All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled By A Bigshot

Chapter 10 - Competition

Chapter 10 - Competition

The girls in front also turned their heads from time to time.

Even some of the boys almost called Qin Sheng daddy. Who among the boys didn't have a martial arts dream? Previously, the one they admired the most was Lin Feng because he was good at fighting.

Now, Qin Sheng had already defeated Lin Feng twice.

The boys had no moral integrity and leaned towards Qin Sheng.

Whoever was good would be their boss.

Teacher Lin, who was copying a math question, turned around and saw Qin Sheng sleeping. Her eyes were half-closed as she adjusted her glasses.

A piece of chalk landed accurately on Qin Sheng's desk.

"Student Qin Sheng, come up and solve this question on the blackboard."

Qin Sheng did not respond, probably because she was asleep.

Qin Sheng's deskmate was a round-faced girl with some baby fat on her face. She looked very cute, so she quickly shook Qin Sheng awake.

Qin Sheng raised her head. Her sleepy eyes were a little drowsy. She didn't react for a moment. "What's the matter?"

"Teacher asked you to go up and do the questions." Huang Xiaoyan covered her heart. She was almost blown away by Qin Sheng's contrast of cuteness.

"Thank you." Qin Sheng nodded and walked up to the podium. She held the chalk and frowned at the question.

Seeing that Qin Sheng didn't start to answer for a long time, Teacher Lin turned around and began to explain, "This is the 21st question of the college entrance exam five years ago. It's the most difficult question. It's okay if you can't solve it. This time, I asked this sleeping classmate to come up and answer it to remind you..."

Teacher Lin turned around and wanted to point at Qin Sheng. When she saw the content on the blackboard, she was instantly stunned.

She held her glasses and said, "Now, let's see if Qin Sheng's answer is correct."

"Teacher, can I go back to my seat now?" Qin Sheng asked.

"Go ahead." Teacher Lin waved her hand as she looked at the answer on the blackboard.

After watching the entire process, Teacher Lin's mouth opened slightly. She asked in surprise, "Student Qin Sheng, have you studied any university courses?"

This question was used to test a student's ability to comprehensively apply knowledge during the three years of high school. There were many steps and it was very difficult. If one used university mathematics knowledge to solve it, it would be easy to understand.

Qin Sheng used university mathematics to complete it.

Although Teacher Lin's high mathematics score was also very high, she had never thought of using this method to solve this question.

"I've learned a little."

Qin Sheng had almost forgotten most of her high school knowledge. She only remembered part of the university knowledge.

"This question was answered perfectly. Student Qin Sheng, pay attention next time. You must listen carefully in class."

The students of Class 4 looked at Qin Sheng in surprise. Some of them were good at math, but they didn't expect Qin Sheng to solve it so quickly.

And she was using the knowledge of the university!

Wasn't Qin Sheng a bad student?!

Teacher Lin erased Qin Sheng's answer from the blackboard. It was high school now, so the students didn't need to learn knowledge outside of the syllable.

After giving some time for the students to answer, Teacher Lin began to explain.

Teacher Lin prepared the lesson seriously, and the class was interesting and lively. Even the students in Class 4 who did not like to learn could not help but immerse themselves in it.

Qin Sheng did not feel sleepy anymore.

The class quickly passed.

At noon, Qin Sheng arrived at the basketball court as scheduled. All the students in Class 4 had arrived.

Standing in the middle of the basketball court, Lin Feng twirled the basketball with his fingertips. Then, he threw the basketball up and accurately entered the basketball hoop.

Lin Feng nodded in satisfaction and looked at Qin Sheng again.. He crossed his arms and said in a tone that deserved a beating, "Qin Sheng, you can find any helpers you want."

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