Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 3170 - 3170 First Arrogance, Then Deference

Chapter 3170 - 3170 First Arrogance, Then Deference

3170 First Arrogance, Then Deference

“You brat, if I don’t kill you today, then my name isn’t Pan Hu,” this young man said as he pointed at Ling Han’s nose.

“Young Master Hu, calm down! Calm down!” Another shop assistant jogged over. “He’s not one of our shop assistants, but a customer, a customer!”

Pan Hu snorted and said, “Customer? So what if he’s a customer? Just because he is a customer, he can tell me to scram?”

“This…” The newly arrived shop assistant was so anxious that he was about to sweat. Of course, harmony was the most important thing in business. If news of their Mercy Medicine Hall bullying customers spread, how would they be able to do business in the future?

However, this Pan Hu was their lady boss’s nephew, so how could he dare to offend him?

“What are you waiting for? Quickly chase him out!” Pan Hu said coldly. He looked at Ling Han, and said, “With me, the young master, here, don’t even think about buying anything!”

“Erm, this customer…” The newly arrived shop assistant looked at Ling Han with a troubled expression. If he didn’t chase him away, then he would definitely be fired later.

“Alright.” Ling Han nodded, turned around, and walked out of the door, walking slowly. “However, don’t regret it.”

“At least you know what’s good for you. Otherwise, there will definitely be suffering for you!” Pan Hu said fiercely at Ling Han’s back. He actually dared to threaten him. Humph, he didn’t know what was good for him.

Teng Teng Teng, someone came down from the second floor.

Pan Hu turned around and immediately put away his proud expression. He went up to him and greeted, “Uncle.”

Two people came down from upstairs. The person walking in front was a middle-aged man who was almost 50 years old. Ordinary people’s lifespan was about 150 years old, so anyone below 70 years old could be called middle-aged.

He was the boss of Mercy Medicine Hall, Mo Guohao. He was quite a respected figure in Huju City.

The other person was the shop assistant who had gone up earlier. He followed behind Mo Guohao.

The reason why Pan Hu could be so domineering was naturally because of Mo Guohao. Therefore, in front of Mo Guohao, he had turned from a wild tiger to a tame cat. He could only try his best to please him.

Mo Guohao only nodded slightly. He had never liked this nephew, but he was his sister-in-law’s son. For the sake of his wife, he had to tolerate him.

He frowned. “Where’s that customer?”

‘What customer?’

Pan Hu’s heart skipped a beat. Could it be that Mo Guohao had specially come downstairs to see that brat just now?

No, no, no, how was this possible!

Not only was his uncle the boss of Mercy Medicine Hall, but he was also a Middle Level alchemist. How could he lower himself to personally meet a small fry?

He must be thinking too much.

Mo Guohao looked at the other shop assistant and frowned. He immediately exuded a suffocating pressure. “I’m asking you a question!”

The other shop assistant shivered and hurriedly said, “Boss, is the customer you mentioned a young man who looks less than 20 years old, dressed in a green suit?”

Mo Guohao turned around and looked at the shop assistant who had just gone upstairs to seek him out.

“That’s him.” The shop assistant nodded.

Pan Hu was stunned. What was going on? Mo Guohao really wanted to see that kid?

A strong sense of foreboding rose in his heart.

“Where is he?” Mo Guohao asked again. He was too excited. Someone had actually improved the formula of the Mystical Power Pill. Even now, he still felt his scalp tingle.

“He, he left,” the other shop assistant said.

“Why did he leave?” Mo Guohao looked stern. The other party was clearly here to sell alchemical pills, and had even given him a completed pill, showing his incomparable sincerity.

If nothing major had happened, why would the other party suddenly leave? And why in such a hurry?

“Uncle, that person was too arrogant. He was picky from the moment he entered. I argued with him, but he was still unconvinced. He wanted to inflict violence, but I chased him out,” Pan Hu hurriedly said.

He knew that this matter could not be hidden, so it was better for him to say it first and distort the truth.

“Hmph!” Mo Guohao’s face became stern. Did he not know this nephew well?

He was full of nonsense and could not be believed at all.

He was here to sell medicine, and it was an improved version of the Mystical Power Pill. It was not an exaggeration to say that as long as Ling Han released the news, all the pharmacies in Huju City would gladly cooperate with him.

Picky? What nonsense!

“You, go and invite that person back.” Mo Guohao suppressed his anger and said. Usually, he would let this guy do whatever he wanted, but not today. He had to teach him a good lesson this time.

“If you can’t invite him back, you don’t have to step into this place or the Mo Clan Residence ever again.”


Pan Hu’s face involuntarily drooped. Just now, how had he treated Ling Han? Now, he actually had to go and invite him back. One could imagine what kind of expression Ling Han would show him.

He was used to being arrogant. How could he stand it if he had to beg someone humbly?

However, the problem was that if he did not invite Ling Han back, then Mo Guohao would clearly not acknowledge him as his nephew. Then, without the backing of the Mo Clan, what was he worth?

After thinking about it, he felt that there was only one way. If he were to stay stubborn now, he would be finished in the future.

“Uncle, don’t worry. I’ll definitely complete the mission,” Pan Hu said and hurriedly chased after him.

As he ran, he soon saw Ling Han.

“You!” He caught up with him. “Come back with me. My uncle wants to see you!” He still maintained his high and mighty attitude, wanting to use this to intimidate Ling Han.

Ling Han stopped in his tracks, and said, “Do you think I will go ad meet him just because you say so?”

“It’s your good fortune that my uncle is willing to see you!” Pan Hu said. “Do you know who my uncle is? Mo Guohao is a great alchemist. There are enough people who beg him to refine pills to form a long line. What else are you not satisfied with?”

“Scram!” Ling Han waved his hand dismissively, “Good dogs don’t block the way, scram aside.”

“Brat, don’t be an ungrateful wretch!” Pan Hu shouted harshly.

Ling Han smiled faintly. With his insight, he could naturally tell that Pan Huhu was already putting on a fierce front, but cowardly on the inside. However, it didn’t matter even if Pan Huhu’s attitude was really forceful. Then, he would beat him up severely.

With a modified version of the Mystical Power Pill in hand, how could he be afraid of not having a pharmacy that would buy it from him?

He strode forward, completely ignoring Pan Hu.

Pan Huhu gritted his teeth, and hurriedly set off in pursuit again. He asked, “What exactly do you want to be willing to leave with me?”

It was still this kind of attitude?

Ling Han chuckled, and continued onwards.

Pan Hu broke out in a cold sweat. If he could not invite Ling Han back today, then he would be chased out of the clan by Mo Guohao, and once he lost the backing of the Mo Clan, what difference would there be between him and the hooligans on the streets?

When he thought that it was possible that he would become someone that he usually looked down on, how could he still have any reservations? He immediately rushed in front of Ling Han, and then knelt down resoundingly.

“Please come back with me!”

Ling Han looked at him calmly. To say nothing of the fact that he had once been an ultimate elite, now that he had restarted his path of alchemy, he could still become an influential figure. Would he care about the worship of such a minor character?

It would not be so easy.

He continued walking.

“Milord, I was wrong! I was wrong!” Pan Huhu repeatedly kowtowed behind him.

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