Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 26 – Battle

Chapter 26 – Battle

After a period of difficult conversation, Yang Ye finally figured out the little fellow’s strength. The little fellow was a ninth rank Darkbeast, but Yang Ye wasn’t really sure of it. In any case, when he raised nine fingers, the little fellow had finally nodded.

As for the little fellow’s combat strength, besides the ability to escape, its remaining ability was simply ‘too horrible to look at’.

The formidable physique that Darkbeasts should possess was something the little fellow didn’t possess; the advantage of an enormous figure that Darkbeasts possessed was something the little fellow didn’t possess as well.

In short, besides being able to flee swiftly, the little fellow didn’t possess any ability in combat. Moreover, when Yang Ye asked it what it was capable of, besides flickering a few times, the little fellow merely blinked its large eyes.

In the end, Yang Ye abandoned his thoughts that the little fellow was a Divine Beast. He’d heard of some legend where some people fell down a cliff, yet escaped death and even obtained the cultivation method and techniques left behind by a peerless expert; or someone that was born with some sort of extraordinary charm, and made countless Divine Beasts to kneel down and submit to him.

In the beginning, he thought he possessed some sort of extraordinary charm as well, and he made this mysterious ‘Divine Beast’ submit to him. However, cruel reality told him that besides being extremely skilled at fleeing, this mysterious ‘Divine Beast’ didn’t possess a shred of combat strength.

The little fellow seemed to really like his tiny vortex, and the little fellow had transformed into a strand of violet light and entered into the tiny vortex as soon as it finished talking with him. There was a small pool within the tiny vortex, and it occupied an area of about 9 square meters. The small pool wasn’t filled with water, and it was Profound Energy instead. It was full of golden Profound Energy.

When he saw this pool of golden Profound Energy, Yang Ye felt his heart ache slightly. Because this pool of Profound Energy was something that he’d accumulated through exhausting a few tens of thousands of Energy Stones.

The most depressing thing to him was that this pool of Profound Energy didn’t belong to him, and he was utterly unable to utilize this pool of Profound Energy. Moreover, it was even more depressing to him because a violet mink was within this pool of Profound Energy.

Yes, that cute violet mink was happily swimming about in that pool of golden Profound Energy.

When he saw the violet mink take the pool of golden Profound Energy to be its bathtub, Yang Ye felt especially uncomfortable in his heart!

He withdrew his mind from within his body, and for the sake of preventing himself from feeling uncomfortable, Yang Ye decided to stop looking at the swimming mink.

After staying silent for a moment, Yang Ye tried to enter once more into that strange state that had been interrupted by the black clothed man. However, to his disappointment, he was unable to enter that state again after trying countless times.

“It really can only be chanced upon by luck!” Yang Ye sighed in a low voice.

Even though he didn’t know what that state was, his instinct told him that if he was able to enter into that state, then it would definitely be extremely beneficial to him. However, unfortunately, it was spoiled by that black clothed man.


Right at this moment, an enormous bang resounded before a colossal black figure charged into the cave from the outside, and then it smashed down towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s expression turned grim. It was too late for him to dodge, so he instinctively smashed his fist towards the colossal figure that was charging towards him.


Shit! Yang Ye cried out in his heart as soon as his fist came into contact with the colossal figure. After that, an enormous force spread over towards him before a muffled groan resounded, and then his figure was blasted flying.


His figure directly sunk into the wall.

Pain, extreme pain. That was what Yang Ye felt at this moment. The bones in his entire body felt as if they were on the verge of falling apart. At the same time, Yang Ye felt fortunate in his heart, he felt fortunate that he’d cultivated the Body Refinement Technique. If he hadn’t cultivated the Body Refinement Technique and utilized his golden Profound Energy to temper his body, then he would have definitely been transformed into a pile of mush by this attack.

As he forcefully suppressed the numbness and pain in his entire body, Yang Ye hurriedly leaped out of the wall, and as soon as he descended, that colossal figure smashed over towards him once again.

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted as his golden Profound Energy circulated madly, and his right fist carried a light golden glow as it smashed towards the colossal figure that had already arrived before him!


A muffled bang resounded before Yang Ye was blasted flying again, and he fell once more into the wall. However, that colossal figure was blasted a few steps back by Yang Ye’s punch as well.

How formidable! As he sensed the intense pain in his right arm, Yang Ye was moved. Under the amplification provided by the golden Profound Energy, he was actually blasted flying again, and this strength was too much stronger than his own. He would probably not be stronger than it even if he utilized a Strength Talisman!

As thoughts flashed within his mind, Yang Ye leaped out from within the wall again. This time, the colossal figure didn’t charge over again, and this allowed him to have a clear look of it.

It was an enormous grey wolf that stood before him! The grey wold’s size was three times his own, and it was around two meters in height. Yang Ye was simply like a baby facing an adult when he stood before this colossal figure! Besides possessing an enormous figure, the most striking features of that grey wolf were its claws, and the two fangs that were exposed from its mouth.

