Almighty Sword Domain

Chapter 5 – The Dao of Talismans

Chapter 5 – The Dao of Talismans

Hiss~ hiss~

When it noticed Yang Ye was taking the initiative to attack it again, the Colossal Python King seemed to have become enraged as well, and its figure shook before its enormous tail swept once more towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s eyes focused when he saw the tail sweep over, but he wasn’t prepared to dodge this time. The light golden Profound Energy within his body surged towards his right fist, and then he let out a fierce shout as his fist smashed forcefully towards the python king’s tail.

With the boost from the mysterious talisman and the light golden Profound Energy, the veins on Yang Ye’s arm bulged like numerous worms, and a light golden glow flashed into appearance on his fist. Everywhere his fist passed, numerous sharp sounds of the air being torn apart resounded, and it was extremely shocking.


The fist and tail collided, causing a muffled bang to resound. Yang Ye took quite a few steps back, whereas, the python king’s tail was blasted flying beneath the force of Yang Ye’s punch. It wasn’t just that, the spot where Yang Ye’s fist descended onto the tail had sunken completely, and it obviously displayed the force contained within Yang Ye’s attack!

Yang Ye was instantly delighted when he noticed this punch of his had blasted the python king’s tail backward, and his eyes flickered with a glow of excitement. The Profound Energy within his body surged as he charged forward once more, and then his fist descended towards the python king like a rainstorm.

As she watched Yang Ye attack the Colossal Python King to the point it repeatedly retreated, a wisp of shock flashed in the eyes of Bao’er who stood at the side, and she patted her chest as she said in a light voice, “My mid-grade Strength Talisman is merely able to double his strength, but when combined with his golden Profound Energy, it has at least improved his strength by almost five times. Grandpa was right, amongst the Profound Energy of the five elements, the offensive ability of golden Profound Energy is the most formidable.”

Yang Ye grew more and more excited the more he fought. Every single time the python king’s tail collided with him, the enormous force carried by it would cause a wave of vibrations to spread throughout his body. Luckily, he sensed that a strand of strange energy was ceaselessly repairing the internal injuries within his body. Otherwise, he would have fallen to the ground a long time ago.


The man and python were in a deadlock for a long time. Suddenly, Yang Ye accurately captured a gap in its defenses, and he flashed over to smash a ferocious punch onto the python king’s head. The Colossal Python King wailed, and its body trembled violently. When he saw this, Yang Ye sped up his attacks towards the python king’s head, and it wasn’t long before the Colossal Python King stopped moving.


When he saw the Colossal Python King fall to the ground, Yang Ye fell to the ground as well, and he sat there while gasping for breath. Earlier, he’d been struck a few times by the python king’s tail, and he didn’t feel anything at the time, yet now, that sort of feeling of pain and exhaustion surged over and assaulted him like tidewater, causing him to be unable to rouse a single shred of strength.

Meanwhile, Bao’er ran over to the Colossal Python King’s side before suddenly kicking its body that lay on the ground, and she cursed while she kicked. “Chase Bao’er! Chase Bao’er! Now you’re dead, huh? Just you wait! Bao’er will refine you!” As she spoke, she withdrew a white jade bottle from her small pouch and pointed it at the Colossal Python King. As soon as the stopper was removed, a strand of suction force surged out explosively from within it, and then the enormous body of the Colossal Python King transformed into a black dot that surged into the white jade bottle.

Yang Ye was dumbstruck when he witnessed this scene. He rubbed his eyes and focused his gaze over, and he noticed the python kind had really vanished. Moreover, if it wasn’t for the pool of blood that still remained, he might have thought that he was fighting the air earlier.

After she put the white jade bottle away, Bao’er walked over to Yang Ye’s side, and then withdrew a green colored talisman from her pouch and slapped it onto Yang Ye.

As soon as it was slapped onto his body, the talisman instantly transformed into a green glow that surged into Yang Ye’s body. After that, a strand of strange energy once again circulated swiftly within his body just like it had done before this, and it wasn’t long before Yang Ye’s exhaustion from before had vanished once more.

“You…. Are you a Talisman Master?” Yang Ye gazed at Bao’er who was sizing him up carefully, and he asked in a light voice.

A wisp of a proud expression suffused the corners of Bao’er’s mouth when she heard this. “Of course, I’m a genius. The one and only super genius in the Sword Sect that’s a Grade Five Talisman Master at the age of 14. What do you think, aren’t I amazing?”

Yang Ye took a deep breath when he heard Bao’er’s admission, and he didn’t conceal the shock on his face at all.

Even though his strength was weak, he still possessed some knowledge, so he naturally knew what a Talisman Master was.

