Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 4 – Battling the Colossal Python King

Chapter 4 – Battling the Colossal Python King

Even though the little girl was young, she ran extremely swiftly. When she saw Yang Ye, she’d actually forcefully changed her direction and ran towards another direction. Doing this closed the gap between her and the Colossal Python King, and if Yang Ye turned around and fled, then he would probably be able to escape.

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment. In the next moment, he took a deep breath and stopped hesitating. He picked up a huge rock at the side and ran towards the Colossal Python King. When he was only over 10 meters away from it, he held the rock up and utilized every single ounce of strength in his body to suddenly toss it at the Colossal Python King.


The rock smashed onto the python king’s head, and then it shattered into pieces.

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched when he saw this. Isn’t this level of defense a bit too formidable?!

Being struck by the rock infuriated the python king, and it decisively abandoned its chase of the little girl before smashing down towards Yang Ye with a twist of its body.

The python king’s body was enormous. Everywhere it passed, it left a mess in its wake. Anything and everything struck by it was smashed mercilessly, and its impetus was extremely shocking.

“Get away quickly!” Yang Ye roared when he saw the little girl was looking at him with a curious expression. At the same time, he picked up a rock on the ground and charged towards the python king.

Truthfully speaking, Yang Ye didn’t have a shred of confidence when facing this enormous monster. However, he was truly unable to run away. If the little girl had drawn the python king over to him at the beginning, then he would definitely flee immediately. But the little girl would rather be chased herself than implicate him.

She’s a very kind little girl, just like Little Yao!

Of course, the most important factor was that he currently had the strength to try to go against it.

When she saw Yang Ye charging at the Colossal Python King, the little girl gasped for breath while her pitch black and lively eyes gazed at him while blinking. Obviously, she’d never expected that this Labor Disciple would fight the python king for her.

“Ah!” Yang Ye bawled as he utilized all the strength in his body to smash the rock in his hand onto the python king’s head.


A muffled bang resounded as the stone shattered into pieces, and Yang Ye’s figure was blasted flying and crashed heavily onto the ground. As he wiped off the fresh blood on the corner of his mouth, Yang Ye understood the meaning of throwing an egg against a rock!

That strike from before felt as if he’d struck the stone on black iron. Not only had the rock shattered, but even his arm had also become numb from the impact.

Hiss~ Hiss~

After it was hit by Yang Ye, the python king flicked its tongue before its figure twisted once more and smashed down towards Yang Ye.

As he gazed at the Colossal Python King that seemed like a small mountain, Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched, and he didn’t dare let his thought run wild any longer. He hastily stood up and spat out a mouthful of blood before charging over once more.

It was definitely impossible for him to flee because there was nothing to obstruct the python king behind him, and if it were on flat ground, then he would definitely be unable to outrun it!

Since he couldn’t run, then he could only put up a desperate fight.

When he arrived 2 meters before the python king, Yang Ye let out a clear shout before his legs swiftly stomped on the ground. His figure leaped up into the sky before his fists smashed down towards the sky blue fist-sized eyes of the python king.


When it noticed Yang Ye’s fists smashing over, the python twisted its body, and its enormous tail carried the whistling sound of wind as it swiftly swept towards Yang Ye.

The snake’s tail was extremely swiftly, and it was swift to the point Yang Ye didn’t even have the time to approach the python king before he was struck by it.


Yang Ye instantly felt as if his waist had broken apart, and he let out a muffled groan while a mouthful of fresh blood sprayed out. His figure was struck by the force of the python king’s tail to the point of being blasted flying, and he flew a distance of almost 10 meters before he crashed heavily into a patch of grass and caused countless specks of dust to rise into the sky.

“I’m not a match for it!” Actually, he knew that he wasn’t a match for it since the beginning. The defensive capability of Darkbeasts was absolutely capable of crushing all humans at the same cultivation realm, and it was even possible for them to surmount a realm and do battle. Not to mention that the Darkbeast before him was even superior to him in cultivation!