The grey wolf’s claws were around the length of an arm, and they emanated a ghastly and cold glow. Moreover, the grey wolf’s front claws would occasionally sweep past the ground, and a few extremely rifts would appear every time this happened.

On the other hand, its fangs were over an entire 10 inches in length, and they were slightly curved like the sickled utilized by the god of death to real the lives of man. It was quite terrifying.

A peak ninth rank Darkbeast!

With a single glance, Yang Ye determined the rank of this grey wolf!

When he swept the surroundings with his gaze, Yang Ye understood why this grey wolf would suddenly launch an attack against him. This grey wolf was clearly the owner of this cave, and his sudden trespass into this place was undoubtedly a form of provocation in the world of Darkbeasts!

Yang Ye took a deep breath before he stretched his limbs, causing the joints in his entire body to instantly start cracking. This ninth rank Darkbeast just happened to be a target that satisfied him!

The grey wolf gazed at Yang Ye with a ferocious glow in its eyes, and its claws were ceaselessly digging at the ground. It was utterly exasperated by this human that dared to insult its dignity, and it raised its head and howled furiously before it pounced forward. It transformed into a grey shadow that smashed fiercely at Yang Ye!

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly when he saw the grey wolf charging towards him. His leg scratched open a deep groove in the ground like an iron plow, and then his figure crouched partially while he stretched out his right hand and clenched it into a fist. After that, his right arm shrunk back while he slowly clenched his left hand tightly as well, and then a dazzling golden glow flickered on his right fist.

At this moment, there wasn't a shred of fear on his face!

When the grey wolf had charged over to arrive a few inches before Yang Ye, Yang Ye shouted furiously as his right hand suddenly smashed over towards the rapidly approaching grey wolf!


The man and wolf fiercely collided with each other in a direct manner. The enormous force from the collision caused Yang Ye’s legs to rub the ground as he retreated rapidly. After he dug out a groove that was a few meters long on the ground, he collided with the wall in the end, causing the entire cave to instantly suffer a wave of rumbling.

On the other hand, the grey wolf had merely taken a few steps back!

When he noticed the grey wolf had been blasted back by his attack, even though Yang Ye’s entire body was aching, he was still delighted in his heart. Because this grey wolf wasn’t impossible to defeat!

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye swung his fist and gazed towards the grey wolf in the distance, and then he stretched out his thumb before turning it to point downwards. After that, he stretched out his index finger and gesture towards the grey wolf in a provoking manner.


Even though the grey wolf didn’t possess human intelligence, it still possessed some intelligence, and it was furious when it saw Yang Ye make such a provocative gesture.

It raised its head and roared furiously before it pounced. A cold glow flashed on its claws, and it carried a strand of the sharp sound of the air being torn apart as it clawed fiercely towards Yang Ye from above.

When he saw the grey wolf pounce over, Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed, and then his figure crouched partially while he clenched his hands into fists.

When the grey wolf arrived before his body, Yang Ye shouted furiously before suddenly swinging both his fists out!


The two of them collided, and then a strand of intense pain came from Yang Ye’s fists. Yang Ye let out a muffled groan while a mouthful of blood sprayed from his mouth.

On the other hand, the grey wolf was blasted flying as well. However, in the next moment, the grey wolf howled before it leaped once more and pounced towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted when he noticed the grey wolf pouncing over once more. He suppressed the roiling vital blood in his heart before his right leg suddenly stomped on the ground, and he relied on the counterforce from this and allowed his body to instantly blast forward. His right fist carried the sound of wind being torn apart as it smashed fiercely towards the grey wolf’s head.


The man and wolf collided once more. However, this time, the grey wolf wasn’t blasted flying again, and it had utilized its claws to forcefully grab hold of Yang Ye’s fists. After that, its long fangs stabbed fiercely at Yang Ye’s head.

When he noticed his fists were restrained and those two fangs were stabbing towards him, Yang Ye was astounded in his heart, and he didn’t give it any thought before smashed his leg at the grey wolf’s stomach.


The grey wolf wailed from having its stomach attacked, and its claws instantly released Yang Ye’s hands.

Yang Ye was stunned, and it was precisely this instant of absent-mindedness that allowed the grey wolf’s claws to claw fiercely at Yang Ye’s chest.

Yang Ye instantly seemed as if he’d been struck by a heavy blow, and his figure was blasted flying.


After flying for a few meters, he fell once more into the wall.


Yang Ye had just stood up with great difficulty, and his mind was slightly dizzy. It was right at this moment that a pair of sharp claws seemed as if they’d passed through space and struck fiercely towards his chest once again.

In an instant, the pair of sharp claws were like a storm that was swung countless times on Yang Ye’s chest, face, and head!

Ding! Ding!

When these countless strikes struck on Yang Ye’s body, it was like those sharp claws were striking on metal. Not only did they claw open countless bloody marks on Yang Ye’s body, the sound of metal being struck resounded successively, and it was like a beautiful musical composition.

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