Affinity: Chaos

Chapter 16: I Was Only Trying To Look Mysterious!

Chapter 16: I Was Only Trying To Look Mysterious!

Grey walked into the arena calmly. His eyes were like still waters, calm yet enchanting. He walked towards the place where registrations take place.

“Good day sir, I would like to register for the test” Grey looked at the man calmly and said.

“Okay, what’s your name and age?” The man in charge of registration was quite surprised that someone who had clearly passed the age came to register. Then he quickly remembered what he heard before the test began, about a boy who failed to awaken his element 4 years ago.

“Grey, I’m 16 years old” Grey replied politely.

“Okay, you will be the 21st person called up. They’re already at the 8th person. If you don’t get to the platform within one minute after your name is called up. You won’t have a chance to take the test this year and will have to wait till next year” He told Grey the rules.

“I know sir. Thank you anyway” Grey thanked the man before heading towards the stands in search of Martha.

Martha came early, unlike the first last time they came together. The last time, she had to register Grey before getting a seat. But this time, it was different as Grey is already old enough to do it properly.

She knew the arena will be filled today, so she came early and saved a seat for Grey. There was no way she was going to miss this, not for anything in the world. Today, her son was going to be in the limelight and today will be one of the happiest day of her life.

She knew how much this means to her son, he had suffered for so long just for this day. She had been with him all through, so she knew his pain. Whenever he’s happy, she’s happy. When he’s sad, she’s also sad. If he gets bullied by anyone, she beats up the person, this was one of the reasons few people troubled him.

Grey quickly found her and sat beside her. Everyone were shocked by his calm look, it was like he wasn’t even nervous. They thought he would have a serious look on his face, if it were to be them, they would be scared silly. Like, what if I still haven’t awakened my element?.

The representatives fixed their eyes on the youth.

“His bearing is amazing” The representative from the Lunar Academy said with surprise.

The other representatives nodded in approval. This was a big day for Grey and the pressure on him must be intense, if he couldn’t awaken his element then he will be totally finished. For him to still look so calm even in the presence of this huge crowd who he knew came just to watch him most probably fail, they couldn’t help but admire his bearing.

Jonas looked at Grey for some time. It was like Grey felt his stare in particular and looked at his direction, they stared at each other for a while before moving their gazes from each other.

“How come I suddenly felt inferior when I met his eyes just now. That should be impossible, it’s definitely a mistake” Jonas was alarmed in his heart. When Grey looked at him a moment ago, he felt something he only felt from his seniors in the Academy. It was a feeling of inferiority, he rarely feels this among his age group.

The only people he looks up to in his age group are those rare monsters with either a Blue grade talent or are Dual Elementalist. He had only heard of 3 people his age who has Blue talent. And only one who was a Dual Elementalist.

Dual Elementalists were even rarer than people with Blue talents. They rarely appear and are stronger than people in their stages. They can easily fight across multiple stages without any issues, because they were fortified by two elements.

Grey didn’t feel anything when he looked at Jonas. He knew although Jonas was currently better than him, it wouldn’t take long for him to catch up and surpass him. As long as he remains hardworking, he will rise to be the strongest.

As time went on, the people got more tense. They all wanted to know what the result of Grey’s test will be. Some were hoping to witness something which they didn’t think was possible, while others, just wanted to see how Grey failed again.

Martha looked around with confidence, she knew her son was going to shock them all. She couldn’t wait to see their reactions.

The Elder went for the usual break and got the new list before he continued the test. Grey calmly looked at the kids who were having their tests. Some of them were happy with their results while others were sad. That was life though, everyone can’t be successful. But there were some kids who didn’t care what grade their talents were though. Some were met to rise while others fail, but there are also a few who doesn’t care about anything though(Those are the legendary group). They just came to take the test because they had to and nothing else.

The time moved slowly, it was like the time was moving at a snails pace. Usually they would have already called up to the 20th name, but they are still stuck in the 15th name.

Everyone waited patiently for the main event of the day. Grey could feel the unease in the air, it was like they all wanted him to take the test immediately.

‘Morons!, I’ll scare your hearts out with my result’ Grey sneered in his heart.

After a long wait, the audience finally heard the name they were waiting for.

“Next up Grey” The Elder called the next name on the list, even he had some expectations for what would happen with this particular test. ‘Will he be able to change his destiny, or will he fall deeper into the darkness’ The Elder thought in his heart.

Grey calmly stood up and gently walked towards the platform. He slowly got there under the watchful gazes of everyone.

‘This kid, he’s doing this on purpose’ Martha complained when she saw how slowly Grey was walking. She knew he was doing it on purpose to create more tension in the hearts of everyone. ‘Humph!, how shameless. I’ll teach him a lesson when we get home’.

Grey was having a good time with the gazes of everyone focused on him, unaware of his mother’s plan. If he knew, he would surely scream in his heart ‘What did I do mom, I was only trying to act mysterious’.

When he got to the platform, everyone’s gazes were still tightly glued to him. He nodded in his mind for how cool he was.

“Place your hand on the stone” The Elder spoke to him calmly.

Grey looked at the man, smiled before walking towards the stone confidently. When he placed his hand on the stone, everyone held their breaths and waited for the result.

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