Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 27 – Fight!

Chapter 27 – Fight!


The grey wolf smashed its head onto Yang Ye’s stomach, causing an enormous bang to resound before Yang Ye’s body scraped the ground as it flew backward.


In the end, he collided with the wall of the cave, casing countless rocks to rain down and bury Yang Ye beneath them.

The grey wolf would naturally not let Yang Ye off. Right when it intended to swallow Yang Ye into its belly, the howl of a wolf suddenly resounded from outside the cave.

The grey wolf’s expression changed when it heard this howl, and it didn’t hesitate at all to run out of the cave.

Right after the grey wolf left, Yang Ye crawled out from beneath the pile of rocks. At this moment, his mind and consciousness were slightly blurred, and he was only able to feel that his entire body was filled with pain, extreme pain, pain that went deep into his marrow. If he didn’t force himself to stay conscious with extremely strong willpower, he would have probably fainted from pain by now.

After a short moment, Yang Ye’s mind finally cleared up slightly, and when he noticed the grey wolf was gone, the first thing he did was run!

Once he left the grey wolf’s cave, Yang Ye found a luxuriant tree and sat cross-legged above it before he lowered his head to look at the state of his body, and Yang Ye instantly gasped at this sight.

At this moment, his clothes were already in rags, and his body was densely covered in bloody marks. Those bloody marks crisscrossed on his body in an extremely irregular manner and coupled with the blood on his body that hadn’t dried, it seemed to be extremely horrifying.

I underestimated my enemy this time! Yang Ye laughed bitterly as he shook his head. That day, he’d killed the Colossal Python King with his fists, and then he’d annihilated a seventh rank Darkbeast, the Twin Wing Python, with a single sword strike. This made him think that ninth rank Darkbeasts would definitely not be anything great. However, reality told him that ninth rank Darkbeasts were too much stronger than seventh rank Darkbeasts.

Yet he’d overestimate his strength and competed in physical strength with a ninth rank Darkbeast, and that was truly like courting death.

However, this battle slightly surprised him as well because his physical strength was actually so formidable! Even though there was still a gap in physical strength between him and a ninth rank Darkbeast, it was undeniable that the defensive ability and strength of his body was stronger than a human at a similar cultivation realm. Perhaps, even the body of a First Heaven Realm expert wasn’t as formidable as his own!

This discovery caused him to feel slightly delighted. Originally, cultivating the Body Refinement Technique was something he’d done because he had no other choice. But he’d never imagined that when he utilized the golden Profound Energy to temper his body according to the Body Refinement Technique, it would actually be formidable to such an extent. In the future, his body itself could be utilized as a trump card against his enemies!

When the intense pain in his body struck him once more, Yang Ye restrained his thoughts before closing his eyes slightly. The golden Profound Energy in his body surged and recovered his extremely damaged body.

The golden Profound Energy was like numerous warm streams that flowed throughout his entire body. Everywhere it passed, Yang Ye clearly sensed his injuries healing, and even though it was slightly slow and difficult to notice, he was still able to sense it. This caused him to feel delighted, and then he sped up the circulation of the Profound Energy within his body.

The night passed without him noticing it at all. When a red rising sun arose on the horizon, Yang Ye who sat cross-legged on the tree opened his eyes. After consuming six Energy Stones and a night of time, even though the injuries on his body hadn’t been healed completely, he was already able to fight.

Yang Ye leaped off the tree and descended to the ground, and then he stretched his limbs. As he sensed the abundant Profound Energy within his body, Yang Ye beamed from ear to ear, and he said in his heart, Energy Stones really are great, and I can lavishly exhaust my Profound Energy at will because of them.

If he didn’t possess the ceaseless provision of energy from the Energy Stones, then the heavy injury he suffered this time would be impossible to recover from without five or six days of time!

“All hail Bao’er!” When he thought of how he still possessed a few tens of thousands of Energy Stones, Yang Ye felt like returning to the Sword Sect and taking Bao’er in his arms before giving her a long kiss on the cheek. These Energy Stones were really too useful to him.

