Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 25 – Attached To Him!

Chapter 25 – Attached To Him!

Yang Ye cursed the entire family of this black figure who was standing before him. Even though he didn’t understand what that state was, it was undoubtedly beneficial to him. However, it was precisely this fellow that seemed like neither a man nor ghost that had caused him to withdraw from that state.

He truly wished to smash his fist towards this fellow!

They were less than two meters away from each other, yet Yang Ye was unable to see the black clothed person’s appearance. Because the black clothed person was surrounded by countless strands of black energy that emanated a terrifying aura, and the black clothed person seemed to be extremely strange while enveloped by the black energy.

After meeting the black clothed person’s gaze for less than a breath of time, Yang Ye immediately revealed a terrified expression while he trembled in a seemingly nervous manner. It was as if he was a mouse that had encountered a cat.

“Did you see a violet shadow?” The black clothed person spoke. His voice was slightly hoarse, and it was slightly displeasing to the ear and seemed like something was stuck in his throat.

When he heard the black clothed man, Yang Ye’s body trembled even more violently, and his lips shivered as if he was nervous to the point of being unable to speak.

Right when the black energy around the black clothed man started to expand out, Yang Ye’s trembling right hand pointed behind him as he said with a trembling voice, “I, I saw a violet shadow flash by from here, and then… and then it vanished.”

When he heard Yang Ye, the black energy on the black clothed man’s body calmed down. He went silent for a short while before he glanced at Yang Ye who was trembling from head to toe, and then he shook his head. He had the intention to deal with Yang Ye, yet he abandoned such a thought when he saw Yang Ye’s current state.

He truly disdained to make a move against an expert at the Mortal Realm. Moreover, it was such an inferior fellow. If it was some unyielding fellows, then perhaps he would be interested in torturing the fellow, but he truly didn’t want to waste his Profound Energy on someone like this fellow.

It was just like an elephant and an ant. If the ant was careful, then the elephant wouldn’t kill an ant intentionally.

“Fuck off!” The black clothed man spoke indifferently.

When he heard this, Yang Ye seemed as if he’d received great amnesty. He hurriedly leaped off the tree, and then he dashed madly towards the distance. As he dashed, Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief, and his expression returned to normal. There wasn’t a trace of terror on his face, and he felt lucky in his heart. Luckily, I guessed correctly.

The black clothed man wasn’t a good person at all. So, if one made an extremely unyielding display to such a person, or show no fear at all, then the black clothed man would definitely detest the sight of him. Thus, he immediately feigned a weak appearance and made the black clothed man disdain to make a move against him. Fortunately, he’d guessed correctly.

When he saw Yang Ye vanish, the black clothed man raised his hands into the air, and then the black energy around him instantly seemed as if it had come to life and rose explosively. In a mere instant, the black energy swept out 300m away, and everywhere it passed, all plants and trees seemed like snow that had encountered boiling oil. They instantly transformed into a pool of black water!

After a few more breaths of time, with the black clothed man at the center, everything including the ground in an area of 300m around the black clothed man had turned pitch black. It was an extremely terrifying scene.

After a short while, the black clothed man withdrew all the black energy, and he muttered in a low voice. “Why has its aura vanished here? Could it be that someone captured it a step before me?”

When he spoke up to here, the black clothed man turned around to look towards the sword sect, and he said in a low voice, “Could it be an expert of the Sword Sect?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the black clothed man hesitated for a moment before he transformed into a strand of black shadow that shot out in the direction of the Sword Sect.


Yang Ye dashed madly all along the way, and he ran for around six hours before finally stopping when the sky turned dark. He found a natural cave in the surroundings and concealed the entrance properly, and then he withdrew the Moonlight Stone Man’zi had given him yesterday.

Under the illumination of the Moonlight Stone, Yang Ye saw the scene within the cave clearly. It wasn’t small and was roughly able to accommodate a few tens of standing people, and there was a huge number of weeds in this cave. Obviously, this was probably a cave that belonged to a Darkbeast.

When he noticed that there was no danger, Yang Ye sat cross-legged, and then he patted his stomach and said, “Little Fellow come out here. Let’s have a proper chat!”

The little fellow wasn’t an ordinary Darkbeast, and this was obvious from the little fellow’s strange speed. However, he was slightly puzzled about why the little fellow had chosen him, and he was especially puzzled about how the little fellow was able to enter his stomach. Wait, not his stomach, but the vortex. This had truly exceeded the scope of his understanding.

So, he’d decided that he would have a proper chat with the little fellow!

After a short moment, there was no movement from within his stomach, and when Yang Ye took a look and saw the state the little fellow was in, the corners of his mouth instantly twisted.

At this moment, the violet mink was laying with its eyes closed within his Vortex Dantian, and it frequently emanated a light sound of breathing. Obviously, the little fellow has already fallen asleep.

Yang Ye almost exploded with anger when he saw the little fellow like this. This little fellow had entered his stomach without saying a thing, and it had even offended a heaven defying expert. Moreover, he’d almost been killed at the hands of that black clothed man. He’d dashed madly all the way because he was deeply afraid that the black clothed man would catch up to him and end him if he was slow.