“Are, are you fine!?” Meanwhile, Bao’er hurriedly ran over to Yang Ye’s side, and she helped Yang Ye up while she spoke in a light voice.

“You still haven’t fled!?” Yang Ye was barely able to stand up, and his face couldn’t help but darken when he noticed the little girl hadn’t fled. He’d desperately strived for an opportunity for her to flee, yet she’d actually not fled. Yang Ye truly desired to hit someone at this moment!

Bao’er shook her little head, causing her braided ponytail to swing from side to side, and she said seriously, “You were so courageous, so how could Bao’er possibly leave you here and flee by myself? Bao’er will live and die together with you. Come, stick this Strength Talisman on yourself, and then continue bashing it.”

As she spoke, she withdrew a piece of talisman paper from the little pouch in front of her dress, and then she directly slapped it onto Yang Ye’s shoulder.

When the talisman paper was slapped onto Yang Ye’s shoulder, it transformed into a strand of golden light that entered Yang Ye’s body. Once the golden light entered his body, Yang Ye instantly felt his spirits raise, and it felt as if energy was dashing throughout his body.

He didn’t have the time to carefully sense the changes in his body before Yang Ye picked up a stick by his side and charged towards the python king.

He really wanted to rest for a while, but would the python king give him such a chance? When the little girl stuck that piece of talisman paper on his shoulder, the python king had already started charging towards the two of them.

This time, the Colossal Python King had obviously become serious. Its enormous mouth opened up and revealed the scarlet red tongue within it that was the size of an arm.

As he gazed at that bloody mouth that was more than three times the size of his head, Yang Ye felt his scalp go slightly numb. He didn’t know where he got the courage to go against a Colossal Python King that was a rank higher than him, but he knew that if he ran while on such flat ground, then he would absolutely die. Since it was like that, it was better to go all out because this way, he would still have a slight chance of survival.


When he thought up to here, Yang Ye was rid of even the slightest shred of hesitation, and he shouted explosively as he sped up, and he charged towards the python king with the stick in hand.

When it noticed Yang Ye charging towards it, the python king flicked its scarlet red tongue, and then its body twisted. With the front of its body as support, its tail swiftly swept horizontally towards Yang Ye again. Everywhere its tail passed, the ground was covered in a mess, and pieces of leaves covered the sky!

Yang Ye’s eyes squinted when he saw the tail sweeping towards him, and his figure suddenly knelt down to the ground and skid forward. When he felt the tail sweep past his face, Yang Ye let out a furious shout and revealed a savage expression. He suddenly slapped the ground with his left hand and utilized the force from it to leap up, and then he held the stick with both his hands before suddenly stabbing it down fiercely at the fist-sized right eye of the python king!

This was a move in the Basic Sword Technique. Even though it was only a wooden stick in his hand, he had no other choice and could only make do with it.


The python king hadn’t expected that its tail would miss. So, when it noticed the stick assaulting its eye, it moved its head to the side and avoided the stick. However, the stick had still pierced into its head. The python king’s body instantly started to twist violently, and at the same time, the python king’s tail swept upwards and coiled around Yang Ye’s waist.

When he noticed that he’d actually pierced through the dark scales of the Colossal Python King, Yang Ye was first stunned, yet he didn’t have the time to feel overjoyed when he sensed tightness coming from his waist. After that, intense pain swept throughout his body, and it felt as if his waist was about to break.

Yang Ye was horrified when he noticed the python king had twisted its tail around him. Right at this critical moment, the mysterious tiny vortex within his body finally stopped being stingy, and the golden Profound Energy surged ceaselessly into his normal Dantian.

When he sensed the Profound Energy enter his body, Yang Ye didn’t have the time to think too much about it. He abandoned the stick and circulated the Profound Energy within his body to his fists, causing a light golden glow to flash on his fists. After that, he smashed his fists down fiercely onto the python king’s tail as if he’d gone mad.