After a moment of happiness, Yang Ye’s wrist flipped, and a short dagger appeared in his hand. His sword had broken into pieces for no reason or rhyme that day, and he didn’t possess any extra swords, so he could only utilize this dagger as a replacement.

As he held the dagger, Yang Ye was like a nimble leopard as he charged towards the grey wolf’s cave because he wasn’t willing to let such a good opponent go.



Within the grey wolf’s cave, the man and wolf entered once more into battle.

The grey wolf was truly enraged by this human that had offended it for the second time, and it seemed as if it had gone mad as its sharp claws and fangs swung madly at Yang Ye.

This time, Yang Ye acted smartly. He stopped competing in strength with the grey wolf, and he used technique against it instead. Now, he stopped attacking the grey wolf head-on, and he started to use a hit-and-run tactic against it. So long as he grasped an opportunity, the dagger in his hand would cause a few strands of blood to spray from the grey wolf’s body.

The grey wolf’s size was an advantage, yet it could be considered a disadvantage as well. Just like this very moment, its size wasn’t of any use at all. Not only was it unable to fight nimbly because of it, but Yang Ye had also even taken it to be a living punching bag because of its size, and it allowed Yang Ye’s dagger to basically never miss once it was swung.

However, it wasn’t easy for Yang Ye as well. Because when the grey wolf occasionally collided with his body, it caused his entire body to feel as if it was falling apart. If it wasn’t for the golden Profound Energy’s ceaseless repairs of his body, he might have already dropped to the ground.

The man and wolf exchanged blows for around two hours.

At this moment, there were already over 10 claw marks on Yang Ye’s body, whereas, the grey wolf’s body was densely covered in injuries as well. However, with the grey wolf’s size and the defensive capability of its body, all of those could only be considered as superficial injuries, and they were utterly unable to injure it at the core.


A moment of carelessness caused Yang Ye to be blasted flying by the grey wolf. However, in the next moment, Yang Ye’s who’d sunk into the wall had leaped out and charged towards the grey wolf.

The grey wolf’s eyelids twitched when it saw this human charge once more towards it. Obviously, the way Yang Ye seemed to disregard his life as he fought caused the grey wolf to feel slightly fearful. However, even though it was fearful, the grey wolf didn’t shrink back. If it was any other place, then perhaps it wouldn’t fight to the death. But this was its lair, and it wouldn’t abandon its lair no matter what!

After another two hours of fighting, this battle finally ended with Yang Ye fleeing in defeat.

Yang Ye had no choice but to flee because the Profound Energy within his body had been completely exhausted. After all, he’d utilized his Profound Energy with every swing of the dagger, and without the support of his golden Profound Energy, he would be utterly unable to break through the grey wolf’s defenses. Moreover, the Profound Energy had to repair his body, so it was utterly insufficient for him to spend like this!

So, he had no choice but to withdraw for now!

The grey wolf didn’t give chase when it saw Yang Ye flee in defeat, and it lay down on the ground instead before gasping for air.

Over four hours of battle and coupled with the fact that Yang Ye fought as if he’d disregarded his life, it caused the grey wolf to be extremely exhausted. Now, it just hoped that this human wouldn’t come to its cave again.

However, it was disappointed. After less than an hour, that human had appeared once more within its cave, and then another round of battle started.

Just like this, Yang Ye fought the grey wolf for a few hours, and then he fled. After his Profound Energy recovered, he went looking for the grey wolf again, and this continued for two days.

The grey wolf felt more aggrieved the more it fought, whereas, Yang Ye grew excited the more he fought. Every time he returned to battle the grey wolf after fleeing, his combat technique would improve slightly, and this caused the grey wolf to feel extremely and utterly aggrieved!

During this period of time, the grey wolf had tried to chase Yang Ye down when he fled. However, it was disappointed. This human before it was simply not like a human at all. He fled as he fought, and he would ascend a tree when he was truly unable to fight any longer.

