Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens!

Chapter 1386 - Bai Xiachen’s Determination (1)

Chapter 1386 “Bai Xiachen’s Determination (1)”

Looking at Mu Xue’s madness filled eyes, Bai Yan takes over and stops her husband’s readying attack. Smirking on the face: “If you have anything to say then go ahead and say it now because you won’t be able to after your execution.”

Going crazy with bloodshot eyes, the witch refuses to submit and turns to the other demons, “You all see this? She is a human, she is doomed to betray us all! In their eyes, we’re no more than tools and food to be eaten and used, do not trust or follow her! She is not qualified to be the queen!”

The faces of the elders’ present didn’t budge or betray any sign of hesitation, rather they’re only looking at this soon to be dead girl with contempt.

Stamping down with her feet against Mu Xue’s chest to make her shut up: “You said I am not qualified to be their queen? Then who is?”

Breaking out into hysterical laughter, the bloodshot eyed Mu Xue said the most obvious thing in her mind: “Of course I am! If I am the demon queen then I will help the king take in as many consorts as he wants! I will handle everything in the harem and keep the palace in order! And if he wishes for it, I can also produce as many children as he wants, all more outstanding than the three runts you created! I am the perfect queen!”


In a swift flash of cold metallic glint, Mu Xue’s foul tongue was sliced off, letting that filthy lump of meat fall to the ground while the girl herself squirmed in agonizing pain at the loss appendage.

“Yan Yan, she’s too disgusting, I really can’t stand it anymore.” Di Cang murmurs this from behind like an innocent man child.

He knew his wife wanted to get more info out of this filthy witch, but it’s just too much for him. Di Cang couldn’t handle the kind of stuff he’s hearing, hence his maneuver to silence that mouth.

As if clapped by thunder, Mu Xue’s squirming body froze up like a block of ice. Her eyes only had disbelief and pain left in there like she doesn’t deserve any of this.

Why? I have already expressed my feelings to the king so why is he doing this to me?

“Baddie Father,” Bai Xiachen inappropriately chimes in with a displeasuring face, “this woman said she will make lots of babies with you.”

Di Cang’s face went a shade darker over the jab by his son: “Her breed can only produce low IQ kinds, she can never be compared with your mother.”

It frustrates him why everyone keeps saying he wants to take consorts. He’s said it many times already, there’s no such thing so why does he always end up in these situations?!

“First Elder,” Di Cang hurries to express his unity grabbed his wife into a hug, “you pass on my word, in this life I will only have children with my one and only wife. If anyone dares to have ulterior motives or spread rumors again, their punishment will be the same as this Mu Xue!”

Complying by cusping his hand: “Yes Sire, I will make sure everyone in this city and all of the demons under our influence hear about this lesson. Also, should I go gather the females

Slightly cool still in his voice, Di Cang’s face definitely looked better after that: “I’ve said it before, unless its related to the Celestial Realm and its attack plans, everything else is to be decided by my wife. So, you should be directing that question to your queen.”

“It’s not a bad idea, you can decide on the details First Elder.” Bai Yan gives a nod after listening.

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