Almighty Coach

Chapter 11: I Won Again

Chapter 11: I Won Again

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Shouliang Zhao specialized in the standing long jump as a coach on the municipal sports team. This was the training he was really good at it. It was also why he had challenged Dai Li in the activity.

Dai Li already knew how incredible the training results were with the help of "top-level coach." According to the notification in the system, "top-level coach" could help ordinary people reach the limits of their physical ability and get the best results from it. This meant that no one could compete with Dai Li when it came to training ordinary people. That was why Dai Li was not afraid of Shouliang Zhao's challenge at all.

Talent Education and SA Student Education's training fields were not far from each other. They were both in the Youth Activity Center, but not in the same area. Shouliang Zhao had left in a hurry and came back soon with a student. The student was also very big, similar to Xiaoming Huang. He seemed to be 75 kilograms

Shouliang Zhao patted the student's back and said, "This is my student, Dan Liu. Who are you going to pick?"

"Detect!" Dai Li started to detect Dan Liu's information immediately and got the result from the system.

Detecting Target: Ordinary person; Sports Ability: 35.

"35. That's even worse than the old lady who walked her dog the other day. I bet this Dan Liu is the best one on his team." Dai Li relaxed a little bit after seeing that.

After four days of training, most of Dai Li's students had a sports ability above 40. Even the biggest one, Congcong Wu, had a 38.

Dai Li turned around and mulled over his students. Then he picked Congcong Wu and said, "He is the biggest student in my class. I choose him!"

Congcong Wu weighed more than 90 kilograms. However, he was only 160 centimeters tall. If you didn't pay close attention, you might have thought he was a big walking ball; he seemed to need some air every time he took a few steps. His sports ability was only a 19 when he entered the class, which may have been even worse than the dog that old lady was walking. But after only four days of training, he had managed to double that number to 38.

In the training session this past afternoon, Dai Li had paid a lot of attention to Congcong Wu and taught him about the standing long jump step by step. There was an old saying that if one sharpened their blade just before going into the battle, even if the blade was not sharp enough, it would at least glisten. Dai Li believed in Congcong Wu's ability in the standing long jump.

The appearance of Congcong Wu attracted all surrounding attention. A student in his third year of middle school with a height of 160 centimeters and weight of 90 kilograms had a tendency to attract people's attention wherever he went.

"That kid is too fat! He must weigh more than 90 kilograms!"

"Maybe even more than that. Is he even able to jump?"

"I thought this young coach might have some possibility of winning. But now I've changed my mind. He is doomed to fail."

"Tell me about it. There must be a 15 kilograms to 20 kilograms difference between those two students. The slimmer one will definitely win this game."

A conceited look was visible on Shouliang Zhao's face. He might have been a little nervous if Dai Li had picked a skinnier student. But now he felt like he had already won the game since Dai Li had chosen the biggest one.

"Kid, you are embarrassing yourself. Don't blame me if I beat you!" Shouliang Zhao's eyes shined coldly. He bent down and said to Dan Liu, "Do your best, and don't embarrass me!"

Dan Liu looked at Congcong Wu and nodded confidently. "That fatty is Congcong Wu. He's from my school. He is the biggest. I'll win the game."

Congcong Wu's face turned red. Obviously the discussion going on around him made him feel like his face was on fire. He knew he was overweight, and the last thing he wanted to hear was people calling him fat, let alone people around him were talking about and pointing at him, which hurt his feelings.

Dai Li noticed this and encouraged him immediately. "Think about Xiaoming Huang. He's already made people see him in a new light. Now it's your turn. Cheer up! As long as you can perform as usual, you can do it too."

Congcong Wu nodded silently. He still looked very nervous.

Dan Liu was already standing next to the bunker. He jumped over the two meter line easily.

"2.17 meters!"

A smile emerged from Shouliang Zhao's face. He said, "The standing long jump takes 20 points out of the total score. According to the criteria of the high school PE entrance exam, if you can jump over 2.15 meters, you got 15 points. If we changed it to the 100-point system, it would be equal to 75 points, which translates to a letter grade of B.

Shouliang Zhao finished and looked at Dai Li provocatively. Dai Li, however, looked relieved.

"Congcong Wu, there is no need to be nervous now, right?" Dai Li smiled.

Congcong Wu nodded. "I thought he would be better than me. I didn't expect that he would only jump 2.17 meters. That's even worse than me."

"It's your time to shine, boy! Don't forget the points of the movement that I taught you." Dai Li then asked Congcong Wu to go to the competition area.

Congcong Wu looked very confident as he walked to the bunker. He took a deep breath, then went over the points of the standing long jump without leaving out any details. He made a small space between his legs and bent over his knees a bit. He leaned forward and swung his arms back and forth twice while his knees moved in unison with his arms.

"The movement is not bad. But it won't help, because your problem is your weight!" Shouliang Zhao thought to himself, deliberately acting like he didn't care.

Next to the bunker, Congcong Wu pressed his feet against the ground with the balls of his feet while his arms swung back and forth. He straightened his knees with all his strength, pushing himself off the ground, his body drawing a straight line in the air. As he landed, he bent over his knees, drew in his stomach, and straightened his calves. After performing the movements Dai Li had taught him, he swung his arms backwards to balance himself out and landed on the ground with his heels. He finished the movement for the standing long jump with agility and confidence.

Shouliang Zhao frowned a bit. He could tell that although Congcong Wu's movement was far from the professional level, he had gotten points as well. Honestly, Congcong Wu mastered the techniques better than Dan Liu.

"That move was good. Don't tell me that Dai Li is really better than me!" He looked in the direction of the bunker and couldn't control his facial expressions any longer.

"That is not possible! No way! How could he jump further even though he is much heavier? How is that possible! Am I seeing things?" He rubbed his eyes subconsciously.

Dai Li's voice echoed at the same time, "2.25 meters. According to the criteria for the exam, that means 16 points. 80 points out of 100. Coach Zhao, I've won again!"

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