Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens!

Chapter 1388 - Bai Xiachen’s Determination (3)

Chapter 1388 “Bai Xiachen’s Determination (3)”

Since Red Leaf betrayed me and caused my plan to fail then there’s no reason to not make this woman suffer just like myself! If I go down then someone else will also go down with me!

Thinking up to here, Mu Xue didn’t hesitate and moved her blood-stained fingers to write a line along the ground.

“I didn’t take her brother, I merely killed him.”

She’s not stupid enough to really bring a baggage around, what if that baggage exposes her presence? So, after taking the kid out of the city, she killed the boy and buried his remains across multiple locations!

Looking at the line of blood letters there, Red Leaf instantly went white as the blood drained from the face, “You’re lying!”

Throwing herself at the murderer of her only family, Red Leaf kept screaming and tugging at Mu Xue’s collar: “You’re lying to me! I know you hate me for betraying you, but you can’t deceive me! My brother isn’t dead, he can’t be dead! Tell me where he is now!”

The murderous witch only snarled, showing off her bloody teethes in the process and conveying her contempt for the other side.

I already killed him! Only you are stupid enough to believe me about releasing him afterwards.

“If you hadn’t betrayed me then I would’ve sent you along to see your brother by now.” Mu Xue writes another line with her own blood, “He is dead, and I’ve scattered his remains across the wilderness. You will never be able to see him again!” Afterwards, she started to cackle like a crazy fanatic. Just that instead of actually laughing out, her mouth only made a weird audible gurgle due to the lack of tongue.

Red Leaf wanted to pummel the truth out of this girl, but the more she punched Mu Xue, the more she knew it was hopeless. “You’re lying! You’re lying! You must have hidden him, that must be it! Give him back to me, give him back!”

Mu Ying never showed any reaction from start to end during all this. The only exception was after Mu Xue wrote the bit about killing Red Leaf’s brother. According to her own memory, that child has always been kind and smart while they lived at the tribe, a good person all around.

It’s no wonder Red Leaf would lose her mind like this, how can Mu Xue murder someone so young and in such a ruthless fashion…

“Mother,” Bai Xiachen also felt the pain inside. Gently pursing his own lips, “If… if someone kidnaps Ling Yan and Jin Tian and then killed them, I’m sure I will also lose my mind like her.”

That kind of loss would bring unbearable pain. No one should have to endure such misery….

Understanding why her son was acting this way, Bai Yan reassures him by rubbing the little head before turning to her own brother Bai Xiao.

“Yes Xiachen, I understand her. I wouldn’t want to experience what she’s going through either…..”

Thank goodness nothing happened to Xiao’er!

Bai Xiao of course understood what his sister meant by that remark. He too wouldn’t want such grievance to appear along any of his family’s face either.

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