Talisman Masters possessed extremely distinguished statuses in the southern territory because the things created by Talisman Masters were able to make countless Profounders go mad over them. For example, those talismans from before were able to instantly improve one’s combat strength, and it was even without any side effects at all. Such a talisman could protect one’s life in a crisis!

It wasn’t just talismans. Talisman Masters were also able to inscribe those strange talisman markings onto weapons or armor. If a weapon were inscribed by a Talisman Master, then this weapon’s might would improve greatly, and its value would instantly rise by more than 10 times!

Moreover, talismans and inscribing treasures were merely the tip of the iceberg. According to legend, Talisman Masters were even able to inscribe techniques. That meant they were able to inscribe all sorts of profound techniques onto weapons and armor. So long as a Profounder utilized Profound Energy to activate these techniques, then the inscribed technique would automatically activate. Of course, Yang Ye had never seen such a treasure.

Not only had he never seen such a treasure, but Yang Ye had also only seen a single Talisman Master in his life, and it was this little girl standing before him. The reason Talisman Masters possessed distinguished statuses was related to an extremely important reason, Talisman Masters were extraordinarily scarce. He wasn’t sure about other places, but in any case, there wasn’t a single Talisman Master amongst Southpeace City’s population of almost a million people.

Yet now, he’d actually encountered one, and he’d even utilized many of those precious talismans. When he thought up to here, Yang Ye felt slightly pained in his heart because if he were able to sell those talismans, then any one of them would be sufficient for him to live on for his entire lifetime!

“Why didn’t you run just now?” Bao’er gazed at Yang Ye and asked in an extremely serious manner.

“What do you mean?” Yang Ye was stunned.

“I’m talking about just now. You’re clearly so weak, so why didn’t you run and went to fight that little snake instead?” Bao’er asked once more, and her little face seemed to be extremely serious.

“If I ran, then you would be in its belly!” Yang Ye joked. At that time, he’d thought about fleeing, but the actions of this little girl before him had moved him. So, if he ran at that time, then even he himself would really look down on himself.

Bao’er gazed at Yang Ye for a short while before she said with a smile, “In the past, numerous people tried to curry favor with me. But I knew that they all had objectives of their own, or they intended to curry favor with grandpa. But you’re different, you don’t know Bao’er’s identity, yet you still risked your life to save me. Let’s be friends! I’m Bao’er, what about you?”

“Yang Ye!” Yang Ye smiled as well. The little girl before him was around the age of his younger sister, and they were similarly cute. He sincerely had a favorable impression of her.

Yang Ye seemed to have thought of something, and he asked. “Right, aren’t all Talisman Masters extremely formidable? Why are you….”

Bao’er’s little face flushed red when she heard this, and she blushed for a moment before she said, “I…. Even though I’m at the eighth rank of the Mortal Realm and possess the Profound Energy of the five elements as well, Bao’er’s Profound Energy is of the wood element, and it possesses the weakest combat strength. Moreover…. Moreover, Bao’er hasn’t fought anyone in the past. So…. So, Bao’er doesn’t know how to fight at all….” As soon as she finished speaking, her little face turned even redder.

Yang Ye was completely stunned when he heard Bao’er. The eighth rank of the Mortal Realm. She’s only 14 years old! When he thought up to here, Yang Ye’s scalp felt slightly numb. This natural talent is truly monstrous to the extreme!

However, when he heard Bao’er actually didn’t know how to fight, Yang Ye’s expression was slightly strange. She possesses such heaven defying natural talent, yet actually doesn’t know how to fight….

When she noticed Yang Ye’s strange expression, Bao’er glared fiercely at him, and then she changed the topic and said, “Right, your five element Profound Energy is of the gold element. Logically speaking, you ought to cultivate extremely quickly. Why are you only at the fourth rank of the Mortal Realm?” She intended to frustrate Yang Ye.

“Five element Profound Energy? Gold Profound Energy?” Yang Ye was still slightly dazed because he’d never heard of these terms in the past.

Bao’er didn’t explain, and she asked instead. “You know that Talisman Masters possess distinguished statuses, right?”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Extremely distinguished. In the past, I’ve only heard of them yet never seen one. I don’t think one has ever been born from our Southpeace City!”

“The reason Talisman Masters are distinguished is that geniuses that possess five element Profound Energy are required to become Talisman Masters, whereas, one genius with five element Profound Energy only appears amongst at least a few million people. A thing is valued if it’s rare. So, Talisman Masters are extremely distinguished in the southern territory, understand?” Bao’er explained patiently.

“You’re saying that my Profound Energy is a type of five element Profound Energy?” Yang Ye’s eyes lit up. The identity of a Talisman Master was much more distinguished than being an Outer Court Disciple of the Sword Sect. If he became a Talisman Master, then even the Governor of Southpeace City would have to be respectful and reverent to him, let alone the Liu Clan.

