where’s Senior Martial Brother Jiang?”

“He went to the orphanage!”

Lu Zhiruo explained. Jiang Leng’s earlier life experience at Bai Wenzhang’s manor caused him to be overflowing with love. After ‘God’ died, in addition to him not having much interest in teaching and nurturing people, he asked for a sum of money from his teacher and Li Ziqi to open an orphanage. His initial plan wasn’t to open a big one; he just planned to help out wherever he could. However, he had a teacher and eldest martial sister whose riches could match up to a country’s. After the initial ten years, the first batch of orphans grew to become adults, entered society, and started to earn money. They then repaid the orphanage. Gradually, Jiang Leng was able to become financially responsible. Xianyu Wei was a kind-hearted lady. As both she and Helian Beifang were from the plains, she started off helping Helian Beifang with his quest to conquer other places. Later on, she stayed at the orphanage and helped out there.

Ying Baiwu would spend half her time helping out at the orphanage and the remaining time adventuring in the Darkness Continent. She wanted to collect as many secret treasures of darkness as possible. The more treasures she had, the more options she would have to deal with emergencies when encountering danger. At this moment, Li Ziqi’s group met up with An Xinhui, Mei Ziyu, and the others. They then arrived at the third level of the Darkness Continent through a teleportation formation.

The moment they came out of the teleportation hall, a fully-equipped army was already there waiting for them.


Helian Beifang was the first to receive them.

“Oh, our great military god looks very impressive!” Qin Yaoguang teased. With the unification of the Nine Provinces, there was no more war. Therefore, Helian Beifang led his soldiers to explore the Darkness Continent. After that, the land they conquered would be left for the overpopulated people to live in and cultivate.

The reason humans went to war was to fight for resources. With Helian Beifang expanding large areas of land, there were naturally much fewer wars.

Of course, there’d always be some ambitious people who wanted to create trouble, but most of them would end up being exiled to this place. Therefore, other than exploring the land, Helian Beifang’s mission was also to quell the bandits and intimidate people. It could be said that Li Ziqi and Helian Beifang had each taken responsibility for the literary and martial aspect to allow the Nine Provinces to reach a high-speed development phase in a stable manner for 200 years.

Right now, Li Ziqi’s mission had ended, but Helian Beifang’s was still continuing.

Helian Beifang escorted Li Ziqi and the others. After they arrived at the ancient divine hall, he remained on guard outside.

“Aren’t you going to meet Teacher?”

Li Ziqi asked. “I’ll pass. I’m scared that I might not be able to hold it in and end up wanting to leave with Teacher!”

Helian Beifang sighed. “It’s fine for Eldest Martial Sister to leave, but I still have a heavy responsibility!” “That’s right! Once Teacher leaves, if anyone doesn’t listen and wants to overthrow the royalty, you can kill their entire family!” Qin Yaoguang teased.

This was what Sun Mo had tasked Helian Beifang to do. To assure his battle prowess, Sun Mo didn’t publish some of the technology that ‘God’ had to the public. Instead, he handed them to Helian Beifang.

After bidding goodbye, the group entered the battleship through the teleportation formation.

“Teacher, Eldest Martial Sister and the others are here!”

The system knew about this piece of news at the first instant and informed Sun Mo.

“En, let Baiwu go receive them!”

Sun Mo panted as he stood behind Jin Mujie, plowing hard. He finally managed to ride this Rolls-Royce. This pair of headlights were really big. “Don’t fool around! Ziqi and the others are here!”

Jin Mujie didn’t wish for others to see her in this state.

“They’ve known about this long ago.” Sun Mo thought to himself. (You’re just having an ostrich mentality, trying to deceive yourself.) His relationship with Jin Mujie had improved in leaps and bounds after the third stage of the games with ‘God’. Under the pressure of death, Jin Mujie finally knew what it was that she wanted. Thereafter, she offered herself and gave up on becoming a great teacher. She then took on the role of being Sun Mo’s personal secretary. If Sun Mo wanted to receive the technology that ‘God’ had, he must undergo a tremendous amount of learning and experiment, and he wouldn’t be able to do them without any help. Li Ziqi was supposed to be the best candidate for the job, but she had work to do in the Nine Provinces. Left without a choice, Jin Mujie took on the role temporarily. An Xinhui, Gu Xiuxun, and Mei Ziyu wanted to be great teachers deep down inside. Although they liked Sun Mo, they also wanted to have achievements in their career.

After 200 years had passed, the three beautiful great teachers had all become secondary saints!

15 minutes later, everyone met up at the reception room.

“Sister Xinhui, are you done with handing over the matters in the Central Province Academy?”

Sun Mo asked.


An Xinhui’s expression was gloomy. “So many years have passed, but you haven’t put this matter down yet?”

Sun Mo sighed.

An Zaiyi was actually a good person. His eventual goal was to obtain God’s trust as the shepherd, thereby obtaining more technology to develop the Nine Provinces’ civilization.

He knew that if a primitive civilization wanted to defeat an extraterritorial civilization, it was impossible. It would be like how a country in the agricultural age wouldn’t be able to win against an industrialized country. Hence, An Zaiyihad planned on using over 1,000 years to get the Nine Provinces’ civilization as close to the one ‘God’ had as possible. They could then launch a counterattack. But he didn’t expect that the system had acknowledged Sun Mo as its Teacher and become a traitor.

“Where is our destination? I can’t wait to start a new journey!”

Gu Xiuxun was raring to go.

“It’s Earth!”

Sun Mo smiled.

“What is that place?”

Mei Ziyu felt curious.

“A beautiful planet!” Over the past 200 years, as the Nine Provinces’ technology improved, materials and resources that could be used to fix this interstellar battleship were finally produced. Right now, Sun Mo was going to start on his journey. He wanted to return to the blue planet where he was born and raised to take a look!

“When are we setting off?” Murong Mingyue got up. “Who is on duty at the bridge? I’ll go take a look!”

“It’s Bai Xiqing!”

This Moonshadow Starlord was also saved back then. Thereafter, she kept on following Sun Mo. “Is she after your body? She can be a saint, but she came to be your assistant?” Gu Xiuxun found this suspicious. “We’re clean!”

Sun Mo called out in an aggrieved manner.


At the sight of this scene, Li Ziqi sighed. (Teacher Gu, you’ve suspected the wrong person. Jin Mujie is the one having an affair.)

(After Teacher was revived by the system and existed in a spiritual energy form, he seemed to have lost his ability to reproduce too. I wonder if that can be treated!) (Sigh, I’m so worried!) (Should I give Teacher a full body check-up?) (After all, I’ve achieved great mastery in the ancient massaging technique!) “Since everyone is ready, then let’s set off!” Sun Mo’s gaze swept past his students and his confidantes who were here. He then gave the order to the system.

“Target, Earth. Startup the engines and set off!”

A huge interstellar battleship rose from a canyon in the Darkness Continent, shooting for the clouds and flying toward the beautiful blue planet!


[1] Originated from (Three Kingdoms] where Jian Xu was referred to as the poisoner. Jia Xu’s ‘poison’ was having great accuracy in observing things and having sharp judgment. Moreover, he often took people by surprise by hitting the spot on situations, regardless of the situation. He had great foresight, was a good planner, and excelled in military strategies. [2] The raws for ‘spear’ and ‘gun’ are exactly the same. There’s a later paragraph where guns were mentioned in the story.

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