To Yang Ye’s surprise, every single punch of his had actually struck the dark scales of the python king to the point of sinking down. He knew that it was definitely the effect of that talisman paper and the light golden Profound Energy within his body. Because he was clearly aware of his own strength, and it was absolutely unable to harm the Colossal Python King!

When she saw the light golden Profound Energy on Yang Ye’s fists, the eyes on Bao’er’s pale face lit up, and she muttered. “Gold Profound Energy. This little laborer actually possesses Gold Profound Energy from amongst the Profound Energy of the five elements!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Colossal Python King was clearly in pain from Yang Ye’s frenzied punches! Its tail gradually loosened while the scales on the spot where Yang Ye’s fist descended had already been blasted off to reveal the scarlet red flesh of the python king.

After being in a short stalemate, the Colossal Python King had fallen into a disadvantageous position. Because its tail was already on the verge of being smashed into two pieces by Yang Ye. As it sensed the intense pain that came from its tail, the Colossal Python King loosened the grip of its tail and allowed Yang Ye to drop to the ground, and then it retreated by a few meters before its fist-sized eyes gazed at Yang Ye while flowing with a ferocious glow. However, it carried a trace of fear this time.

Meanwhile, Bao’er hurriedly ran over to Yang Ye’s side before stretching out her hand to support his falling figure, and then she said, “Little laborer, continue bashing it. It actually chased Bao’er for two hours because of a low-grade Profound Rank spirit herb. If Bao’er didn’t have a Strider Talisman, then Bao’er would definitely be in its stomach.”

Yang Ye gasped when he heard this. A Profound Rank spirit herb! Now, he knew why this Darkbeast was chasing her.

Spirit herbs were extremely valuable, and they were divided into Heaven, Earth, Profound, and Yellow Ranks. Yellow Rank spirit herbs could be purchased in the mortal world for over 10,000 gold coins. To Yang Ye, 10,000 gold coins were already an astronomical figure. After all, his pay from a month of work was only a few tens of gold coins!

As for the Profound Rank that was a rank higher than the Yellow Rank, Yang Ye was truly unable to imagine how many gold coins it could sell for! Most importantly, the value of spirit herbs to Darkbeasts was equivalent to the value of high grade cultivation techniques to humans. It carried lethal attraction to them.

Bao’er frowned when she noticed how weak Yang Ye seemed to be, and then she placed her hand into the little pouch before her dress. After that, she drew out a green colored talisman and a white colored talisman before slapping it onto Yang Ye’s body, and then she said, “Little laborer, continue bashing it. Bao’er will cheer for you.”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched when he heard this, and he glared fiercely at Bao’er. Right at this moment, he felt his spirits being refreshed once more as a strand of strange energy entered his body. That strand of strange energy swiftly flowed an entire round through the meridians within his entire body, and then he felt the exhaustion he experienced from the battle being wiped away completely. Moreover, his entire body was filled with strength!

It wasn’t just that, he even felt the energy of the heavens and the earth in the surroundings ceaselessly surging into his body. In the end, they surged through his meridians like a torrent.

Suddenly, the tiny vortex started revolving at high speeds, and then all of this Profound Energy vanished within his Dantian at a speed that was swifter than the eye could see. After another two breaths of time, a strand of light golden Profound Energy suddenly flowed out from within the tiny vortex.

Yang Ye was delighted in his heart when he sensed the changes in his body, and then he glanced at the little girl’s pouch while feeling shocked in his heart. He knew that the Profound Energy that appeared within his body earlier was definitely the result of the little girl’s talismans. However, he didn’t have the time to ask her about it now. Because there was a fifth rank Darkbeast by his side.

As he sensed the surging Profound Energy within his body, Yang Ye gazed at the Colossal Python King while twisting his neck, and then he let out a burst of savage laughter. After that, his right leg stomped on the ground, allowing his figure to charge out explosively, and his right fist whistled through the air as it smashed towards the Colossal Python King’s head.

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