All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled By A Bigshot

Chapter 22 - Qin Sheng Lost?

Chapter 22 - Qin Sheng Lost?

As Lu Ming was still at the fourth line of defense, he heard the alarm.

"F*ck!" Lu Ming cursed and increased the speed of his hands.

This QS was too mean!

Lu Ming was in front, so he was the first to go out.

Seeing The Most Handsome In the Universe come out, the hackers all heaved a sigh of relief. It turned out that QS was not as powerful as they thought.

[Tick Tock: The Most Handsome In the Universe, he is indeed handsome!]

[Zhu: Handsome man is indeed invincible!]

[King: Handsome, is QS still lingering on the first line of defense?]

Lu Ming was now lying on the chair dejectedly. He did not want to look at the computer anymore.

Five minutes later, Qin Sheng exited the Longfei Group's system. When she was retreating, she had even kindly destroyed the five lines of defense.

It was estimated that the defense system could not be used anymore. To rebuild the defense system, it would require a large amount of money and a lot of time.

The internal information of the group was crucial. It could not be stolen by outsiders. If the core information was stolen, it would be a fatal blow to the company.

When Qin Sheng triggered the alarm, the technical staff of the Longfei Group discovered it. They immediately began to track Qin Sheng.

Unfortunately, their computer technology was much worse than Qin Sheng's, so they couldn't find any traces of Qin Sheng at all.

After destroying all the defense lines, Qin Sheng arrogantly left a sentence. "Your defense is too rubbish. I'll help you check next time."

The technical staff: "..."

They didn't need it, thank you.

The technical staff could only watch as an arrogant hacker logo escaped from under his eyes.

Without hesitation, he reported this matter to the department head.

"What? Aren't you a high-tech talent who came back from studying abroad? Even you can't stop it!?"

The department head realized the seriousness of the matter and called the chairman overnight.

The chairman flew into a rage. "Find him! Find this person immediately!"

He had never been provoked so arrogantly before. Who wouldn't want to please him?

He thought of something and became nervous again. "Did he take away the company's information?"

"I'm not sure, but he destroyed our defense line and left a message saying that he would come back next time."

"Take care of it right now. I invited you here and gave you your salary. Are you taking money for nothing?" The chairman of the Longfei Group blamed the technology department. The system had been hacked. It was their fault for not doing their job well.

"Yes." The technical department director could only agree. However, he was not convinced. Those who knew about computers understood that there were many experts in the world. How could they compare to these people? No matter how good the system was, there would always be a loophole. It was very difficult to ensure that everything was safe.

It was not that they did not want to poach those hacker geniuses, but they were very arrogant and refused.

After he returned, he began to maintain and rebuild the defense system overnight.

However, this was not something that could be solved in a short period of time.

At the same time, they were still worried about when this hacker would come.

As for QS, they were destined to not be able to find her. Qin Sheng was very cautious and did not leave any traces behind.


QS appeared at Black Emperor.

Those who could not stand QS jumped out to mock her. When everyone congratulated The Most Handsome In the Universe for winning, he did not refute them, so everyone thought that QS had lost.

[Trash: QS, I thought you were invincible. I didn't expect you to lose too.]

[Duck: Hahaha, how does it feel to lose? Let you be arrogant!]

[Hacker Qin: This tells us that we should not be too arrogant. Otherwise, one day, we won't even know how we died.]

Qin Sheng's eyes narrowed as she watched them jump up and down. She slowly typed, "Who told you that I lost?"

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