Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 3171 - 3171 Deal

Chapter 3171 - 3171 Deal

3171 Deal

Only then did Ling Han stop in his tracks, but he did not turn around.

Seeing that there was a chance, Pan Huhu hurriedly continued to kowtow, not daring to stop.

At the beginning, this caused his face to burn. Kneeling down in public, just how humiliating was that? But he actually wasn’t some mighty figure, so how many people even knew him?

Now, everyone was watching the excitement, but it was possible that they would forget all about it after a few days.

For someone like him, pride was naturally important, but compared with actual benefits, it was negligible.

“Please forgive me. I was wrong. I have really learnt my lesson now.” He kowtowed so hard that even the skin of his forehead was broken. That particular spot was dripping with blood, which was still flowing down his cheek, and there was an indescribable misery about his whole appearance.

“What did you do wrong?” Ling Han turned around and asked calmly.

“I shouldn’t have been blind, I shouldn’t have been arrogant and conceited, I shouldn’t have looked down on others…” Pan Hu continued to reflect on himself, describing himself as the most shameless and immoral person in the world.

Ling Han merely wanted to punish this person, and still wanted to do business with the Mercy Medicine Hall. After all, this was the largest pharmacy in Huju City, and its sales were also the best.

Thus, seeing Pan Hu shed snot and tears like this, he felt that it was time to stop.

“All right, get up,” he said.

“Thank you, thank you, milord!” Only then did Pan Huhu carefully get back to his feet.

Someone like him was the type to bully the weak and fear the strong. Once his arrogance was suppressed, he would really be like a dog.

He jogged over, and said, “Milord, my uncle wants to see you.”

“Lead the way,” Ling Han said. Business was more important.

“Yes!” Pan Hu Hu Hu replied, and hurriedly walked ahead.

It wasn’t long before they arrived back at Mercy Medicine Hall.

“I am Mo Guohao.” The moment he entered, Mo Guohao came out to receive him. He smiled, and stretched out his hand towards Ling Han, appearing extremely cordial, “I have really neglected you just now. I will definitely punish this brat severely.”

“Ling Han.” Ling Han stretched out his hand and shook hands with him. In the Genesis World, people generally clasped their hands in greeting. It seemed like this place liked to use the gesture of a handshake to exchange pleasantries. He smiled, and said, “Who hasn’t done wrong before? It’s good enough that he will change.”

Was he interceding on his behalf?

Pan Hu couldn’t help but feel excited. In fact, he even felt like crying. Ling Han was actually interceding on his behalf, after how he had treated him!

“Young friend Ling is really broad-minded!” Mo Guohao laughed loudly, “Come, please come upstairs.”


The two of them went upstairs, and the other workers naturally didn’t dare to follow them. Pan Hu pondered for a moment, then shamelessly went up to the second floor.

Mo Guohao merely cast a glance at Pan Hu, and did not chase him away, which made Pan Hu feel slightly relieved.

“Go, bring two cups of tea over,” Mo Guohao said to Pan Hu after he had invited Ling Han to sit down.

“Yes, yes.” Pan Hu hurriedly left.

“Young friend, how many more of these alchemical pills do you have?” Mo Guo Hao asked. He pointed at the bottle on the table that Ling Han had previously handed over to the staff.

He had scraped off a bit to taste. With his strength as a Middle Level alchemist, he was naturally able to immediately determine what improvements this new Mystical Power Pill had.

Thus, he immediately rushed down in extreme excitement.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, “It’s no problem to supply ten pills every day.”

Ten pills!

Mo Guohao was stunned. He was not surprised by this number, but rather the fact that ten pills could be supplied every day, at such a uniform amount?

“Could it be that this was concocted by our young friend?” he asked. Otherwise, how could there be such guarantees?

Ling Han smiled faintly, “That’s right.”

Formation Masters and alchemists were both symbols of status, and were also synonyms for safety. He had just arrived here, so he needed a certain amount of security.

Mo Guohao couldn’t help but inhale sharply. Such a young alchemist…

If one wanted to become an Elementary Level alchemist, they would have to concoct at least ten types of Elementary Level alchemical pills, and at least one of them would need spiritual power to stimulate the formations for its concoction. During the concoction process, they would also need to use their Spiritual Power to control the energy flow in the formations.

Hence, at the beginning, the requirements for spiritual power were very high, and one had to reach Elementary Level.

However, after that, alchemy didn’t have too high a requirement for spiritual power. One only needed to be extremely detailed and meticulous. This was another direction of development.

However, if one wanted to reach the spiritual power of Elementary Level, even a prodigy would need to be around twenty-four or twenty-five years old. Ordinary people would need to be over thirty years old.

If one wanted to refine the Mystical Power Pill, they would definitely need Elementary Level Spiritual Power Pills. In other words, this young man in front of them was qualified to do so.

This was too shocking.

“Young friend, you are really surprising.” He sighed with emotion. It should be known that he had cultivated Elementary Level Spiritual Power when he was twenty-four years old. This was already considered a super genius, but compared with Ling Han, heh.

Ling Han merely smiled. He had always been very modest, and had never been proud.

“Is young friend willing to sell the modified Mystical Power Pill recipe?” Mo Guohao’s eyes were burning.

Though the Mystical Power Pill could only be used on Meridian Opening Tier elites, and was too low-level for the overall level of cultivation, it was precisely because this was the lowest level that it possessed the widest market.

If he could master this recipe and vigorously promote the new version of the Mystical Power Pill, not only would he be able to obtain a huge amount of wealth, but he would also be able to leave his name in history — the strength of the entire army of the nation would increase greatly, because it would definitely be the lower ranks that had the most number of soldiers.

Ling Han shook his head, “Not interested.”

Mo Guohao couldn’t help but feel disappointed. However, this was within his expectations. If he could think of this, how could it be that Ling Han couldn’t either?

To be able to accomplish what all alchemists wanted to do but were unable to do, how could he be an idiot?

In truth, he was really wrong. Ling Han would not take this kind of Elementary Level pill recipe seriously. However, at present, he still had to depend on the modified version of the Mystical Power Pill to earn money, so he naturally had to be the only supplier to be able to push up the price.

When he learnt more pill recipes, such as one that could increase the cultivation level of Blood Transformation Tier elites, and improved on it, he naturally wouldn’t need to depend on the Mystical Power Pill to earn money. By then, he would be able to sell the pill recipe.

“Ten pills a day?” Mo Guohao settled for the next best thing. With the addition of the modified Mystical Power Pill, Mercy Medicine Hall’s position as the boss of the industry was firm and unbreakable. Otherwise, pharmacies like Western Clouds Medicine Hall and Great Conqueror Medicine Hall that were not much inferior to Mercy Medicine Hall could surpass them at any time.

“En.” Ling Han nodded, “I’ll give you an address. Just send someone to pick it up every evening.”

“All right.” Mo Guohao nodded earnestly.

Ling Han took out another bottle. This one was much bigger, and there were nine Mystical Power Pills inside. He placed them on the table.

“What’s the price?” he asked. This was naturally the most important question.

“Ordinary Mystical Power Pills sell for 2000 each. If this is a modified version, the effects would more than double, and the significance would definitely not be as simple as double. Thus, I have decided to price it at 5000.” Mo Guohao looked at Ling Han.

Ling Han nodded, “What about the dividends?”

“You take four thousand,” Mo Guohao said.

This ratio was really generous.

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