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Chapter 1587 - Di Cang’s Anger (3)

Chapter 1587 “Di Cang’s Anger (3)”

“That matter can be kept to another time,” Di Cang slowly comes before Tian Wind who was now cowering in fear, “First I want to know when did my wife become an imposter for my own child? How come I didn’t know this?”

“Lo… Lord… You lost your memory eight years ago, that’s why…” The bastard gulped, his throat itching from a dryness he couldn’t describe.

Maybe this is my last hope. If I can swing this detail to my own advantage then I can still push Furen to this man’s side!

Unfortunately for this bastard though, Tian Wind never got to finish his next words when a amused laugh cuts him off.

“Apparently my coming has been late, that’s why you’re so daring! Yan Yan is my heart, the lifeblood of my existence, how dare you have others impersonate her?”


The mighty aura unique to the demon body promptly explodes out of the man’s body, causing those in the banquet hall to shiver in appalling fear.

For Tian Wind who’s the main recipient of this force, he’s suffering the most of course. It’s like a mountain was pressing down against his body, causing the guy to collapse onto the ground and curl up into a fetal position, his face distorting from pain.

“Years ago, you used the name of the Water Clan to move against the Bai Clan and killed my mother-in-law! For the pain you’ve caused to my wife, I today will let you experience a pain worse than death!”

“Ah!” Tian Wind continued to cry out in agony, oblivious to the judgement given to his own head.

It’s just too painful. Not only does the bastard feel like he’s being stabbed by multiple swords at once, the guy also felt the strength gradually leaving his body through the Dantian.


The pain subsided n that instant where his internal core shattered, but the price was his strength leaving him for good. Tian Wind understood, he’s no different from a cripple without his internal core as a martial artist, but that’s not a problem. In this modern age of Earth, a commoner could still live a prosperous life, and for that, he’s thankful and felt lucky in this. Unfortunately for this bastard though, Di Cang clearly had other plans in mind because the demon king suddenly stomped down at his chest and made him spew even more blood from the mouth.

This man… he doesn’t intend to let me go just because I’ve lost my strength!

“Dad!” Tian Furen cries out in a panic, rushing over to help her father up with tears flowing out: “Dad, are you alright?”

“I’m…” But before the guy could answer, Di Cang’s next maneuver completely cuts him out.

This time the attack wasn’t a simple stomp anymore. Rather, it’s a direct palm strike from the demon king at Tian Wind’s chest. For that hit, a visible dent could be seen across the guy’s chest like it just collapsed! It’s clear as day to everyone that he’s going to suffer miserably even if he survives.

The lass fell into a shellshocked state at her father’s horrific condition. Cusping her mouth, no sound could come forward as she wept, only tears slowly streaking down the corner of those eyes until she eventually turned around.

“Lord, please let my father go, as long as you spare him, I am willing to service you for the rest of my life! Please…”

In light of this heartfelt plea, Di Cang didn’t care. Raising his hand again, Tian Furen’s whole figure promptly flew up into the air before crashing down like a rock. The lass could feel her bones making a cracking sound, bordering on the line of shattering if more force was used.

It’s not that Tian Furen was overestimating her own beauty in this case by using her own body as leverage. Instead, she’s always gotten her way when she teared up before the other sex over the years. It’s technically her killer move to win men over, which was her last hope tonight.

Wen Fei Fei was scared silly by this point as well after witnessing what has befallen the two from the Tian Clan. She may be the stepsister of Bai Yan, but there’s no delusion in this girl about getting mercy from such a heartless and cold demon like that young lord from the Water Clan.

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