All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled By A Bigshot

Chapter 27 - You Leave The Qin Family

Chapter 27 - You Leave The Qin Family

Qin Churou used her usual trick of pretending to be weak.

People sympathized with the weak, so she always succeeded in using this method. Many people had been tricked by her.

If Qin Sheng did not ease up, it would appear that she was aggressive.

Qin Churou had a good plan in her heart. No matter what Qin Sheng did, it would be beneficial to her.

On the surface, Qin Sheng was still unwilling to forgive her. She could let this man see Qin Sheng's true colors and stay away from Qin Sheng.

If Qin Sheng treated her well, she could take the opportunity to approach him through Qin Sheng.

Unfortunately, Qin Sheng and Fu Hanchuan did not play by the rules.

Qin Sheng sneered. Just as she was about to speak, Fu Hanchuan's cold voice was heard. "Since you are so considerate of Sheng Sheng's feelings, then you should leave the Qin family. Sheng Sheng hates you."

Qin Churou's face was completely frozen. She could not believe it.

Didn't all men like weak women?

Fu Hanchuan raised his hand to look at his watch and then looked at Qin Sheng.

Every time he looked at Qin Sheng, his face carried a doting look that he did not realize. "Sheng Sheng, it's getting late. I'll send you back."

The corners of Qin Sheng's lips curled slightly as she stood up.

"Qin Churou, you're always acting. Isn't it tiring to live with a mask on?"

Qin Churou clenched her hands tightly. Because Fu Hanchuan was there, she did not reveal a twisted and ferocious expression. Instead, she still looked weak and gentle. "Sister, did you misunderstand me?"

"I've said it before. What doesn't belong to you will never belong to you."

Qin Sheng left for a while, but Qin Churou still sat on the spot. Her eyes were full of anger.

What right did Qin Sheng have to mock her?

As long as she could get what she wanted, she was willing to act for the rest of her life. Wasn't Qin Sheng very real? But even her biological parents hated her.

In front of that perfect man, Qin Sheng actually didn't give her face.

If it wasn't for Qin Sheng, why would he talk to her like that?

That man obviously saw that Qin Sheng didn't like him. In order to take into account Qin Sheng's feelings, he said something embarrassing to her.

It must be Qin Sheng!

Qin Churou bit her lip. She had to get this man.

No one had ever moved her at first sight.

His clothes and watches were the most expensive brands in the world, and she was the Young Miss of the Qin family. If she could match up to him, Qin Sheng was nothing!

Qin Churou made up her mind and began to imagine Fu Hanchuan peeling prawns for her and talking to her dotingly.

After Qin Sheng returned to the Qin family, she continued to take orders. She had already taken on several big orders, asking her to set up or maintain a protective system. The price was not low. If they were satisfied, they would need to pay 400,000 yuan to set up a protective system. The maintenance system was half the price.

Qin Sheng was familiar with computer operations, but it was not easy to set up or maintain a protective system. Even she would need at least three hours to do it.

She had already made one last night, and the customer had already paid.

Now, she was dealing with the second big order, which was to maintain the protective system. It only took three hours.

Qin Sheng came downstairs to have dinner. Qin Churou gave her a provocative look.

Qin Sheng looked at the expressions of Qin Hai and Lin Shuya, and the corners of her lips curled up into a mocking smile. It seemed that Qin Churou was up to no good.

She pulled out a chair and sat down. Qin Sheng picked up a piece of vegetables.

Qin Hai put down his bowl and chopsticks. "I heard that you are very intimate with a man?"

Qin Sheng was good-looking. The reason why Qin Hai was willing to take her back to the Qin family was that he liked her good looks. Finding a family to marry would bring a lot of benefits to the Qin family.

Naturally, Qin Sheng's marriage had to be in his hands.

Before this, no matter how mediocre Qin Sheng was, it was fine. The only thing that mattered was if she was innocent.. He couldn't let her mess around with other men.

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