The grey wolf couldn’t do anything about this because it wasn’t a flying Darkbeast, and it could only utilize its head to strike the tree.

Tree after tree rumbled and collapsed, yet that human just wouldn’t fall to the ground, so in the end, it gave up.

On the sixth day, the sixth day that Yang Ye fought the grey wolf, he didn’t flee any longer. He was already able to fight the grey wolf with ease.

Three days later, Yang Ye had already occupied a superior position in their battle, and he fully controlled the rhythm of the battle.


Yang Ye sat on the grey wolf’s back with his legs clenched tightly to its sides, and his fists flickered with a light golden glow as they smashed down towards the grey wolf’s head. Every single punch struck firmly on the grey wolf, and the grey wolf’s wails resounded within the cave.

For the sake of getting rid of Yang Ye, the grey wolf rolled on the ground and carried Yang Ye along as it collided with the walls of the cave. Countless large holes were smashed open on the walls, yet Yang Ye just wouldn’t let go, and he would smash a punch onto the grey wolf’s head with every opportunity he had.

Presently, the man and wolf were competing to see who would be the first to be unable to persist!

This continued for around two hours when it suddenly went quiet within the cave.

The man and wolf were both lying on the ground. Yang Ye was still breathing while the grey wolf was still breathing as well. They gazed at each other from 3m away, yet both of them didn’t charge forward because both of them didn’t have any strength left.

As the grey wolf looked at Yang Ye, its gaze was filled with deep fear, and what he felt instinctively right now was that this human was even more terrifying than a Darkbeast.

On the other hand, Yang Ye’s eyes flickered with excitement because he’d defeated a ninth rank Darkbeast under the condition of not utilizing any sword techniques. Even though he’d spend almost 10 days to accomplish it, it was still something he’d accomplished.

An hour later, Yang Ye slowly crawled up from the ground. At this moment, he’d already recovered by more than 50%.

When it saw Yang Ye stand up, the grey wolf finally revealed an expression of terror in its eyes. It wanted to crawl up as well, but it failed in the end.

Yang Ye walked slowly over to the grey wolf while moving his arms back and forth, and he revealed a sinister smile. It’s time to dig out the Inner Core and gather wolf skin.

Right at this moment, a violet light flashed, and the violet mink appeared before Yang Ye. The violet mink’s little claw pointed at the grey wolf on the ground, then looked at Yang Ye before it hurriedly shook its little head.

Yang Ye was stunned, and then he asked. “You want me to spare it?”

The violet mink hurriedly nodded.

“Don’t joke around. Inner Cores are extremely valuable, and wolf skin is extremely valuable as well. How can I spare it?”

When it heard Yang Ye, the little fellow flashed over to Yang Ye and used its little claw to rub Yang Ye’s nose, and it revealed a pleasing expression.

Yang Ye felt his head ache when he saw the little fellow play this trick again, and then he gazed at the grey wolf on the ground.

Yang Ye was shocked when he saw the grey wolf’s appearance at this moment because the grey wolf’s body was actually trembling lightly, and its eyes clearly carried fear while it looked at the violet mink.

This wolf is afraid of the little fellow?

This was Yang Ye’s thought at this moment. He glanced at the grey wolf, and then he glanced at the violet mink that was acting cute before he said, “It’s afraid of you?”

The violet mink blinked, and then it looked at the grey wolf before blinking again. After that, it descended onto the grey wolf’s head with a single flicker.

When it saw the violet mink descend on its head, the grey wolf’s body trembled even more violently, and its body was completely pressed down on the ground. It was humble like a servant.

The violet mink patted the grey wolf’s head with its tiny claw and then nodded with satisfaction. Obviously, it was extremely satisfied with the grey wolf’s attitude.

In the next moment, the violet mink swung its tiny claw, and then, under Yang Ye’s astounded gaze, the grey wolf transformed into a strand of violet light and entered into Yang Ye’s body.

At this moment, Yang Ye was dumbstruck.

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