It could be said that he was terrified all along the way, and he wished for nothing more than to grow two more legs, yet the culprit for all of this had actually fallen asleep within his Vortex Dantian!

It was intolerable!

After calling out to the little fellow for around an hour, the little fellow finally came out from within the tiny vortex.

The violet mink stopped in midair while its little claws rubbed its slightly drowsy eyes, and it seemed to be displeased that Yang Ye disturbed its sleep. After that, it glared fiercely at Yang Ye, and as if that wasn’t enough, it fiercely claws its tiny claws at Yang Ye as if it was extremely displeased.

Yang Ye gulped. This Darkbeast is too much like a human. It simply doesn’t seem like a Darkbeast.

For a time, he was at a loss for words.

After a short while, the violet mink’s sleepiness had dispersed, and its lively eyes stared at Yang ye while blinking repeatedly. It seemed as if it was sizing Yang Ye up.

Yang Ye took a deep breath and tried hard to calm himself. After a short while, he looked at this cute little fellow and said, “Little, Little Fellow, you ought to be able to understand me. Mmm, I want to say that I won’t make a fuss about you entering my Dantian to avoid calamity. That black clothed man has left, so you can leave now.”

This little fellow was very cute, extremely cute. If he took it back and gave it to Little Yao, Little Yao would definitely be extremely happy, or he could sell it, and it would definitely sell for a good price. However, Yang Ye didn’t dare do that because this little fellow was too mysterious. Moreover, it would draw the black clothed man over. So, he decided to part ways with the little fellow.

The violet mink blinked, yet it didn’t nod or shake its head, and it just stared fixedly at Yang Ye.

“You’re safe now, so you can go home. Understand?” When he noticed the little fellow’s lack of reaction, Yang Ye repeated once more.

This time, the violet mink seemed as if it understood Yang Ye, and it shook its little head. Obviously, it was unwilling to leave.

It refuses to leave me! When he saw the little fellow shake its head, the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. Even though this little fellow was extremely cute, Yang Ye had still decided to make it leave. Because it was a calamity to him, and the black clothed man might be drawn over again at any time. Moreover, if he allowed the little fellow to stay within his Dantian, then it felt wrong no matter how he thought about it!

After he made up his mind, Yang Ye continued. “Little Fellow, I’m a human, and you’re a Darkbeast. It’s dangerous for you to be with me, understand?”

The violet mink blinked, yet it didn’t shake its head nor nod.

“Humans are bad, and they’ll roast you and eat you. Understand?” The violet mink nodded, and it seemed as if it really agreed.

“Then quickly return to your home. Don’t follow me!”

The violet mink shook its head, and it seemed as if it refused to leave him.

“Then what do you want!?” Yang Ye was slightly anxious, and his voice had grown louder.

When it saw Yang Ye get angry, the violet mink seemed to be slightly afraid. It moved backward while moisture arose in its eyes, and its round little face carried a wronged expression.

What misfortune! When he saw the violet mink reveal such an appearance, Yang Ye felt his head ache. He was even more certain that this little fellow wasn’t an ordinary Darkbeast. Because a Darkbeast had to attain the Spirit Realm before it could take human form and possess intelligence comparable to a human. However, this little fellow before him had obviously not attained the Spirit Realm, otherwise, it would have taken human form since a long time ago.

It was exactly because this little fellow hadn’t attained the Spirit Realm that he felt this little fellow wasn’t an ordinary Darkbeast. He’d never heard of a Darkbeast that possessed such intelligence before attaining the Spirit Realm. Even though he hadn’t seen many Darkbeasts in his lifetime, his instinct told him that this little fellow was definitely not an ordinary Darkbeast.

Yang Ye shrugged and said, “Then what do you intend to do!?”

When it heard Yang Ye, the violet mink grinned, and then its tiny claw pointed at Yang Ye’s Dantian while its intentions were obvious.

“You want to stay inside there?” asked Yang Ye.

The little fellow hurriedly nodded its little head.


This question seemed to be slightly difficult to answer. The violet mink’s tiny claw pointed at Yang Ye’s Dantian, then pointed at itself, and then its tiny claw ceaselessly gesticulated in midair while its little face was covered in excitement.

Yang Ye. “….”

When it noticed Yang Ye’s dazed expression, the little fellow stopped waving its tiny claws about, and then it flashed to descend onto Yang Ye’s shoulder. After that, it rubbed its little head on Yang Ye’s face as if they had a very good relationship.

Yang Ye sighed in his heart. He knew that the little fellow was attached to him now, and he didn’t even have a chance to flee before the little fellow’s unusual speed.

“Nevermind. What will be will be. In any case, I already have a mysterious tiny vortex in my possession, so it’s fine to have another mysterious little fellow. It’s all the same so long as I get used to it!” After he figured it out, Yang Ye decided to figure out the little fellow’s strength, and this caused Yang Ye agony….

Yang Ye stretched out a finger and said, “first rank Darkbeast?”

The little fellow shook its head.

“Second rank Darkbeast?”

The little fellow continued shaking its head.

“Third rank Darkbeast?”

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