All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled By A Bigshot

Chapter 11 - Dad

Chapter 11 - Dad

"No need."

Qin Sheng narrowed her eyes and looked at the position of the basketball. It was not high.

Lin Feng instantly exploded in anger. No, he had to suppress this woman's arrogance. If he did not teach her a good lesson, where would he put his face?


The referee whistled and the game officially began.

The one who snatched the ball was Lin Feng. He shot a ball and scored.

"Brother Feng, Great!" Lin Feng's underlings supported Lin Feng at the right time.

Lin Feng's second goal was scored again.

"Brother Feng, awesome!"

The third goal was also scored.

"Brother Feng, you're so domineering!"

Lin Feng panted and looked at Qin Sheng proudly. "If you had admitted defeat earlier, you wouldn't have lost so badly."

"Cut the crap."

Qin Sheng took the ball and dodged Lin Feng's interception. She stood outside the three-point line and exerted force with her hand. The ball was shot toward the basketball in a parabolic arc.

Everyone's eyes followed the basketball.

Lin Feng snorted in disdain. A three-point shot. She did not even look at herself to see if she had the ability.

Unsurprisingly, Lin Feng was slapped in the face again.

The basketball went straight into the basket.

It went in!

It went in!!!

Lin Feng was dumbfounded. He looked at Qin Sheng. There was no joy on Qin Sheng's face, as if it was a matter of course.

Lin Feng withdrew his sloppy attitude and began to treat the game seriously.

However, he had no more chances.

Next, as long as Qin Sheng got the ball, he did not even have a chance to touch the ball. Qin Sheng hit the ball one by one, and all of them were three-pointers.

If he got the ball, Qin Sheng would snatch it away.

After a basketball game, Lin Feng was exhausted and collapsed on the ground, almost unable to get up.

The result was obvious. Lin Feng had lost miserably.

Lin Feng took the water from one of his underlings and took a big gulp. He was unwilling to face the fact that he had been defeated by a girl.

Huang Xiaoyan, Qin Sheng's deskmate, asked with starry eyes, "Sheng Sheng, have you learned basketball before?"

"No." Qin Sheng saw Huang Xiaoyan and her eyes softened. She couldn't help but reach out to pinch Huang Xiaoyan's baby-fat face.

Few people knew that she liked cute things.

"You're still so good at playing before you learned." Huang Xiaoyan was even more impressed by Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng glanced at Lin Feng and said honestly, "Maybe I learned it faster."

"F*ck!" Lin Feng spat out a mouthful of water and couldn't stop choking.

She was good at fighting and playing basketball. Was she still a woman?

Lin Feng slid up from the ground and blurted out, "Dad."

"No, no, no, it's Sister Sheng." Lin Feng changed his words timidly when he received Qin Sheng's light gaze.

"Sister Sheng, I, Lin Feng, will recognize you as my boss from now on." Lin Feng glanced at his underlings who had followed him for two years. He closed his eyes and said with a pained expression, "You guys will do the same in the future. Remember to call her Sister Sheng."

Lin Feng's underlings obediently followed suit and called out in unison, "Sister Sheng."

Qin Sheng took the water that Huang Xiaoyan had brought for her and paused. "I won't snatch your boss position. I'm not interested."

Lin Feng was delighted. "Sister Sheng, from now on, if you want me to go east, I won't go west. If there's anything, just let me know."

After Lin Feng finished speaking, he kept on saying flattering words.

Qin Sheng frowned impatiently and left.

Lin Feng kept blowing at Qin Sheng. He didn't even know when she left.

At night, when Qin Sheng returned to the Qin family, Qin Hai sat on the sofa in the living room with a cold face. He said in a deep voice, "Let me ask you, why don't you go to Class 1? Also, as a girl, do you think it's proper for you to fight with others?"

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