Affinity: Chaos

Chapter 15: Grey Appeared

Chapter 15: Grey Appeared

The city was filled with activity since today was the day of the test. All the kids that are 12 years old, were all excited. A lot of people attended the test this time.

The representatives from the Academies were shocked, this was the highest crowd they had ever seen in any of the previous tests.

‘Could it be the number of children participating in this test is greater than the number we usually get for the previous tests’ This was the thought going through the mind of each representative.

Even the Elder in charge of testing was also surprised by the number of crowd. He couldn’t hold himself back and asked someone if something else was going on.

“Excuse me, is something going on?” He asked someone by the side.

“Do you remember the boy who didn’t have an affinity with any element 4 years ago at the test?” The stranger asked.

“Yes I do” He answered, it was quite easy to remember Grey. Since what happened to Grey was something rarely seen, so a lot of people present that day still remembered him clearly.

“What does that have to do with what is happening?” He asked again, he couldn’t see why they would be this much people just because of something that happened 4 years ago.

“Well, I heard he will be coming to take the test today. A lot of people didn’t come back then and heard about what happened from others. So this time, they all wanted to see what will happen” The stranger replied.

‘So it’s like that huh’ He still remembered how shocked he was when he saw the result of Grey’s test. He even had to tell him to retake it just to confirm if the first result was true or if he was just seeing things. Only after the same thing showed up did he confirm the result was real.

After he heard this, he went over to the representatives of the Academies and told them why the arena was filled up today.

“Humph, I see no reason why they’re all making a fuss over nothing. The result will be the same, why would he want to humiliate himself once again” One of the representatives spoke coldly.

The other representatives thought the same as well. Someone who couldn’t awaken his elemental affinity at the age of 12 years old will most likely be unable to do so for the rest of his life.

This happens to very few people, and out of every two thousand people it happens to, only one of them might be able to awaken his elemental affinity later on in his life. This was the reason they didn’t have any hopes of Grey being able to awaken his element again.

“You might be wrong, what if he is a late bloomer. It’s not like someone has never done it before, so you shouldn’t just count him out just yet” One of the representatives said calmly. Even he knew how hard it is, but that doesn’t mean this boy can’t create a miracle.

“Humph, we shall see then. But this boy better not waste our time” Another one of the representatives said. Most of the representatives felt allowing Grey to take the test was a waste of time, but they also knew there was a small possibility that he might truly be able to awaken his element.

Who doesn’t want to be a witness to something that amazing?. People who awaken their elements later than usual are always strong willed. Not everyone will have the courage to come and retake the test after not being able to awaken their elements the time they were supposed to.

“Look!, it’s Jonas” Someone suddenly exclaimed with a high pitched voice.

The noisy arena quickly quietened down. They all looked at the same location simultaneously.

“It truly is Jonas”

“Wow!, look how cool he is”

“I hope I can also have a Purple talent once I take the test also”

The arena immediately got noisy once again, a lot of kids look up to Jonas, they felt since he can have a Purple talent, they too can have it. Jonas was like a god in the eyes of the kids.

Jonas walked calmly without any changes in his face. He looked calm and confident. He walked towards where the representatives of the Academies were seated close to the platform. Even the mayor of the city wouldn’t dare to walk towards the representatives so leisurely. These were people from the Academies, they were people at a place the mayor can only dream of reaching.

Whenever he sees them, he always has to be polite towards them.

Jonas walked towards the representative from the Starlight Academy and sat close to him without saying anything.

The man didn’t utter a word when he saw Jonas and even smiled calmly. Although he felt he lost face when Jonas didn’t even bother to acknowledge him, there was nothing he could do. Jonas’ status in the Academy is higher than his, Jonas can even order him around without any issues.

He still remembered when Jonas called him senior respectfully when he came here, but only 4 years later, the difference in both status and attitude was huge.

The other representatives looked at Jonas without saying anything. Even though he was a junior, his status was better than theirs.

“What do you think about what’s going on, will that boy be able to truly awaken his element?” Jonas asked while looking around.

“It is almost impossible, but there has been times when it happened. But his chances aren’t high” The man said. Currently, there wasn’t any sign of his previous overbearing attitude when he spoke. He was as meek as a sheep.

Jonas looked at him, “Well, we will see how he fares. Hopefully he won’t waste any of our times”. Jonas currently spoke with dignified bearing.

He had always been with people of high status when he was at the Academy or other big cities. His world view has changed completely, he has learned a lot and can’t be said to be the little boy he used to be.

“I’m not really sure he can awaken it, but there’s no harm in allowing him to retake the test” The man said.

Soon it was time for the kids to register their names. Grey still haven’t arrived yet. The Elder started the test without any delay, they couldn’t put the test on hold just because of someone. If Grey can come before he is given the second list, then he can also be tested.

By the time it was the eight person, a commotion took place at the side of the arena. It immediately drew the attention of everyone there.

“He has finally showed up”

Grey had appeared!..


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