Almighty Coach

Chapter 4: Refund

Chapter 4: Refund

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The session lasted three hours, from 8:30AM to 11:30AM. After three hours of training, the 12 students could finish several repetitions of pull-ups. Xiaoming Huang, who was the best among them, could even do three pull-ups consecutively.

This was the result of just a three-hour training session. Given the fact that these fat potatoes couldn't even finish one pull-up originally, Dai Li's training deserved a compliment of "incredible." Even Dai Li himself was shocked by the outcome that morning. Having majored in sports-training himself, he knew how unbelievable his training result was. Even if you had gathered all the best coaches, you would not be able to achieve what Dai Li had accomplished.

"Well, I can see that you are shocked by the training effects!" said the system. "This is the training result of a top-level coach. Even national athletes could make a big leap forward following a top-level coach, let alone ordinary people!"

"So according to you, the results differ between national athletes and ordinary people?" Dai Li asked, catching the point.

"There is a difference. A very big one actually. Even if you don't have the top-level coach trial card, you can still expect a good result training ordinary people as a newbie coach. However, the same result can't be ensured if you train athletes," explained the golden head.

"I understand that the training result gets better as the level of the coach gets better. But I didn't expect that there is a restriction on trainees according to the level of the coach," said Dai Li.

The golden head nodded. "This restriction appears on the limitation of the training result. The better an athlete is, the higher the level of the coach must be. If the level of the coach is too low, the training result will be very inconspicuous, which could even be close to none. For example, a newbie coach like you would make no impacts on national athletes. On the opposite, if a high-level coach trains a low-level athlete, the result would be much better."

"So if I'm understanding correctly, I could make those fatties do 10 pull-ups if I could upgrade my coach level? There are 10,000 students who take the high school PE entrance exam in Yuzhou City. I can open a training class for the high school PE entrance exam and make a big fortune from it!" Dai Li said excitedly.

"No way. Even if you upgrade yourself to the highest level, you still couldn't make them do 10 pull-ups in one day. Sports training is limited by individual physical ability. For example, that Xiaoming Huang can only finish five pull-ups today according to his physical limitations. Even a top-level coach couldn't help him do more than five. Your training result so far is the best-case scenario," the golden head explained.

Dai Li felt a little upset now that his dream of making a fortune had been broken. The System said, "The better the training result is, the more experience you will gain. I suggest you make the most of these 14 days and make yourself to level-3, which will be a sophomore coach. After 14 days, once the card is expired, it will take you more time to level up."

"Right! The Experience!" With the system reminding him, he remembered the empirical value. He entered the system immediately and saw that the column for empirical value had raised from 0/100 to 6/100.

"I have already gained six points of empirical value, which means I can get 12 points per day. Then I just need eight or nine days to upgrade. 14-day top-level trial card is definitely enough," Dai Li calculated in his mind.

"I don't think so. Don't forget that it's Sunday today. That's why you have an entire day. That's also why you were able to get a high empirical value. Normally on weekdays, you'll only have two hours after school. At that point, you would not be able to get 12 points per day," the System reminded him. This news made Dai Li quite depressed.

During the training in the afternoon, the fatties were still making rapid progress. For example, Xiaoming Huang could already finish five pull-ups if he pushed himself. Even the biggest of the bunch, Congcong Wu, could manage to do three.

According to the scoring criteria of Yuzhou City's high school PE entrance exam, six consecutive pull-ups would reach the standard to pass the exam. And according to Dai Li's calculation, all 12 students would manage to pass the exam after two or three days of training.

The training ended at 5PM. The exhausted students dragged their bodies and waved good-bye to Dai Li. However, Dai Li didn't leave right away. He counted the box of equipment that they borrowed so he could return it to the Youth Activity Center.

"Nothing lost. Time to get ready to go home!" As Dai Li got ready to move the box to the trolley, he saw a few familiar people walking up to him.

He looked carefully and found that all of them were the students he had taught today. There were seven or eight of them, and a few adults followed. One or two of them looked very familiar to Dai Li.

"That lady should be Zhenye Zhu's mother. I met her this morning when I was welcoming the students with Jianguo Chen. And the man right next to her should be Xiaoming Huang's father. The person following him is someone's parent too. Why have all the parents gathered here all of a sudden? Is it because the training result was so incredible today that they want to say 'thank you' to me?" Dai Li was filled with happiness.

What should I say in return for their grateful words? 'You are welcome. I'm just doing my job.''Your child worked really hard today. I'm sure he will make great progress after all.' Something like that!"

As he mulled it over, the parents were already standing in front of him, looking at him from head to toe.

"You are Teacher Li?" Xiaoming Huang's father asked.

Dai Li suddenly felt nervous. He could tell from Xiaoming Huang's father's tone that there was no good news. It actually sounded like he wanted to pick a fight. Normally people wouldn't use this tone if they wanted to show their gratefulness. And the fact that Xiaoming Huang's father's face was obviously showing his anger.

"What's wrong? What did I do? Is it because he is not satisfied with the training result? The fact that someone who has grown as big as Xiaoming Huang managed to do five pull-ups is already a miracle. He is still not satisfied? I didn't abuse his son! Why is he so angry?"

Dai Li nodded with a baffled look. "Yes, I'm Dai Li."

"Where is Coach Shouliang Zhao?" asked Xiaoming Huang's dad.

"Shouliang Zhao? Who is that? I've never heard of him," Dai Li said. "Today is my first day of work and I'm afraid there are a lot of colleagues that I don't know."

"First day of work! Look at you - I bet you are a student who just graduated," said Zhenye Zhu's mom, who was standing right next to him.

"Well, I'll graduate in a month," Dai Li answered honestly. His response caused a disturbance among the parents.

"Liar! You're lying, training a class without knowing anything!"

"You promised us that there would be a professional coach. Now we only have a student who hasn't graduated from college!"

"And this is his first day on the job! You must be kidding me!"

"I told you that Coach Zhao is not with Talent Education. This program is a fraud!"

"How could you mislead our children like this! You promised us that there would be a professional coach when we registered. Give us the money back! Our 3000 RMB training fee!"

"Right! We demand that Talent Education refund our money!"


"This is fraud! A refund is not enough! You should pay us back three times over!"

Dai Li had no idea what he should do now…

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