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Chapter 1588 - Di Cang’s Anger (4)

Chapter 1588 “Di Cang’s Anger (4)”


From small to old, all the good things are taken by this Bai Yan. Even after I stole Papa’s love away from her after Bai Yu’s death, she is still on top of me after all these years!

I am clearly the princess of the story!

I am the daughter of the Wen Clan!

Bai Yan is nothing, she’s a nobody!

So why? Why is a man of such dominance so obsessed with her?

I can’t accept this, I can’t!

If only she is dead… if she is dead then I can take everything from her!

Her name, her wealth, her man, her everything!

The more she thought about those crooked thoughts, the more this Wen Fei Fei started to pant like a savage beast that’s ready to lose her mind.

“Mother,” Bai Xiachen tugs at his mother’s sleeve after noticing the oddity in the vile girl’s appearance, “This girl is staring at you. I don’t like it.”

Bai Yan only grinned at her son’s remark because she could already guess what the other female was thinking: “Leave her alone, she won’t be able to escape her fate anyways.”

Naturally she wouldn’t forget this Wen Fei Fei who stole Dan pills off of Bai Yi Yi. The wealth she left behind was for her foster sister, not this nobody who dares to touch her property!


Meanwhile at the same time, Wen Shan has become speechless by this stage, his eyes popping out in horror at Di Cang. It’s obvious to everyone that the coward takes this man as a messenger from hell, a reaper coming for his own life.

“Baddie Father, how are you going to deal with them? Kill them, or?” Bai Xiachen asks using his usual innocent voice, but every word was a nerve-wracking sentence of death for those involved.

“Other members of the Water Clan will be coming soon, we will take them all over there for their punishment. I’ve prepared plenty of torturing devices for them already!”

“Oh?” The steambun was clearly interested in those supposed devices got all shiny in the eye.

Ignoring his son’s misbehaving tone, Di Cang gives the Tian Clan and Fu Clan a glance before turning back to his wife: “Yan Yan, you don’t need to get involved with these loose ends, I will deal with them properly. I don’t want your hand to be stained with their filthy blood.”

“Okay, if that’s what you want.” Bai Yan accepts the proposal and closes her eyes like she’s thinking back to the past.

Nothing I do now will bring Mama back….

Likely able to sense the inner pain swirling out from his wife’s demeanor, Di Cang hurriedly shifted the topic away: “Why don’t you introduce me to these people around you? I still don’t know who they are yet.”

Coming back from memory lane: “Oh right, this is my aunt Bai Ran, she’s my mother’s younger sister. Her son the flirty looking one is my cousin, his name is Ling Lang. The younger girl is Smile, she’s the youngest of the Ling family. My uncle Ling Yun over, his dad Ling Kaiyuan and a general of this country.”

“Sister Bai Yan.” Bai Yi Yi suddenly reaches over to tugs at her older sister’s sleeve, her face all pitiful and full of grievance.

Did Sister Bai Yan forget about me?

“Oh yes, and my younger sister Bai Yi Yi, she’s my mother’s apprentice and my chosen heir here. I intend to pass everything to her.”

The Ling family doesn’t intend to get involved with the martial world so it’s pointless to consider Bai Ran. Forcing the issue would only harm this family, after all, the old general represented the government, the line mustn’t be mixed.

“Since she is the heir of your choice, then… let her inherit the Water Clan too. From now on the Water Clan will be changed to the Bai Clan in name, and she will act as its leader. I believe in your vision Yan Yan, I’m sure your sister will do well.” That said, Di Cang immediately revealed a blinding smile like a good dog wagging its tail.

In light of how light in tone that speech was, its content was a bombshell for those in the hall. This would be especially true for Wen Shan the coward who gawked at the great demon king like he’s watching a fool.

This man… he’s going to hand over such power and wealth like it’s nothing? Is he a idiot?

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