All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled By A Bigshot

Chapter 26 - Coincidences

Chapter 26 - Coincidences

After settling their bank cards, the two of them went to the restaurant to eat.

The two of them sat by the wall. Outside was a pedestrian street, and there was only a glass window between them. They could clearly see the scene inside from the outside.

When Qin Churou passed by the restaurant, she caught a glimpse of Qin Sheng's figure.

She was slightly stunned. Why Would Qin Sheng come here? Why would a country bumpkin come to such a high-end restaurant?

Then, her gaze fell on Fu Hanchuan's figure. She only saw a side profile, but it was perfect to the extreme. A tall nose bridge, sexy lips...

Qin Churou's heart raced. She had never seen such a good-looking man.

She almost could not control herself as she walked into the restaurant.

When she entered the restaurant, she happened to see Fu Hanchuan use his slender and good-looking hands to peel the prawns and place them in Qin Sheng's bowl.

Qin Sheng also shamelessly ate them.

Qin Churou gripped her hands tightly, her fingertips turning white. How did Qin Sheng meet such a man? She even asked him to peel the prawns for her!

Qin Churou was also used to acting. Very quickly, she suppressed her jealousy and slowly walked towards Qin Sheng.


Qin Churou's pretentious voice sounded. Qin Sheng put down his chopsticks and asked expressionlessly, "What's the matter?"

"Sister, I wanted to look for you to go shopping together. I didn't expect you to leave so early," Qin Churou complained. She squeezed herself next to Qin Sheng and sat down, looking like a good sister.

This dining table was for two people. Qin Sheng was very thin, and her chair could barely fit two people.

However, it was very crowded. Fu Hanchuan frowned and finally gave Qin Churou a look.

According to the information, Qin Sheng and Qin Churou were carried by the wrong person when they were in the hospital. Qin Churou was the child of a rural couple, but she became the daughter of the Qin family and enjoyed the love of the Qin family.

Qin Sheng had been abused by that couple in the countryside. Ever since she was three years old, she had endless work to do.

If it were not for the pressure of compulsory education and the pressure of the village officials, the Feng couple would not have sent Qin Sheng to school.

They had not paid a single cent for Qin Sheng's school fees. They knew the Feng couple's character. The village officials collectively donated money to help Qin Sheng pay for her school fees. After Qin Sheng grew a little older, she went to find work on her own.

Once she finished junior high school, the Feng family did not allow Qin Sheng to go to school. It was only because Qin Sheng promised to give them a fixed amount of money every month that they continued to let Qin Sheng study.

After Qin Sheng was brought back, Qin Churou still stayed in the Qin family.

According to the information, Qin Churou's talent was extraordinary. She had been recognized by the Master of Painting, Qi Wenshi, since she was young and became one of his students. In the third year of high school, she was firmly ranked in the top ten of the entire grade.

She was kind and filial. When she saw the stray cats and dogs on the road, she couldn't help but feed them and send them to the veterinarian if they were injured.

Fu Hanchuan sneered and looked away.

She was just like Zhou Sihui.

Qin Churou noticed Fu Hanchuan's gaze on her. Her face was slightly red. She picked up a glass of juice in front of Qin Sheng and asked casually, "Sheng Sheng, is this your friend?"

Qin Sheng's lips curled into a mocking smile.

Did Qin Churou like Fu Hanchuan this time?

"What does it have to do with you whether he's my friend or not? My relationship with you doesn't seem to be that good. You really don't know your place." Qin Sheng didn't give Qin Churou any face. She disdained to maintain a superficial relationship with Qin Churou.

Qin Churou's face was a little stiff, but she quickly recovered. Her eyes were very red, and her voice sounded very wronged. "Sister, I know that I've monopolized Mom and Dad for more than ten years. You have a problem with me, but that's not something I can stop. If you're angry, I can move out.. Sister, as long as you're willing to forgive me, I'm willing to do anything."

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