Bao’er nodded and said, “It should be. The gold element Profound Energy amongst the five element Profound Energy is gold in color, whereas, your Profound Energy is gold in color. So, it should be, you should be able to become a Talisman Master! Moreover, gold element Profound Energy is the strongest amongst the Profound Energy of the five elements. Bao’er never expected that Bao’er would encounter one!”

When he heard this, Yang Ye was first delighted, and then he frowned and calmed down. Gold element Profound Energy was gold in color, yet his was light gold. Moreover, it was converted into a light gold color by the tiny vortex. Is my Profound Energy really a type of five element Profound Energy?

“Bao’er, you said only geniuses with five element Profound Energy can become Talisman Masters. Why is that?” Yang Ye asked with a low voice.

“Because only the Profound Energy of the five elements can continue existing in the air!” Bao’er explained. “After ordinary Profound Energy leaves the body, it will disperse completely without a special cultivation technique to maintain it. On the other hand, this wouldn’t happen to five element Profound Energy. They can exist in air, and so long as they aren’t destroyed by others, then they can continue to exist forever. Understand?”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment upon hearing this, and then he utilized the Profound Energy in his body and his finger as a brush to lightly scratch a rock on the ground. Instantly, a golden line appeared on the rock. Yang Ye was delighted when he saw this, and then he continued. In next to no time, a golden ‘杨’ character appeared on the rock.

After that, he waited silently for a moment, and that ‘杨’ character still remained on that rock after a while, causing an overjoyed expression to surge up onto his face. He wasn’t sure if he possessed one of the five element Profound Energies, yet he was sure that his Profound Energy conformed to the conditions to become a Talisman Master.

When she saw Yang Ye’s excited expression, Bao’er hesitated for a moment, yet when she recalled that scene from before when Yang Ye charged towards the Colossal Python King, she stopped hesitating, and she stretched out her hand into her pouch to withdraw a scroll before passing it over to Yang Ye. She said, “Little Laborer, this scroll is the Five Element Talisman Marking Technique. It’s unlike other Five Element Talisman Marking Techniques because my grandpa’s experiences are recorded within it. I basically already know all of it. Now, I’m giving it to you, and you can’t give it to anyone else, understand?” As she finished speaking, Bao’er’s face seemed to be slightly solemn.

Yang Ye was moved when he heard this, and he hesitated on whether he should take the scroll. He looked at Bao’er and said seriously, “Thank you. Don’t worry, I won’t give it to anyone.” This was a fortuitous encounter, a fortuitous encounter to become a Talisman Master, and he didn’t want to give it up.

Bao’er nodded, and then she said in a light voice, “Grandpa has gone to Grand Qin Empire, so I can’t bring you back to the Talisman Peak. Once grandpa returns, I’ll ask him to have a look at your natural talent to become a Talisman Master, and if it’s good, then Bao’er will make him take you as a disciple. It’s fine, even if your natural talent isn’t good. At that time, you can follow by Bao’er’s side. Bao’er is extremely formidable as well!”

Yang Ye was slightly touched in his heart when he heard her. Not only had Bao’er given him that precious Five Element Talisman Marking Technique, but she was even prepared to introduce him to her grandfather. This little girl standing before him had really taken him to be her friend!

“Little Laborer, you must remember that you can’t neglect the improvement of your cultivation just because you can become a Talisman Master. After all, as the Profound Energy within your body becomes more condensed, the effects of the talismans you create will rise alongside it. Moreover, creating a talisman requires the exhaustion of a great deal of Profound Energy. With the amount of Profound Energy stored within your body now, you’ll at most be able to create only a few talismans. Understand?” Bao’er spoke seriously.

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I know that. My target is to become an Inner Court Disciple!” Even though the profession of Talisman Master was extremely distinguished, he’d never given up on becoming a formidable Profounder because he would only be able to protect his mother and younger sister better with formidable strength. As for being a Talisman Master, it was still a bit too far away from him.

“An Inner Court Disciple? That’s good as well!” Bao’er smiled, and then she raised her head to determine the time of day. When she noticed it was already late, she thought for a moment before she withdrew two white jade bottles and a talisman brush from her tiny pouch and said, “This is the Blood Essence of a Darkbeast and some Spirit Herb Sap. You can practice according to the Five Element Talisman Marking Technique first. I’ll come play with you soon, I’m leaving first!” As soon as she finished speaking, she waved her small hands at Yang Ye before placing them behind her back, and then she hopped her way towards the entrance of the gorge.

As he watched Bao’er figure vanish at the entrance to the gorge, Yang Ye smiled before he opened up the scroll in his hand….

The Five Element Talisman Marking Technique, the Dao of Talismans….

1. It’s his surname, Yang.

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