Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens!

Chapter 1387 - “Bai Xiachen’s Determination (2)”

Chapter 1387 “Bai Xiachen’s Determination (2)”

Bai Yan’s not afraid of trouble, she’s had plenty of that over her lifetime. However, she now has a daughter to worry about. As a mother, she doesn’t want Ling Yan to be cornered by enemies from every angle. This time she must make an example!

Di Cang was of the same opinion and scanned the gathered demons: “Back then when I made the announcement some of you were probably still in the secret domain training, so, I won’t punish any of you this time! But now I’m going to repeat it just once and never again!”

All the demons lowered their heads in compliance, their ears perked up in order to not miss a single word.

Seemingly pleased by the awaiting quietness: “The palace will only have my wife the queen, she is the only female you answer to! As for my children, whether it be now or into the future, it will only be between me and her! I promised her one love for one life, there won’t be exceptions to my vow to her, do you all understand!”

Others may not be able to be loyal to one partner, but he could! Aside from Bai Yan, Di Cang wants no one else!

“Furthermore, the Demon Realm has already been given to my wife as part of her bridal gift, the remaining half will be the Celestial Realm after I conquer it! Everything that once belonged to me now belongs to my wife, your queen! If there’s any issue, you should first go to her for clarification! And if there’s any argument between me and her, you must heed my wife’s order first!”

Undeniably, Bai Yan felt moved by the speech. She already heard this before, but honestly, she didn’t take it too seriously. Now to be brought to the front for all to hear, no woman wouldn’t be moved by such a sugary sweet love proclamation.


Mu Xue on the other hand didn’t fare any better than before, in fact, she’s falling into despair. Deeper and deeper until her whole body squirmed together into a fetal position.

One life one love, not even Father can give Mother this vow, let alone be faithful and carry it out…..

This was it, the witch finally got it. From start to finish, she’s been fooling herself.

If the king really wants a consort, can the queen really stop him? Even if she used a child to threaten him, wouldn’t he be able to produce more with no repercussion?

And now, he’s giving the entire Demon Realm to her as a gift?


Chuckling to herself in a self-ridiculing manner, Mu Xue closes her eyes and said nothing more. There’s no point. Whatever hope she clung onto has been destroyed. All that’s left was for whatever’s going to happen to happen.

However, that wasn’t to say others were just going to let the foolish girl go just like that. Bai Xiachen still had business that’s unfinished. “Where did you hide Red Leaf’s brother?”

No reply came, only a slight whimpering.

“I promised her that I would get her brother out, and now you will tell me, where’s her brother? If you say then I’ll let you meet your end painlessly.”

Mother said, a man must keep to their promises, and I made a promise to Red Leaf.

Then it hit the steambun as further whimpering came.

“I forget that you can’t open your mouth because you lost your tongue. Alright, use your finger and write the answer using your blood.”

Mu Xue didn’t do as the boy ordered, only turning that head around to meet Red Leaf’s gaze. Suddenly, a cold chuckle comes off of this crazy witch as those eyes turned madly sharp.

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