All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled By A Bigshot

Chapter 23 - I'm Little Blackie Online

Chapter 23 - I'm Little Blackie Online

The hackers were stunned for a moment.

Wasn't it? It was The Most Handsome In the Universe who told them.

Otherwise, they wouldn't have come out to mock QS.

A hacker slapped his head fiercely. "It seems that The Most Handsome In the Universe hasn't spoken since he came out. QS losing is all a guess."

In real life competitions, those who returned to Black Emperor first usually won. Those who lost would be a little late because they still had to attack the system.

However, Qin Sheng was different. She triggered the alarm, so The Most Handsome In the Universe could only leave.

Hearing this, the other hackers were also suspicious.

The Most Handsome In the Universe was too quiet. It was not compatible with his flamboyant personality.

Everyone ran to send private messages to Lu Ming.

Lu Ming finally typed a few words on the keyboard and sent it out. "I lost."

The forum was silent for a few seconds before it was instantly flooded with f*cking comments.

Lost, lost?!

The Most Handsome In the Universe, who was ranked eighth on the Black Emperor Rankings, had actually lost!

All the hackers in the Black Emperor Rankings were gathered, and even the big shots and rookies would appear on the forum. Even in the world, the position of the number eight hacker on the Black Emperor Rankings was ranked at the top.

And this QS had even defeated the number eight! Their strength was so terrifying.

The hackers in the forum were completely silent. They no longer had any doubts about QS's strength. Instead, they felt that their arrogance back then was justified. The big shots had the right to be arrogant.

In the world of hackers, the strong were respected.

For the strong, they looked at the problem with a layer of filter. This was not because they were disgusted by QS's behavior, but because they felt that they were domineering.

I'm Little Blackie, who was the first to be defeated by Qin Sheng and had his computer hacked, was finally online.

He was still sweating profusely.

During the period when he went offline, he had been turning on his computer. He only came in after an hour.

[I'm Little Blackie: Sorry, I went offline temporarily because I had something to do.]

He did not dare to say that he was hacked by QS during the battle. If they knew about it, it would be enough for them to laugh at him for half a year.

I'm Little Blackie thought that there would be a large circle of hackers questioning him, but he found that those people came over to comfort him instead.

I'm Little Blackie: "???" What happened? This wasn't the style of their website.

He asked his close friend.

His close friend only sympathetically reminded him, "Look at QS's battle results."

I'm Little Blackie hurriedly ran over to look at QS's battle results. After looking at his long string, he quieted down.

So... He, a rookie, was PKing with a big shot, and he still looked down on this big shot?

In the end, he was tricked by the big shot, and his screen was hacked?

How ignorant was he? How high was the sky, how thick was the ground?

Over here, Qin Sheng posted an advertisement on Black Emperor.

QS: Repair the computer system, remotely diagnose computer problems, build a protective system, and discuss the price privately. The price is definitely worthy of the service I provide. Welcome, QQ: XXXXXX. Don't disturb me if there's nothing else!]

Everyone from Black Emperor: "..."

So, QS caused such a huge ruckus at Black Emperor just to advertise for money?

With this thought in mind, someone asked, "Boss, are you really short of money?"

QS replied, "Yes, I'm very short. I'm very poor."

Everyone from Black Emperor was speechless once again.

How could someone with such technology be poor?

Someone seemed to have won more than 6 million at Black Emperor. Qin Sheng had won the match just now and received more than double the odds. Including the capital, it was a total of 6 million.

How could a person who had earned 6 million in just over an hour be poor?

I don't believe you!

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