Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens!

Chapter 1586 - Di Cang’s Anger (2)

Chapter 1586 “Di Cang’s Anger (2)”

Bai Yan naturally knew what Wen Shan wanted in that look, however, her own eyes only spelled cold hard hostility.

“Grandpa Ling,” she then turns to the old general, “I’m sorry to have turned your birthday banquet into this, but could you have the guests leave first?”

Ling Kaiyuan immediately pulled back from his shock and nodded: “Ling Yun, go ahead and send our guests away. Also everyone, I would like this event to be kept a secret, I hope you all understand.”

The guests appeared sluggish at first but eventually got it anyways. They are not low in terms of status either and are accustomed to big events, but today’s twists and turns had gone beyond their comprehension. Even so, it doesn’t change their look of contempt towards Tian Wind who made himself to be the biggest fool here tonight.

What’s this absurd lie about the child’s mother being a fake?

What’s this about Tian Furen being the real birth bearer?

The own child’s father has arrived to disprove such a claim!

And the Wen Clan as well, they’re nothing good either!

Regarding Wen Shan, they have mostly pieced together the whole story. In order to save his own hide, the coward would abandon this daughter and even side with the foe. They say a tiger wouldn’t harm their own pup. In this case such a saying holds untrue.


Bending his knee, the coward hugged his head against the ground and cried: “I was wrong, I am wrong Yan Yan, please forgive me. I did give you a decade of love, that isn’t fake, right?”

Still unmoved in her seat with that smirk, “You weren’t saying that when you gave up on my mother and me, why should I save you?”

“Yan Yan, I’m your father, how can you be so cold-hearted? I really know my fault! Can you please forgive me?” Wen Shan’s face showed all the features of a guilty one, the typical behavior he’s become accustomed to when his life’s on the line.

Getting hard in her voice now: “If you do not want to die then shut up! I’ll settle the matter with you afterwards. First is the Tian Clan, it’s time they pay for their debt!”

This holler promptly shuts the coward up. He could see the killing intent in his former daughter’s eye, and for that, he’s scared.

“Baddie Father,” Bai Xiachen smiles innocently, “Tian Furen not only made trouble for me before, her old man also said Mother is not the one who gave birth to me and insisted I’m wrong for not believing them. These people are so funny, as if I wouldn’t know who gave birth to me? They must be quite slow in the head or something.”

Without surprise, Di Cang’s eyes narrowed in at this news like a predator finding it prey. He’s not concerned about them bullying his child, rather he’s mad that they would insult his wife.

“I… I didn’t make trouble for the little young master. I only went to seek an audience that day.” Tian Furen crawls backward in a panic after blurting this out.

“Because the last time you grossed me out, that’s how you made trouble for me.” The steambun shrugs, not caring in the least about the excuse: “Did you really not connect the dots when my father removed your uncle from his post right after the event that day? And now you still have the nerve to come make trouble for my mother?”

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